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To express our gratitude, we’re gifting you exclusive FREE printables designed by Wendy. You’ll have access to printable resources monthly, including an entire dinner party set four times a year. Impress your guests and add flair to any event by downloading and recreating our printables. Don’t miss out on these exclusive perks!

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Pinterest printable  of free summer dinner party

What you’ll find inside our Free Resource Library

  • Each season I will download a library of printables for you to create your dinner party. From the invitation and a party planner, plus other elements to make your table special.
  • Wallpaper for your phone
  • Yearly planning sheets to help you get organized
  • Gardening Tips and Images
  • Gift Tags(Coming soon)
  • Calendars (Coming soon)
  • Printable Art (Coming soon)
  • Recipes (Coming soon)

I can’t believe what I discovered in the FREE WM Design House Resource Library! There is so much value in their printables. “