How to decorate a table for Easter Sunday?

Easter is right around the corner, and I am going to teach you how to decorate a table for Easter Sunday using the sweetest and most colorful Easter treats…candy!

My grandkids are going to be so excited when they see the table this year, there is candy everywhere, LOL

I can’t say that mom is going to be so excited, but that’s waht grandmas are for. Sugar them up and send them home.

These Easter DIYs use jelly beans and salt water taffy in shades of pink, white, and pear green. This delicate color combination works beautifully together and is perfect for Easter and spring time.

Follow along with me as I show you how to create a pretty Jelly Bean Vase Floral Centerpiece. Then, I will make adorable Ice Cream Sundae Place Cards to greet your guests at Easter dinner, and finally, give some suggestions for other interesting ways to use jelly beans on your Easter table.

Add some sweetness to help you decorate your table for Easter Sunday?

Add some sweet charm to your Easter table by using colorful jelly beans and pretty florals. This jelly bean vase is easy to make and makes a big impact on your Easter table.

Supplies You will need:

Jelly Beans

I purchase 3 lbs. of jelly beans in individual colors

Pear green jelly beans

Pink jelly beans

White jelly beans

Mix these together to create a pretty mixture to fill your vase.

How do you make an Easter Centerpiece?

You will need two vases for this project.

First, you will need a large vase like this one:

Large 6x6x6 cube glass vase

You will also need a smaller vase to sit inside of the large vase, leaving enough room around the edge to add the jelly beans. I had about 1 inch of space all the way around.

Small 5x5x5 cube glass vase

You can use this one that is 5 x 5 x 5 inside of the 6 x 6 x 6, however, it will be one inch shorter. To disguise this height difference, you can add a 1-inch ribbon around the top of the vase.

Fresh flowers

For fresh flowers in my arrangement, I used Bells of Ireland, gerbera daisies, white stock and alstroemeria, all from Trader Joe’s.

make a jelly bean vase floral centerpiece for Easter table decorations

To Assemble Your Jelly Bean Vase

First, fill your smaller vase with water.

Then, create a tape grid over the top, which will help hold your flowers up.

tape grid to hold flowers up in jelly bean vase

Place the smaller vase inside of the larger vase.

Next, pour the jelly beans in the 1-inch space between the two vases, all the way around to fill the space. As you do this, cover the smaller vase with your hand to keep the jelly beans from falling inside.

Next, it’s time to arrange your flowers.

I start with a base of greenery.

base of greenery

Then, add the tallest flowers.

Finally, fill in with the remaining flowers.

jelly bean vase floral center piece for Easter table decorations

As you are arranging, be sure to fill in the space all the way around. This centerpiece will be seen from all directions and you want to make sure you hide the mechanics of the tape grid well.

Now you have a simple and sweet centerpiece to add to your Easter table decorations!

Ice Cream Sundae Place Cards

Bring your Easter table decorations to the next level with these adorable ice cream sundaes at each place setting. This festive and fun DIY is the perfect way to greet your guests at Easter dinner.

You will need:

assembly ice cream sundae easter table decorations

How to make your table look beautiful

First, fill each ice cream sundae dish with jelly beans. You can mix up all three colors or use just one color depending on the look you want. I used different combinations of pink, white, and pear green jelly beans to keep to my theme, but you can use any colors you like.

Next, make the topper. There are a few different ways you can do this, so feel free to get creative with what you have on hand.

In one version, I took a large Styrofoam egg and used a glue gun to glue jelly beans all the way around, completely covering the egg. Or, you can also use the top half of a large plastic egg for this step.

assemble ice cream sundae easter table decorations

For the Ice cream scoop version, I hot glued pink and white salt water taffy onto the top half of a Styrofoam ball, then I used one piece of the red taffy to complete the sundae with a “cherry” on top!

Next, create a tag, using the graphics from Rolling Hill Cottage and Studio.

Attach the tag to a skewer with wire and insert into the jellybeans, complete with an adorable bow made from pretty ribbon.

Once you have added your name tag and placed your topper, your ice cream sundae is complete! You now have a fun and unique place card for each of your guests at Easter dinner.

Other ways to make your table look beautiful.

There are so many fun ways you can use jelly beans and other seasonal candy in your Easter table decorations. If you need some extra inspiration, here are a few other ideas you can try.

Fill Jars with Jelly Beans

jelly bean jars as easter table decorations

Fill clear decorative jars of varying heights with different colors of jelly beans or other Easter candy. These can be arranged as a centerpiece on your Easter table, or as a colorful point of interest just about anywhere you choose.

small jelly bean jar favor

These small clear jars are so adorable, and are a great size for holding small amounts of jelly beans. These jelly bean jars can easily be added to each place setting as a festive treat for your guests to snack on, or take home and enjoy.

Coconut Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

coconut bird's nest jelly bean cupcakes

These coconut bird’s nest cupcakes are the cutest dessert to serve at your Easter dinner.

First, use your favorite cupcake recipe and top with a white icing.

Next, use green food coloring to dye shredded coconut a pretty green color. Cover the top of your cupcake with the shredded coconut.

Then, arrange three jelly beans on top of the coconut, resembling three eggs in a bird’s nest. This simple and adorable treat is the perfect finish to your Easter table decorations.

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