3 Beautiful Ways To Adorn Your Front Door

Do you love to decorate your door with a wreath or other decor like I do, I love wreaths, but I also love to create other more unusual items to adorn my front door.

Adorning Your Front Door

As you can see I used a bushel basket for this cute arrangement on my shed door, it is filled with the beauty of spring, a bird’s nest with a mama bird and eggs, some mossy branches, and spring greenery.

I have been known to use the head of a rake decked out in bittersweet feathers or a head of a shovel filled with succulents.

Adorning Your Front Door

I wonder thought, why do we decorate our front door?

You might hang a wreath on your front door because it looks lovely.

You might hang a Christmas wreath on your front door because it’s what everybody does.

But it’s important to understand the meaning of wreaths because it’s symbolic.

What’s the meaning of wreaths?

Wreaths are said to represent the circle of the year or the circle of life. This would reason why we hang a wreath for Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall.

The word ‘wreath’ is said to come from the old English word ‘writhan’, ‘to twist’, as in a circle or wheel. It’s said to translate as a thing bound around’ from the Greek word Diadema.

Ancient Romans called wreaths ‘corona’ in Latin. It related to the idea of wearing a wreath on the head, made from leaves, grass, flowers, and branches.

There is the religious meaning which is the traditional circular shape of the wreath symbolized eternal life.

In Roman times, a wreath would be used as a crown, especially when celebrating. It represented power, victory, and success.

The advent wreath symbolizes Jesus and tends to be decorated with either four candles or five with one placed in the middle.

Mostly hanging a wreath is a form of decoration or an expression of one’s self.

A wreath or door decor makes someone feel welcome and invited into your home.

3 Beautiful Ways To Adorn Your Front Door

Here are a few of my favorite wreaths and decor I have used lately to decorate my door.

1. Carrots

I love these carrots that are made out of wood-shaved petals dyed oranges with green raffia tops.

2. Fresh lemon wreath

I love to use fresh fruit on my wreaths, the lemons last around 4 weeks, but they are easily replaced, or you can replace them with silk flowers as you see in the image with the beautiful pink flowers.

Check out my video blog post on how to create this beautiful lemon wreath

3. Fresh Pomegranates

I  also love to use fresh pomegranates and mix them with real and gold-painted magnolia leaves.

Changing the shape of the wreath is also a fun thing to do for a holiday, this heart wreath is made out of pine cone slices to create flowers.

Check out my blog post “How to create this heart wreath

The next time you decorate your door, make it an expression of who you are and what you love, so enjoy the process and think outside of the box, don’t be afraid to be different!

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