12 Flower Vase Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for inspiration to create beautiful flower arrangements on a budget? This post includes 12 flower vase ideas to create a unique, custom vase on a budget.

spring dough bowl

All you need is a little creative inspiration, and you will be on your way to making your own budget friendly flower vases and arrangements.

One of my favorite places to pick up unusual flower containers is at yard sales or Estate sales.

You can find some of the most unusual items at these sales. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. When I go to a sale, the first location I head to is the garage. I love to find treasures hidden in the cupboards or up in the rafters. Always look up, down, and all around, and you may find inspiration for flower vase ideas in the most unlikely place.

1. Old wooden tool caddy

For example, an old wooden tool caddy makes for a perfect flower container.

I love this rustic box’s vibe when paired with the beautiful spring blooms. Fill your ordinary drinking glasses with water and arrange your flowers. This flower arrangement is perfect for your Easter table or a picnic outside. I also love the idea of using a metal toolbox for Father’s Day.

Tool box vase

2. Using a head of cabbage

Easter is the perfect time to use some fruits or vegetables in your arrangements.

Using a head of cabbage, cut out a hole in the center, large enough to hold a drinking glass. Fill the glass with water and arrange your flowers. I tucked a bit of green moss around the top of the glass for some added texture. You can also incorporate baby cabbage into the arrangement for some extra drama.

Cabbage flower vase

3. Clear glass cylinder with carrots

Clear glass cylinder vases are a dime a dozen. You probably have a few of them hanging around in your closet. If not, they are easy to find; you can even pick one up at the Dollar Tree.

Kale Flower vase

For this arrangement, I tied kale, carrots, and beets around the vase. This is such a fun Idea for Easter and looks so festive on the table. Note that I left the greens on the carrots and the beets.

4. My favorite flower vase ideas

sliced lemon flower vase

This is one of my favorite flower vase ideas. Isn’t it pretty? For this look, you will need two cylindrical vases: one slightly smaller than the other. Fit the smaller vase inside of the larger one. You will need just enough space to slide lemon slices between the two vases. Fill the vase with water and arrange your flowers. I love the yellow of the lemons mixed with the different shades of pink. I also added in a few branches of whole lemons.

5. Using a book shower

book flower vase

If you happen to be planning a child’s birthday party or a baby shower, this is an adorable idea. I threw a book shower, so I drilled holes on the open end of the book from the front cover to the back. Buy a pair of long red shoelaces and lace two books together. Then, simply place the cylinder glass vase inside the books.

6. Gold foil vase

gold foil vase

This gold foil vase is another one of my favorite flower vase ideas. You can take the same clear glass cylinder vase that you already have and transform it into this unique creation in just a few easy steps.

You will need some gold foil adhesive, sheets of gold foil, and a chip brush.

First, paint the gold foil adhesive onto the vase where you want the gold foil to adhere and let it dry for twenty to thirty minutes.

Second, place the gold foil onto the vase where you painted the adhesive.

Lastly, take a dry paint brush and burnish the gold foil, brushing away any excess.

Voila, you have a beautiful and elegant flower vase.

7. Sisal rope

Sisal rope is so easy and inexpensive to work with. I purchased a small, rounded glass vase at the Dollar Tree and wrapped the entire vase with sisal rope, securing it with a glue gun. This gives a really nice vibe for fall. I used silk flowers in light tones of pink and nude in place of real flowers.

Rope flower vase

8. Vintage train cases

Vintage train cases are another favorite of mine to search for at Estate sales. This arrangement is made of all dried flowers which I arranged into a smaller container using dry foam. The color of the train case is perfect and adds charm to the table.

traincase flower vase

9. Wine corks

Do you have a collection of wine corks sitting in the drawer, doing nothing? If you’re looking for flower vase ideas on a budget, this one is perfect. Just place a drinking glass inside of a larger vase and arrange the corks around the glass. Then, call the troop over and enjoy a fun wine tasting!

wine cork vase

10. Shoes

If the shoe fits, use it for flowers! This was at our son’s wedding and yes, I used shoes for the vases. I put oasis into a baggie and inserted it into the shoe, then arranged my flowers. I added a bow to the back of the sparkly Cinderella shoe for extra bling.

Shoe flower vase

11. Watering cans

Watering cans are interesting vases to use for outdoor events. I love the old, galvanized watering cans with long spouts. I have also used smaller oil cans if you are looking for a similar look, but not as large.

Watering Can flower vase

12. Fresh pumpkin

Lastly, I used a fresh pumpkin for a succulent arrangement. I did not carve this pumpkin; however, you can do that to create a hole for a vase to fit into. I created a moss bed on the top of the pumpkin using spray glue and inserted the succulents into the moss. This arrangement will last for months as is, it just needs occasional water.

pumpkin floer vase

I sure hope that I gave you some out-of-the-box flower vase ideas and has sparked some excitement to create some magic with your own flowers.

Have a beautiful weekend

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  1. Love all the containers Wendy, but the shoes are just fabulous. What a great idea.

    1. Thank you Anita, that was the rehearsal dinner for my sons wedding, it was a fun event to decorate.

  2. I love all of your inspiration Wendy! So many fun ideas! Susan

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