Trick or Treat: The Best 3 Quick And Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

No Tricks here, only treats, actually a few.

Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner?

Trick or treat

Did you celebrate Halloween growing up? Of course, we did, and I loved getting dressed up.

I spent months thinking up just the perfect costume to wear.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, we also had mischief night the night before Halloween. Unfortunately, this night was nothing but trouble!

Today, I don’t get dressed up or trick or treat, but I sure enjoy decorating the house and seeing all those adorable trick-or-treaters.

Here are a few quick and easy Halloween ideas for you

1. Create fun lanterns out of those old plastic pumpkin trick or treat buckets.

Start with a collection of plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets. You can use just the large ones or add these adorable small plastic pumpkins.

Tape off the handles if you don’t want them to get paint on them.

Trick or treat

Using an Exacto knife, cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth ( be very careful )

Spray the inside of the buckets with metallic gold.

Trick or Treat

Paint the exterior with this matte black acrylic paint

I  used these battery-operated candles inside of the large lanterns. To fit a battery-operated tea light inside the small ones, you need to add a slit down the back. Or make the top hole larger.

I do not advise using real candles as these are plastic.

Trick or treat

2. Create a witch wreath for the front door

Trick or Treat

I started with a simple wire witch hat metal frame

Wrap the top part of the hat with a piece of burlap using a hot glue gun. 

Trick or Treat

Using this black mesh netting, cut pieces 12″ long and fold them in half, wire in the middle. Be sure to leave the wire long enough to wrap it onto the wireframe. I used 3-4 rolls of this mesh netting.

Trick or treat
Trick or treat

Next, I gathered a small bunch of natural raffia and hot glued it to the top of the hat along with one piece of the black mesh netting.

I then added a burlap ribbon bow to the brim and this darling “The Witch is in ” sign  I found at the Dollar Tree.

3. A quick and easy Witch’s broom

Gather a stick approximately 3-4″ tall

Trick or treat

Gather a few bunches of small twigs about 18″ long and glue them onto one end of the stick

witches broom

Once you have enough sticks, wrap them well with this jute-covered wire.

A Secret Treat For You!

Lastly, I have an adorable treat for you! Oreo Bats

Gather a few supplies, one bag of Oreos, a jar of edible eyes, and a small tube of icing

Separate the top and bottom of a cookie, and remove the icing. Using a serrated knife, gently slice the two pieces of cookie in half.

Using the Writing gel, squirt a small amount on the corner of one of the cookie halves and attach it to the top of another whole Oreo.

Repeat with the other bat wing. Add two dabs of getting and place the eyes.

Bat cookies
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