Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration Ideas: Simple & Easy

Get inspired to spruce up your Valentine’s Day dinner table with several of my table decoration ideas.  Whether you’re celebrating with friends or family, these suggestions will elevate your romantic dinner with decorations to suit everyone.

Whether creating a romantic table for two or hosting a family dinner, I will help you create a beautiful Valentine’s dinner table with the perfect touch.

A Valentine's table set in pink and gold with soft velvet hearts.

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Steps For Creating A Beautiful Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Creating a stunning table setting is simpler than you imagine. You can start by taking it step by step and, most importantly, search for items you already have in your home to use.

Choose Your Dining Location

Black and white tablescape for Valentine's Day.
Soft Pink Valentine's Table set for a family event.

Decide on your dining location and the style of table setting you prefer. Do you want to set up a formal dining room table? A small table for two in the living room near the fireplace? Or a causal family-style table? Maybe even a romantic table outside.

Alternatively, a relaxed family-style setting might be your choice, or consider the option of an intimate outdoor table for a touch of romance next to the firepit with warm blankets and hot cocoa.

Choose your Color Scheme

8 hearts in different colors of red and pink

Think about what color palette you’d like to use. Since my celebration is for our granddaughter and daughter’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen a soft blush pink color with accents of bright pink for my Valentine’s Day table decorations. 

However, you could use many different color combinations. You could use a traditional Valentine’s Day red color or go for something outside the box, like an all-white Valentine’s Day tablescape. 

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Black and white  
  • Red and white 
  • All white 
  • Red, pink, and white 
  • Pink and white

Table Linens For Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Decoration

If you’d like to create elegant Valentine’s Day table decor, include some festive linens. You can find these at most home decor shops this time of the year or make some yourself.

A few of my favorite linens for Valentine’s Day include things like DIY table runners from Craft Box Girlsenvelope napkins, heart-shaped napkins, and heart-shaped placemats. 

DIY Valentine's Day Table Runner
Red and white napkins folded to be an envelope for Valentine's Day.

For a gentle and understated appearance, I opted for a natural aesthetic, starting with a basic ivory tablecloth, woven placemats, and linen napkins to evoke a rustic ambiance.

Here’s an alternative suggestion: You can create charming heart patterns by dipping a heart-shaped cookie cutter into red or pink paint. Use this to stamp hearts onto plain table runners or placemats or add imprints to the corner of pristine white napkins.

Simple Centerpieces

From fresh flowers and red rose petals shaped like a heart to a Valentine’s Day tree made with 3D paper hearts. There are so many ways to create a lovely centerpiece for the perfect table. 

DIY 3D paper heart Valentine's Day Tree sitting on the dining room table.

I love to design simple floral centerpieces

My inspiration was this old wood toolbox, which adds great character and texture to the table. I then inserted a simple drinking glass in four of the eight slots and filled them with beautiful pink anemones, white tulips, pink ranunculus, silver dollar eucalyptus, pink roses, and green mini cabbage.

You can pick up these types of flowers at Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store. 

Tool box vase with pink flower arrangement for Valentine's Day.

I then used my leftover eucalyptus on the sides of the centerpiece and added a few potted cyclamen plants from Home Depot. 

I always have white pots to slip small 4″ plants into. A nice container always makes for a finished look.

Try a clear glass vase with simple pink flowers if you want a more sophisticated look. This effortless arrangement can be assembled in under 5 minutes. Begin with a round clear vase and fill it with water. Craft a grid atop the vase using scotch tape. Next, strip the leaves from several pink hydrangeas and baby roses, then insert them into the vase until it’s brimming with blooms.

Valentines Day flower arrangement with pink hydrangeas
Flower arrangement in the she shed

Or, you can try a natural arrangement of fresh delphiniums, tulips, snapdragons, and pink roses for a beautiful floral display.

Alternatively, consider using a handful of mason jars filled with red roses. This uncomplicated yet elegant centerpiece can add a stunning touch to your special dinner without taking a lot of time.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting

I enjoy creating layered place settings, beginning with a charger plate, then white china dinner plates and heart-shaped salad plates. If you don’t have heart-shaped plates, try shopping at the thrift store, crafting paper hearts, or purchasing fun Valentine paper plates for a festive table.

Then add some gold flatware and clear or pink glasses to finish off your Valentine’s Day table settings. 

Tablescape for Valentine's Day set with soft pinks and golds.

Give your table a personal touch: personalized name cards, love notes, or sweet treats are all great ways to show your love to your friends and family.

Additional Easy Valentine Table Decorations

Craft an ombre-themed tablescape by arranging the word “Love,” akin to the design I fashioned for Mother’s Day using the word “MOM.”

Pink and white sweet peas create a centerpiece using the word MOM.
LOVE letters that are covered in music paper and used for a centerpiece on a black and white tablescape for Valentine's Day table.

Decoupage a few paper letters using vintage sheet music. 

Make a DIY Valentine’s Day tree using a few branches from the yard and 3D hearts made from paper. 

Add a few marshmallow trees for some added sweetness. These trees are so cute and easy to make. The best part is that they will last for years.

The outdoor dining table is set for two for Valentine's Day.
DIY Valentine's Day tree sitting on the bar counter top.

Add a tiered tray or layers of dishes to serve your desserts. It makes such a pretty display. 

Romantic Lighting

Light plays a crucial role in creating a romantic ambiance for a tablescape. Here’s how you can use dimmers, candles, or twinkle lights effectively:

  • Dimmers: If you have overhead lights with dimmers, adjust them to create a softer and more intimate glow. Lowering the lights can instantly set a romantic mood. Dimmers allow you to control the brightness to suit the desired ambiance.
  • Candles: Place candles strategically on the table. You can use a variety of candle holders or candelabras to add depth and height to the table decor. Tea lights, pillar candles, or tapered candles can all contribute to a romantic atmosphere. You can use a combination of real burning candles and battery-operated candles. I love to collect brass candlesticks from local thrift stores and estate sales. You can pick them up for just a few dollars and mix and match them. Or you can use all the same style candlestick holders like Sweet Valley Farms.
  • Twinkle Lights: String twinkle lights around your centerpiece and amongst the greenery. Twinkle lights in warm tones add a charming and cozy feel to the setting.
A blue and white dining room decorated for Valentine's Day.
DIY 3D paper heart Valentine's Day Tree sitting on the dining room table.

Now, with the table beautifully set, complete your preparations with delicious dishes. Grill up savory steaks, roast a medley of vegetables, and consider serving a heart-shaped angel food cake or the famous Mastro’s butter cake for a delightful dessert. Enjoy your meal!

I hope this post has inspired you to craft your own delightful table and celebrate this sweet holiday with your loved ones.


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