12 Unique Flower Vase Ideas On A Budget Made with Everyday Items

DIY your way to gorgeous flower arrangements with these 12 clever and affordable flower vase ideas using everyday items.

spring dough bowl with pink and yellow flowers and carrots styled on an Easter tablescape

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My passion for gardening is a beautiful legacy passed down by mother. As a floral designer, she always decorated our home with beautiful bouquets of fresh-cut flowers from the garden.

Now, I am excited to share the lessons and inspirations I learned from her with you!

All you need is a little creativity to transform ordinary items into DIY flower vases that will add a touch of charm to any space in your home.

Keep reading for 12 unique flower vase arrangement ideas you can create on a budget using everyday items.

Discovering Items for Creative Flower Vase Ideas

Do you want to know my secret for finding one-of-a kind decor to create flower vases?

I’ll tell you! One of my favorite places to look for unique flower vase ideas is yard sales and Estate sales.

You can find some of the most unusual items at these sales. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

When I go to a sale, the first location I head to is the garage. I love to find treasures hidden in the cupboards or up in the rafters.

Are you ready for my top tip for discovering the best hidden treasures at these sales?

Always look up, down, and all around. You may find inspiration in the most unlikely place to dream up ideas for creating a DIY flower vase .

1. Vintage Wood Tool Caddy

A vintage wood tool caddy makes a perfect flower container.

I love how this rustic box looks when paired with beautiful spring blooms like these real-look ranunculus or these stunning faux tulips.

Wood tool box vase filled with bright pink flowers

You can recreate this DIY flower vase idea at home using silk flowers. Place some floral foam in the bottom of your antique wooden tool box. Then, gently push the flower stems into the foam to create your spring floral centerpiece.

If you are using fresh cut flowers from your garden, you can fill ordinary drinking glasses or mason jars with water in your old tool and place the containers inside before arranging your flowers.

This flower arrangement makes a beautiful spring vignette or the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table.

It would even be a fun spring centerpiece for an outdoor picnic.

PRO TIP: Create a variation of this flower vase design for Father’s Day by swapping the wood tool caddy out for a metal tool box.

2. Cabbage Flower Centerpiece

Easter is the perfect time to use vegetables to create spring flower arrangements.

Use a head of purple cabbage to create this DIY flower centerpiece for all your spring gatherings.

Purple cabbage turned into a flower vase for a spring bouquet

To make your own purple cabbage flower arrangement, cut out a hole in the center of your cabbage large enough to hold a drinking glass.

Fill the glass with water and then arrange your flowers. To finish, tuck in a bit of green preserved Spanish moss around the top of the glass for some added texture.

You can also incorporate baby cabbage into the arrangement for some extra drama.

3. Tall Glass Cylinder With Carrots

Clear glass cylinder vases are a dime a dozen. You probably have a few of them hanging around in your closet. I know I do!

If not, they are easy to find; you can even pick one up at the Dollar Tree.

Cylinder vase turned into a creative spring vase wrapped with fresh kale and carrots

There are so many different ideas for using a large cylinder vase to create flower arrangements. It only takes one scrolling session on Pinterest to see what I’m talking about.

To create this DIY glass vase, tie fresh kale, carrots and beats around the outside of the glass cylinder.

This centerpiece is such a fun Idea for Easter and looks so festive on the table.

4. Big Flower Vase Ideas

I’ve already highlighted a few ideas for using vegetables to create vase. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight to one of my favorite fruits…lemons!

DIY tall cylinder flower vase with sliced lemons and pink flowers

This is one of my favorite flower vase ideas. Isn’t it pretty? Sliced citrus fruits added to a vase bring a burst of color to any arrangement, making for some truly unique and creative ideas.

For this look, you will need two cylindrical vases: one slightly smaller than the other. Carefully slide the smaller vase inside of the larger one. You will need just enough space to slide the lemon slices between the two vases.

Fill the vase with water and arrange your flowers. I adore how the yellow lemons blend with various shades of pink. I even threw in some branches with whole lemons for an extra touch.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have access to fresh lemon branches you can substitute some of these pretty faux lemon branches.

5. Book Flower Vase Ideas

If you happen to be planning a child’s birthday party or a baby shower, this is an adorable idea!

book turned into a flower vase for a baby shower

Simply drill holes on the open end of the book from the front cover to the back.

Buy a pair of long shoelaces and lace two books together. (I chose a vibrant red color to coordinate with my Little Golden books, but you can use any color you like.)

Then, carefully place the cylinder glass vase inside the books. Pour in some water and add your flowers in colors that coordinate with your party.

6. Elegant Gold Foil Vase

This gold foil vase is another one of my favorite flower vase ideas. You can take the same clear glass cylinder vase that you already have and transform it into this unique creation in just a few easy steps.

tall cylinder gold foil vase with flowers

Grab some gold foil adhesive, gold foil sheets, and a chip brush.

Start by brushing on the foil adhesive where you want that golden touch on the vase. Give it a good 20-30 minutes to dry.

Then, gently lay the gold foil onto the adhesive-covered areas of the vase.

Wrap things up by taking a dry paintbrush and giving the foil a little rubdown, brushing off any leftover bits.

And Voilà ! You have a beautiful and elegant gold flower vase for a Valentine’s Day dinner party.

PRO TIP: If you want to know the secret to long-lasting flower arrangements don’t miss these 10 tips to keep your flowers fresh longer.

7. DIY Sisal Rope Vase

We’re over half way through our countdown of creative and unique flower vase ideas, but I’m not done yet!

I still have more flower vase design ideas to share, staring with this next DIY vase that is simple and budget-friendly.

DIY flower vase idea with rope

Sisal rope is easy to use and can be found at just about any craft store or hardware store for only a few dollars.

To make this simple DIY rope vase, take a small, round glass vase, wrap it tightly with sisal rope, and secure everything to the centerpiece using a hot glue gun.

Easy peasy!

This rope vase sets up a lovely fall atmosphere. I swapped out real flowers for some fall stems in soft shades of pink and nude.

It would look so pretty on a Thanksgiving table or as a centerpiece for a fall dinner party, don’t you think?

8. Vintage Train Cases

Vintage train cases are another favorite of mine to search for at Estate sales.

antique traincase turned into a flower vase filled with dried fall flowers and leaves

This fall arrangement consists of dried flowers, including hydrangea and autumn foliage.

The warm caramel color of the train case coordinates perfectly with the dried flower bouquet and would make a beautiful addition to a fall vignette.

It would look beautiful displayed as part of a fall tablescape.

9. Wine Corks

Wondering what to do with a collection of wine corks sitting in the drawer, collecting dust?

cylinder vase filled inside with wine corks and flowers

Dig them out, dust them off, and use those wine corks to make your own vase filler.

Place a drinking glass inside a larger vase and arrange the corks around the glass. Create a bouquet with fresh cut hydrangeas and bright, vibrant blooms like dahlias or zinnias.

Then, call the troops over and enjoy a fun wine tasting, complete with a mouthwatering charcuterie board!

10. Thrifted Shoes

Talk about unique flower vase decoration ideas! If the shoe fits, wear it…or, in this case, use it to create a one-of-a kind flower vase DIY.

Shoe flower vase for a wedding centerpiece using a black men's dress shoe and a sparkly woman's heel

I created this DIY shoe centerpiece for our son’s wedding using thrifted shoes as vases.

First, I placed oasis into a plastic baggie, inserted each baggie into the shoe, and then I arranged my flowers. I even added a bow on the back of the sparkly Cinderella shoe for extra bling.

11. Antique Watering Cans

Vintage garden decor like watering cans are interesting vases to use for outdoor events.

antique galvanzized watering can flower vase filled with red and blue flowers and greenery

I especially love the old, galvanized watering cans with long spouts.

If you are looking for small vase ideas, you can also use vintage oil cans for a similar look following these simple tips for creating a beautiful floral arrangement in a matter of minutes.

12. Fresh Pumpkin

Last in my round-up of DIY flower vase ideas is this fall succulent arrangement made in a fresh pumpkin. (You can see more floral arrangements made with succulents here.)

pumpkin turned into a flower vase filled with succulents and fall flowers

I did not carve this pumpkin; however, you can do that to create a hole for a vase to fit into.

I created a moss bed on top of the pumpkin using spray glue and inserted the succulents into it. This best part about this arrangement is that it will last for months. Just give it occasional water.

Easy and Creative Vase Design Ideas for Stunning Flower Arrangements

I hope I’ve given you some out-of-the-box flower vase decor ideas that spark excitement to create your own floral magic.

Which flower vase decor idea are you most excited to try? I’d love to hear, so let me know in the comments.

Have a beautiful weekend!


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12 Unique Flower Vase Ideas with Everyday Items On A Budget

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  10. Thanks for the reminder, Wendy, tht vases don’t have to be glass. Loved the use of things like shoes and books to create unique floral offerings. thanks for sharing.

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      Thank you Lynne. I always enjoy finding creative ways to repurpose items to make creative flower arrangements!

  11. Love all the containers Wendy, but the shoes are just fabulous. What a great idea.

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