21 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces for Fall

Welcome to the enchanting world of fall outdoor decorations!

Today is the Bloggers home tour hosted by my friend Kelly @thetatteredpew.

This is such a fun day, where you can see the homes of 23 bloggers.

Today, I am going to take you on a outdoor tour of my home for fall. We’ll tour four areas of my home – the front porch, back porch, the she shed, and the side yard dining area – all beautifully decorated for fall.

But it’s not just about looks; it’s about creating inviting spaces that let you enjoy the crisp fall weather a little longer.

In addition, I have several tips to help you decorate your outdoor spaces this fall.

21 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces For Fall- fall outdoor dining table

If you have come over from my friend Rachel’s blog @thepondsfarmhouse, welcome! Rachel has a beautiful farmhouse and has so many great ideas for decorating on a budget.

Fall Outdoor Home Tour

We live in Southern California, where the weather stays enjoyable into the winter months. So, we can spend a lot of time in our outdoor living space. For the fall, I typically decorate four primary spaces at home.

Join me on an outdoor tour of my home during the fall season!

1. Front Porch

The front porch is the first space you will see as you approach our home, and I love to decorate it for fall. I have created two seating areas, one on either side of the front door. On the left is a porch swing decorated with fall pillows and a warm plaid blanket, and on the right is a bench made out of an old bed frame.

I have added corn stalks, a DIY fall tree, lanterns and lots of pumpkins to create an inviting porch.

I always love to add a wreath to my door, this year I jazzed up a wagon wheel wreath with some of the corn stalks and I cut up a burlap sack to make a bow.

Fall front porch early fall decorating
Fall front porch with fall tree, lanterns and pumpkins
corn husk wreath on the front door mae out of a wagon wheel

2. Back Porch

This is the entrance to our kitchen doors, and we refer to it as our outdoor living room.

We like to spend time relaxing and socializing in the comfortable seating area, which I have decorated for the fall season.

A few of my DIY stained gourds and this adorable cinnamon bucket topiary add a lot of charm to the back porch.

21 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces For Fall
- back porch decorated for fall
Cinnamon bucket topiary for fall. buckets are cut out to look like jack  O lanterns

3. The She-Shed

If you’re not aware of it, my She-Shed is my creative sanctuary where I turn my crafting and gardening visions into reality.

It’s one of my most cherished places to adorn.

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a charming DIY rope wreath.

I’ve extended the theme of corn stalks from the front porch to the exterior of the shed, complemented by an abundance of fresh mums, along with buckets filled with gourds and pumpkins.

She shed decorated for fall with corn stalks and gourds
She shed with hydrangea wreath on the door
Potting table decorated for fall

4. Potting Garden Dining

In our side yard, you’ll discover our charming potting garden.

This area not only houses our cherished farm dining table but also serves as my dedicated potting station.

This space is ideal for hosting gatherings and provides a fantastic backdrop for crafting beautiful table settings.

I particularly relish the natural ambiance here, so I adorned the table with autumn leaves gathered from our yard and added a selection of my stained gourds for a touch of seasonal flair.

Potting garden table set for fall with gourds and fresh flowers
Fall outdoor table with blue gourds and paisley dishes on orange placemats.

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More Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces for Fall

Now that you’ve gotten the grand tour, let’s dive into the details! If you are looking to cozy up your outdoor space this fall, here are 17 additional ways to bring all the warm and cozy vibes to your home for the fall season.

5. Throw Pillows

Outdoor throw pillows are a must for cozy fall decor.

  • Fall Colors and Patterns: Opt for warm, earthy tones, plaid, paisley, and leaf patterns.
  • Weather-Resistant Pillows: Choose weather-resistant outdoor pillows to endure rain and sun.
  • Layering and Texture:  Mix textures like burlap and knits to add interest and depth to your decor.
  • Sizing and Proportion: Vary sizes for visual appeal; larger ones to anchor, smaller ones to accent.

6. Throw Blankets

Consider factors such as warmth, durability, material, and style.

  • Wool Blankets: Naturally insulating and can keep you warm even in cool weather.
  • Fleece Blankets: Soft, lightweight, provides good insulation, and easy to clean.
  • Acrylic Blankets: Mimics the warmth and feel of wool while being more affordable like my chunky knit DIY blanket.
  • Outdoor-Specific Blankets: Look for blankets made from water-resistant materials.
  • Plaid or Checkered Blankets: Add a touch of classic fall aesthetic to your outdoor space.

7. Candlelight

Harness the magic of candlelight to infuse your outdoor spaces with warmth and charm this fall season. 

  • Long Tapered Candles: Add a touch of elegance and romance to your outdoor dining table. 
  • Seasonal-Scented Candles: Elevate the sensory experience by selecting fall-scented candles. 
  • Floating Illumination: Fill a large bowl or trough with water and float candles in it.
  • Lantern Ensemble: Place candles inside decorative lanterns or hurricane lamps.

8. Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns can be a versatile and charming addition to your fall decor.

  • Entryway or Front Porch: Place lanterns on either side of your front door or along the steps leading to your entryway. 
  • Patio or Deck: Arrange lanterns on tables or hang them from hooks on your patio or deck.
  • Garden Pathways: Line your garden pathways with lanterns to guide the way and create a magical atmosphere.
  • Dining Table Centerpiece: Use lanterns as a centerpiece for your outdoor dining table.
  • Tree Branches: Hang lanterns from tree branches using sturdy hooks or twine.

9. Outdoor Pendant Lights

If you are up for a fun DIY project, consider making these outdoor pendant lights to hang in your outdoor space.

10. Centerpieces

Decorating with centerpieces is a delightful and cozy way to infuse warmth and charm into your outdoor space for fall.

  • Autumnal Foliage: Gather a bunch of vibrant fall leaves, branches, and pinecones in a vase or pitcher.
  • Pumpkin Vase: Hollow out a medium-sized pumpkin and use it as a vase for fall flowers or foliage.
  • Harvest Basket: Fill a basket with colorful gourds, mini pumpkins, and dried corn husks.
  • Simple DIY CenterpieceMagnolia Fall Centerpiece in a Pumpkin Frame

11. Outdoor Firepit

An outdoor firepit not only adds practicality but also elevates the overall coziness and charm of your outdoor living space.

  • Warmth and Comfort: Provides a natural source of warmth, making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting.
  • Gathering Point: Friends and family can gather around the fire, fostering conversation, laughter, and a sense of togetherness.
  • Ambiance: The flickering flames create a mesmerizing ambiance that adds to the cozy and intimate atmosphere.
  • Decorative Element: Fire pits come in various designs and materials, allowing you to choose one that complements your style.
  • Cozy Seating: Surround the firepit with comfortable seating options like cozy chairs and cushions.

12. Fresh Mums

Fresh mums can be an excellent addition to your festive fall decor with their vibrant fall colors and lush blooms.

  • Front Porch Pots: Plant colorful mums in decorative pots or planters and place them on your front porch or steps. 
  • Window Boxes: Line your outdoor window boxes with mums.
  • Table Centerpiece: Place a potted mum in the center of your outdoor dining table. 
  • Mum-Lined Pathway: Line your garden pathway or walkway with potted mums. 
  • Mum-Filled Crates: Stack wooden crates and fill them with potted mums.

13. Fall Doormat

A cute doormat can be a fantastic addition to your fall porch decor.

  • Fall-Theme: Choose fall-themed welcome mats with warm colors and patterns.
  • Use Layers: Consider layering a doormat with natural textures like jute or sisal for added depth.
  • Size Matters: Ensure that the size of your doormat is appropriate for your front door’s entrance area.
  • Frame It: If you have space, consider placing fall plants or other seasonal decor on either side of the mat to create a framed look. 

14. Gourds

Gourds can be an easy way to add charm to your outdoor decor for the fall season. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  • Create attractive gourd arrangements by placing them in decorative containers or baskets. 
  • Mix and match different types to add variety in size, shape, and color. 
  • Display them on your outdoor dining table, porch steps, or side tables for an inviting fall touch.

15. String Lights

Here are a few creative ways to use string lights to add ambiance to your yard during your favorite time of year.

  • Drape Over Furniture: String lights can be elegantly draped over outdoor furniture to create a warm and inviting seating area.
  • Twinkling Canopy: Hang twinkle lights overhead to form a canopy, providing an enchanting ambiance for your outdoor space.
  • Woven Through Foliage: Intertwine fairy lights within bushes, trees, or vines to add a magical, whimsical touch.
  • Cozy Fire Pit Area: Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor fire pit by surrounding it with string lights.

16. Pumpkins

 Creating a pumpkin display is a simple way to infuse a cozy vibe into your outdoor fall decor.

  • Choose a Variety: Arrange fall pumpkins of different sizes and colors. A mix of traditional orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, and heirloom varieties works well.
  • Mix and Match: Combine with other fall elements like gourds, cornstalks, hay bales, and mums to create a rich and layered display.
  • Layer with Natural Elements: Use straw or hay as a base to add texture and warmth to your decor.

17. Add a Whimsical Touch

Adding a whimsical touch to your outdoor fall decor can bring creativity and playfulness.

  • DIY Lighted Garden SpheresFollow this tutorial to create stunning lighted garden spheres from hula hoops.
  • Whimsical Wind Chimes: Hang whimsical wind chimes with autumn-themed charms, such as leaves, acorns, or tiny pumpkins.
  • Repurposed Wheelbarrow Planter: Turn an old wheelbarrow into a whimsical planter by filling it with fall flowers, gourds, and mini scarecrows.

18. DIY Fall Tree

If you are looking for the most unique fall decor idea to make a big statement, how about a gorgeous fall tree?

  • This isn’t like any fake tree you might find in the store; it actually looks real!
  • Check out the tutorial here to learn more and make your own: How to Make a Stunning DIY Faux Fall Tree That Looks Real
  • Place your tree in a prominent location to enjoy the beautiful views throughout the autumn months!

19. Front Door Wreath

Adding a festive wreath to your front door is one of the easiest ways to give your visitors a warm welcome. If you are looking for fall inspiration, consider these outdoor decorating ideas for fall wreaths:

  • Fall Rope Wreath
  • Wagon Wheel Wreath
  • Dried Hydrangea Wreath
  • Fall Foliage Wreath
  • Burlap and Plaid Wreath
corn husk wreath on the front door mae out of a wagon wheel
She shed with hydrangea wreath on the door
Fall wreath

20. Use Corn Stalks

Corn stalks are a versatile and charming element for outdoor fall decor.

  • Natural Elegance: Place bundles of corn stalks in decorative containers or use them to frame your front door or porch.
  • Vertical Interest: Use corn stalks to flank your entrance or outdoor seating areas or tie them with twine to your porch columns or posts.
  • Beautiful Backdrop: Position corn stalks behind seating arrangements, creating a stunning and seasonal background.

21. Harvest-Inspired Table Settings

  • Earth-Toned Tablecloths or Placemats: Evoke the colors of autumn and provide a warm backdrop for your fall table decor.
  • Pumpkins, Leaves, and Seasonal Flowers: Create a visually appealing, inviting centerpiece that exudes warmth and charm.
  • Rustic Tableware: Rustic or earth-toned dinnerware, gold or copper flatware, and glassware with a textured or vintage design enhance overall warmth and charm.
  • Cozy Textiles: Soft and cozy blankets and plush decorative pillows invite guests to relax, stay warm, and enjoy the outdoor dining experience for longer.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of fall

We’ve explored 21 cozy ways to decorate your outdoor spaces for fall, turning them into charming havens for the season. From welcoming mats to setting the table we’ve covered a range of creative ideas to embrace autumn’s beauty.

These decorations aren’t just about aesthetics; they invite you to enjoy the simple pleasures of fall. Whether you’re gathered around a fire pit, dining under string lights, or surrounded by mums and gourds, these outdoor spaces offer a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

As you embark on the next step of your decorating journey, remember to infuse your own style and memories into your decor, making it uniquely yours. Fall is a time for creating lasting memories and finding coziness in every corner of your outdoor oasis. So, get creative and relish the beauty of the season in your own special way. 

Next up on tour is my friend Cindy @diybeautify. Cindy always has the greatest ideas and today is no exception. Click on over to her blog to see what a great centerpiece she has created today.

Wishing you a very happy fall; may it be as cozy as can be!


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    Your Fall outdoor space is DEVINE!

  2. Girl, you had me hooked from the first photo. Love your ideas, your tips, and all of your decor! The rich colors look amazing. Might actually try my hand at the faux tree. Seriously, a fantastic tour. Always love touring with you. Pinned

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! It is my favorite time of the year to tour with you talented ladies.

  3. So many lovely outside spaces, Wendy… LOVE that sideyard eating area… my mouth actually dropped open when I saw it! Thank you for all the wonderful tips for decorating for fall, too! Great way for formatting the post, too! Pinned!

  4. So many cozy ideas for fall! Your outdoor spaces sure are pretty!

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  6. Fabulous ideas for outdoor fall decorating Wendy! I love your long table with the wire basket lights! Such a fun spot for entertaining!

  7. Your outdoor spaces look spectacular Wendy! If only you could come and design my backyard 😉 it is less than desirable… but also on the last part of my list to complete. I keep saying maybe next year, and next comes and goes, and I still do not have it looking the way I want. I love the hanging lights over the table. Did you use adapters to plug into the string lights? I would love to have lights over the table we recently finished, but I am not quite sure how to get the look I am after. I am kind of stuck using solar lights in the yard. You always amaze me with your ideas. Have a wonderful week!

    1. I will be there, my friend! Yards are a work of art and take time to develop. But if it is not your passion, then don’t be so hard on yourself.
      Yards and the work that comes with it is not for everyone. We have lived in our home for over 30 years, so we have done a little bit at a time.
      We bought adapters on Amazon and the light string at Ikea for the lights. I wrote a post on it some time ago ( that needs an update) here in the link for you to see.

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    Your outdoor spaces look amazing year round but fall is always so fun. Love all you do.

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    Happy fall, friend!

    1. Thank you, Jen, you are so sweet! I enjoy these tours so much. I love seeing what everyone does for the fall.

  12. Wendy, so many amazing ideas for decorating outdoor spaces! I love your wagon wheel wreath, and your she-shed set my heart to pitter-patter! Simply gorgeous my friend! Happy Fall!!

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