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Do you love my blue and white living room?

Hello Everyone,  Today I am sharing all of the secrets you need to know to create a room of your own just like

my living room. Shop your favorite items. So if you are looking for any of the items, or all of the items in my living room, this post is for you!

blue and white new traditional decor

As you know, I love blue and white as it is such a timeless color and feels so welcoming,  I hope you enjoy reading, some of my finds might surprise you!

So lets re create my blue and white living room

Room Paint

So let’s start with the basics on how to shop my blue and white living room.  First, my room is painted in simple white by Benjamin Moore, trim is swiss coffee by Dunn Edwards

Roman Shades

My roman shades were custom-made, but here is the fabric I used and I just love it. I ordered it online and it came so quickly. The repeat is large, so allow for extra yardage.

My Dreamy Carpet

My Dreamy carpet came from……. are you ready??? Walmart……. It truly is my favorite rug in my house, and it cleans so easily! And it was only $125.00, it looks grey in the image, but you can see from my image of the living room it is much whiter.

shop my living room

Stunning Rug

Another beautiful option to shop my blue and white living room is this stunning rug.

Mateo Hand Tufted Rug | Hand tufted rugs, Tufted rug, Rugs

My Favorite Sofa

There truly is nothing like an off-white sofa, it is just so crisp and clean looking and very versatile.

Here is my favorite sofa to shop in my blue and white living room. This is a timeless piece and you will have it for years to come, the best part is it has a slipcover that you can clean.

 blue and white living room

Vintage Chairs

My Chairs are vintage and I had them recovered, but here are two options that would work so well with this design. I will also give you the link for the ticking fabric I bought off of Etsy in case you have a chair you would like to recover.

 blue and white living room

This is a Walmart chair too and so cute and affordable, You know I am all about mixing it up and saving money where you can!

 blue and white living room

I also love this blue and white chair from Ballard designs online, it a bit more of a casual feel.

 blue and white living room

With all of Covid going on, I truly ordered everything online.

Gorgeous Coffee Table

The coffee table came from Overstock, I used some vintage books from an estate sale on the bottom and a cute tray I found at Home Goods on top with a cute candle from Anthropologie and of course some fresh flowers

Perfect Blue And White Prints

Lastly, all of the important little details that make a room feel like home, the pillows, throws, pictures, and accessories all make a room feel warm and cozy.

I purchased these prints from Etsy and bought some simple frames at Michaels

 blue and white living room

Beautiful Pillows

I bought the majority of my pillows on Etsy as well, but a few from Home Goods, you just have to look often, I bought smaller pillows this time and am loving the size, these are 18 x 18, the biggest secret I have is to always use feather inserts! the least expensive inserts are at Ikea.

 blue and white living room

 blue and white living room

Ginger Jars

I love nothing more than blue and white ginger jars, I just cannot resist these gems. My favorites are vintage, but there are some many beautiful replicas you can find at Ballard Designs, William and Sonoma, and Amazon.

Elegant Lamps

I purchased my lamps at Home Goods, but you can find something similar like the following: or search Home Goods for similar lamps

The Perfect Throws

Throws are truly my favorite accessory to buy, I think I have one on almost every chair in my house.

Here are a few of my favorites, as I am loving the big chunky knits, soon I am going to hand-knit one of these, so look out for my post!

I cannot wait to try this.

Well, that about wraps up my living room, I hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it!

Happy Decorating.

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