35 Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Nothing is prettier than a beautiful front porch, even better when your fall decorating ideas are on a budget.

Fall is one of the best times to decorate your front porch. The cooler weather and changing leaves provide the perfect opportunity to spruce up your outdoor space and welcome guests into your home. But if you’re on a tight budget, you might be wondering how you can make your porch look its best without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to decorate your fall porch on a budget. I’ve assembled a collection of 35 fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget to inspire you. Happy decorating!

Fall front porch with fall tree, lanterns and pumpkins

Create a Wreath for your Front Door

A wreath is a great way to add a touch of fall to your porch without spending much money. Use items like leaves, branches, berries, and flowers that you can find for free in your backyard or at a local park. If you want to get even more creative, try incorporating other natural elements like mini pumpkins or acorns into your design. Here are a few of my favorite fall wreaths using free or low-cost materials.

1) Wagon Wheel Wreath

I find much of what I use when walking or wandering the pumpkin patches. I collected these corn stalks from my garden last year and added a cut-up burlap bag to a simple wooden wheel I had purchased for $5.00 at an estate sale. It is super easy and budget-friendly.

Wagon Wheel fall wreath with corn husks and burlap ribbon bow

2) Dried Hydrangea Wreath

You can also dry hydrangeas from your yard and create a low-cost wreath. The colors are stunning and will make a true statement on your door. I wrote a post all about drying hydrangeas. The only expense I had was the wreath frame and the ribbon which was under $10.00.

Easy and Simple Front Porch Fall Decorating Ideas on a Budget

3) Fall Rope Wreath

The Dollar Tree is always filled with great treasures you can create for only a few dollars. I purchased a round wreath, some rope, and a few fall sprigs to create this rope wreath for under $15.00.

Rope Wreath from Dollar Tree

Create Beautiful Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins are one of the most iconic symbols of the fall season, so they make the perfect addition to fall porch decorations. But instead of buying pumpkins from the store, get creative and try making your own. You can see my post on transforming Dollar Tree Pumpkins into realistic pumpkins here. You can paint them, carve them, or even decoupage them with scraps of fabric or paper. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make pumpkin topiaries by attaching pumpkins to dowels or branches. These easy DIY projects make the perfect fall decorations for your porch and can be styled in so many different ways.

4) Upgrade Faux Pumpkins and Gourds Using Paint and Wax

The easiest way to give a faux pumpkin or gourd an inexpensive upgrade is with a little acrylic paint and wax. Then, replace the faux stem with a natural pumpkin stem. You can add some pretty leaves or moss around the pumpkin’s stem if you like. No one would guess these beauties came from a dollar store!

painted and waxed pumpkins

5) Transform Pumpkins using Concrete and Flour

This gorgeous arrangement was made using dollar store pumpkins, burlap leaves and a basket treated with Henry’s Feather Finish cement and flour. The cement-like finish looks beautiful with a natural stem and Spanish moss and arranged with hydrangeas and dusty miller. I.

How to make cement pumpkins with flour

6) Create Rusty Pumpkins with Cinnamon

We all know you can spice up your favorite recipes with cinnamon and fill the house with the holiday scent, but you may not know that it is also a great way to make something new look old. Give cheap pumpkins an aged look to decorate your porch without spending much money.

Dollar tree pumpkin transformed

7) Make a Plastic Pumpkin Look Real

You can give a faux pumpkin great texture and character using paint mixed with baking soda, and then antique it with dark wax and add a real stem. These can be made very inexpensively and styled in many ways. Pictured here is one of my realistic-looking pumpkins in an olive basket with a grapevine wreath and some faux berries I had at home.

Pumpkin arrangement in Olive Bucket

Other Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Beyond wreaths and pumpkins, here are some other budget-friendly front porch decor ideas to transform your outdoor space for fall.

8) Add Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows on your chairs or benches is an affordable way to decorate any time of year. They are the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor seating area and can easily be changed out for different seasons. Add festive pillows in a classic fall color scheme to a rocking chair or porch swing to create a beautiful and welcoming porch.

These adorable pillows are budget-friendly and will make a big impact on your front porch decor.

9) Decorate with Faux Trees

Do you love these trees on my porch? Well, I looked for faux trees, which were so expensive, so I decided to make them instead. I took a few birch branches off our tree and secured them into some plaster of Paris in a bucket that would fit into my planter. I then drilled holes into the branches and placed some birch twigs and preserved leaves into the holes. You can watch this tree come to life here, or read all about how to make a faux leaf tree for your front porch.

But, in case you are not up to making one, I found a few reasonable options. 

Supplies to make a DIY tree

10) Make Paper Garland

For an easy DIY project with a warm and toasty fall feel, create a coffee paper leaf garland from coffee paper and filters . Just be sure you keep them under a covered porch so the damp weather does not get to them.

Coffee leaf garland

Supplies to make a coffee paper garland

11) Add Lanterns and Candles

Adding lanterns and candles is an easy way to add ambiance to your fall porch. There is no need to go out and buy anything new. A plain black lantern and simple candles look perfectly cozy when arranged with an assortment of pumpkins and gourds.

lanterns and candles for the front porch

12) String Lights

Another simple way to add charm to a small space is by stringing up lights. This easy fall porch upgrade will add a magical quality to the autumn season. String them along a porch railing, around windows, or hang from the ceiling. They also look charming when draped along benches and tables to highlight your cozy fall decor.

String lights are great for fall front porch decorations on a budget

13) Fall Mums

Don’t forget the mums!  A fall porch wouldn’t be the same without a few fall flowers. Whether you opt for white mums or colorful mums, you can’t go wrong with these classic seasonal flowers to replace your summer plants. They are usually very affordable, too! Check with your local nursery or farmers market at the beginning of the season for the best variety.

Fall Mums are perfect for fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

14) Layer Cozy Fall Blankets

Having a blanket or two on the porch for those chilly nights is always lovely. Unfortunately, we don’t get them too often in California, but I still love the look of a blanket with cozy textures hanging over a chair or a bench. Your porch is the perfect place to curl up with a cute fall blanket and a pumpkin spice latte to admire the fall foliage. I even make finger knitted blankets, they are so easy to make and very cozy over a chair.

How to make a chunky knit blanket
Having a blanket or two on the porch is perfect for fall decor on a budget.

15) Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a versatile and a charming addition to your fall front porch decor. They bring instant warmth and texture to your outdoor space and perfectly display seasonal elements like gourds, pumpkins, pinecones, and faux leaves. Or use it to hold a beautiful fall floral arrangement. To stay cost-effective, repurpose a wicker basket you already own or look for budget-friendly baskets at thrift stores.

She shed decorated for fall with corn stalks and gourds

16) Wooden Crates

Decorate your fall front porch with a rustic and cozy atmosphere with wooden crates. Stack varying sizes to create charming makeshift shelves that can hold an array of seasonal decorations. You can also repurpose larger crates as seating or a coffee table, perfect for enjoying a hot cup of cider on crisp fall days. Consider staining or painting the crates in warm, earthy tones to match the autumn palette.

Decorate your fall front porch with a rustic and cozy atmosphere with wooden crates.

17) Hay Bales

Incorporating hay bales into your fall front porch decor adds an authentic and charming country feel. You can place hay bales strategically to create different levels and dimensions, providing the perfect platforms for showcasing pumpkins, scarecrows, or vintage lanterns. To get hay bales on a budget, consider reaching out to local farms or agricultural supply stores. Many times, they might have surplus bales available at a lower cost.

18) Welcome Mat

Easily add some fall flair to your porch with a festive welcome mat. Whether you have a small porch or a big front porch, your welcome mat can set the tone for the rest of your decor. Choose a mat with classic fall colors or go for a more neutral look. Pick one up at the end of the season to get the best deal, and you can use it year after year.Oh, and don’t forget a few gourd-geous gourds!

front door mat that says hello gourdeous with lots of gourds

19) Corn Stalks

Elevate your fall front porch decor on a budget by incorporating timeless corn stalks. Secure these tall and textured elements to porch columns or railings to create a dramatic backdrop. You can often find corn stalks at local farmers’ markets or farm stands, providing a budget-friendly option to infuse your porch with the spirit of the season.

Molly on the front porch with corn stalks

20) Decorative Corn

With its vibrant and multicolored kernels, decorative corn brings an artistic touch to your fall front porch. Tying bunches of corn and hanging them in clusters can create a captivating visual display. Use twine or raffia to secure the bunches, allowing them to dangle gracefully from porch ceilings or beams. This simple yet striking technique adds a rustic elegance to your decor. 

With its vibrant and multicolored kernels, decorative corn brings an artistic touch to your fall front porch.

21) Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is an inviting way to invite people into your home. Whether purchased from a home goods store or craft store or handmade from repurposed materials, a well-placed welcome sign sets a warm tone for visitors. A great place to display your sign is to the side of the door as guests enter your home.

35 budget friendly ideas for fall on the front porch Distressed welcome sign for fall

22) Scarecrows

Transform your fall front porch into a playful and welcoming haven by incorporating a friendly scarecrow. These iconic autumn figures instantly add character and charm to your decor. Position them amidst bales of hay, on wooden benches, or leaning against porch columns to create an inviting scene. You can easily make your own scarecrows using old clothes, hay, and a bit of creativity.

scarecrow on the porch

23) Sunflowers

Sunflowers bring a radiant burst of color and vibrancy to your fall porch decor, adding a touch of late-summer charm that seamlessly transitions into the autumn season. One way to use sunflowers is by crafting a tabletop arrangement with rustic elements or harvest a few sunflowers from the garden and dry them. Or you can faux sunflowers to enjoy them year after year or visit a local farmers market to pick fresh stems for the season.

Wendy foraging sunflowers from the garden to decorate her porch

24) Bushel Baskets

Incorporating bushel baskets into your fall front porch decor is a budget-friendly way to infuse rustic charm and practicality into the space. These versatile baskets can hold a plethora of seasonal delights, from pumpkins and apples to pinecones and decorative gourds. Whether you source them from a thrift store, garage sale, or even repurpose ones you have at home, bushel baskets offer an affordable and visually appealing option to elevate your fall porch decor.

Incorporating bushel baskets into your fall front porch decor is a budget-friendly way to infuse rustic charm and practicality into the space.

25) Flea Market Finds

Exploring a flea market can be one of the best ways to find budget-friendly fall porch decor with a unique touch. Amidst the eclectic items, you can stumble upon vintage crates, weathered baskets, and rustic watering cans that perfectly capture the autumn aesthetic. From repurposed furniture to charming trinkets, flea markets offer many affordable options to personalize your porch while adding character and warmth to your fall display.

porch decorated for fall with flea market finds

26) Chalkboard

A chalkboard is a versatile and budget-friendly tool to create dynamic fall decor on your front porch. Transform it into a seasonal canvas by sketching or writing autumn greetings, recipes, or even a countdown to Halloween. You can easily erase and update the design as the season progresses.

Fall chalk board sign

27) Fall Garland

Adorning your front porch with a fall garland is a beautiful way to infuse your space with the colors and textures of the season. Drape the garland along porch railings, columns, or around doorways to create an inviting atmosphere. You can opt for faux leaf garlands or craft your own using dried leaves, twine and fruit from your trees for a more budget-friendly approach.

Front door with garland for fall decorations

28) Pots, Jars, Buckets, and Vases

For one of my favorite budget-friendly fall decor ideas, create a display with an assortment of buckets, jars, vases, and pots. Choose a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and fill them with a mixture of seasonal elements such as mini pumpkins, dried flowers, and colorful foliage. This mix-and-match approach adds depth and interest to your porch and creates a cozy fall display. To keep it affordable, repurpose containers you already have or scout for affordable options at thrift stores.

buckets and jars on the front porch steps

29) Wheelbarrow

For those with a spacious porch, repurposing an old wheelbarrow as a vessel for fall decor is a beautiful idea. Fill it with an assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and mums. Layer in bundles of hay, burlap, or fallen leaves to add texture and depth. The wheelbarrow’s weathered charm, combined with the colorful fall elements, will make your porch a welcoming autumn haven.

Repurposing an old wheelbarrow as a vessel for fall decor on the porch is a beautiful and budget-friendly idea

30) Old Ladder

Utilizing a wooden ladder as budget-friendly fall porch decor is a creative and versatile option. Lean the ladder against your porch wall and drape a fall wreath on one of its rungs for a unique twist on the traditional door display. Or, you can use the ladder to showcase an array of pumpkins and gourds, placing them on each step. Enhance the cozy atmosphere by weaving in strands of faux fall leaves or string lights along the ladder. This approach not only maximizes space but also brings a charming rustic vibe.

Utilizing a wooden ladder as budget-friendly fall porch decor is a creative and versatile option.

31) Stacked Pumpkins

Stacked pumpkins are a wonderfully simple and budget-friendly way to achieve charming fall porch decor. Choose pumpkins of varying sizes and colors, from white pumpkins to orange pumpkins or even green or striped pumpkins, to add visual interest and depth to your display. Start with the largest pumpkin at the bottom and stack progressively smaller ones on top. This straightforward arrangement instantly captures the essence of fall.

Stacked pumpkins are a wonderfully simple and budget-friendly way to achieve charming fall porch decor.

32) Colorful Door

For a budget-friendly option that makes a big statement, consider painting your front door this fall. Choose a golden yellow, deep orange, or warm red hue that will complement your home’s colors. This upgrade will make the perfect backdrop for your favorite fall decor and will bring major fall appeal to your porch without spending a lot of money.

red front door on a blue house decorated for fall

33) Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

Does it get any more fall than using a pumpkin as a container for a beautiful floral arrangement? Whether you go simple or elaborate, this idea can be taken in many different directions. To use a fresh pumpkin with succulents, simply create a moss bed on top of the pumpkin and insert your succulent stems into the moss to create a gorgeous seasonal arrangement. Or you can opt for a faux pumpkin and flowers, often found in craft stores this time of year, for an arrangement that can be used again and again.

How to Use Succulents in Beautiful Floral Arrangements-Cinderella Pumpkin with succulents planted on top

34) Small Bench

A small wooden bench is an excellent canvas for fall decor. Arrange an assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and decorative squashes along the bench to create a charming focal point. Take advantage of the space below and above the bench to create height and visual interest. This simple setup transforms your bench into a welcoming autumn display without straining your budget.

35 ideas for a budget friendly fall porch. an old thrift store bench with pumpkins and leaves

35) Gardening Tools

I had to finish off my list of fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget with one of my favorite things: Gardening tools! Arrange a collection of vintage or well-worn tools, such as rakes, shovels, and watering cans, in a decorative display. This arrangement not only celebrates the transition from gardening season to fall but also adds character and charm to your porch. By using tools you already have, you can achieve a unique and cost-effective autumn display.

Vintage tools on the front porch


36) Hurricane centerpiece

You can create a very simple centerpiece with a hurricane glass if you have one at home. I have created more than 10 ways to decorate with a hurricane vase this year. From mini pumpkins to natural wheat, I have covered it all.

Fall candle in a glass hurricane with acorns. This hurrican vase is sitting inside of a wooden lantern with faux fall stems.

Supplies for lantern centerpieces

Decorating your fall front porch doesn’t have to be expensive. With a bit of creativity, you can quickly transform your outdoor space into a warm and welcoming oasis that will make all of your guests feel at home. So what are you waiting for? Get started on decorating your porch today!

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