Easter flowers turned into a Gorgeous Arbor Arrangement

Easter flowers are the perfect touch for the holiday. Wait until you see how we turned some simple fresh flowers into a gorgeous arrangement.

My friend Diane @southhousedesigns came for a visit last week and boy did we have some fun. It is not often that I get a visitor from Kansas City. I was anxious to take her to the flower market in Los Angeles for a little inspiration and wait until you see what the two of us dreamed up in the She-shed. We both have written blog posts with our own take, I cannot wait to read Diane’s so be sure to pop on over to her site when you are finished here.

Girls in the she shed creating flowers

The Los Angeles Flower Market

To live 30 minutes away from one of the largest flower markets in the country is such a treat. Just try to imagine what it is like to walk into a large warehouse full of fresh flowers. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but your sense of smell as well. The aroma hits you the minute you get out of the car.

Flower market display

The Los Angeles flower market has been open since 1912. Currently, they have over 50 vendors who offer more than 125 different varieties of cut flowers, foliage, and floral design accessories. They also are home to the largest crafting store, Moskatels, (which has been a part of the original Michael’s craft store since 1987).

Fret not if you can’t get your hands on fancy blooms! You’d be amazed at the beautiful Easter flowers waiting for you at Costco, Trader Joe’s, or even your neighborhood grocery store. Go on, unleash your inner florist!

pink and purple flowers

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What is the basic rule in flower arranging?

The perfect arrangement of flowers is the one with the right balance. This means that the height of the arrangement should be at least one and a half times more than the height of the container. Although the height of the arrangement can be higher than this, it is never lower.

Flower arrangement in the she shed

What do you put at the bottom of the arrangement to hold the flowers in place?

Here are a few options for you:

I happened to use wet foam in this arrangement, however it is not bio degradable and certainly is not my first choice.

I prefer to use a piece of chicken wire instead of wet foam however I did not have any chicken wire on hand. You can easily mold the wire to fit inside of your container or vase.

Some other options are marbles, moss, rocks or reusable floral foam bricks.

Floral foam in container

What Easter flowers are best to use for this arrangement?

Welcome the arrival of spring with a vibrant symphony of blossoms! Discover my favorite floral stems, perfect for this Easter season.

Ranunculus Flowers in bloom
Tulips and daffodils
Tulips and Daffodils
  • Hyacinth
  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Lilies
  • Ranunculus
  • Roses
  • Iris
  • Stock
  • Freesia
  • Anemone
  • Green Dianthus
  • Wax flowers
  • Amaranthus

What are the five elements of design in a flower arrangement?

  • Line – Line is the visual path the eye follows through a composition to produce motion. From sleek and curvy lines to the zigzag – this influential element can create a look of masculinity or femininity.
  • Color – Color is the property possessed by an object producing different sensations on the eye. It is important to think about the colors you are using when selecting flowers for an arrangement. Think of the season, the event, or what colors work well together. There are also times when it is best to use monochromatic colors or no color at all.
flower arrangementin a vase with grapefruit sliced
floral arrangement
Simplistic in Color
Watering Can flower vase
Contrasting colors
  • Form/Proportion – Dive into the world of composition, where dimensions play a delightful game of balance between height, width, and depth. Using these three measurements, be sure to balance your arrangement so it is pleasing to the eye.
  • Space – This is the element of design that we think of as the open areas around the individual elements in an arrangement.
  • Texture – The surface quality of any material you perceive by sight or touch: (rough, smooth, matte, gloss, fuzzy, slick, etc.)
Vegetables and flower arrangement

Supply list to make an Easter flower arbor arrangement

  • Two wooden boxes that are 9″ square x 4″ tall
  • Six blocks of wet foam
  • Two small plastic cups no taller then 3.5″
  • Green sphagnum moss
  • 16 Tulips
  • 12 Daffodils
  • 10 stems of Hyacinth
  • 12 Ranunculus
  • 10 stems of Stock flowers
  • 1 bunch of fresh Curly Willow
  • 1 bunch of fresh ferns
  • 1 bunch of Italian Ruscus greenery
  • 2 branches of faux Amaranthus
  • Small dried twigs from your yard
  • 1 birds nest with eggs
  • flower clippers
  • One spool of wire
  • Floral knife
  • 1 Block of Styrofoam
  • Glue gun

Directions to create a fresh Easter flower display

  • Choose your container for the arrangements, I used 2 of the wooden boxes that are 9″ x 4″.
  • Gather all of the additional supplies on the supply list.
  • Clean your flowers as soon as you arrive home with them. To do this, remove all of the wrappers, rubber bands etc. Cut the end of each stem using a floral knife on an angle and place in a fresh bucket of water.
  • Hot glue the small plastic cup in place (approximately 2″ in from the inside of the box). See the image below and repeat this process on the second box. This is where you will insert the arbor once you are finished preparing it.
  • Soak the floral foam in a bucket of water or place whatever you are using to hold your flowers in place into the container you are using.
  • If you are using floral foam, cut and place the floral foam into the container around the plastic cup.
Cutting floral foam
  • You will be creating two arrangements that are mirror images. I will take you through the steps to create one and then using the same method, create your second arrangement to be the mirror image of the first arrangement.
  • Start with you greens to create a base and your basic form or shape of the arrangement. You can see that I have added height to the one side of this arrangement.
  • Next, add your tallest flowers. and start to create your form. I wanted the arrangement to flow down towards the one side of the box. So, my tallest flowers (Tulips ) are nearest to my tall greens with a few coming out from the sides.
Ladies making a flower arrangement

If you are one who would rather watch it then read It

floral display thumbnail

Continuing constructing the flower arrangement

  • Place a few Stocks around the base of the arrangement. I typically like to use odd numbers of flowers in an arrangement, it seems to be more pleasing to the eye and a rule of thumb in the design world.
  • Next you are going to add the Daffodils. Start with a few tall ones, then cut the stems of a few and place them in the front like the image below.
Fresh flower arranging
  • Add in your Ranunculus where you have some empty space. You can vary the height of these flowers by trimming the stems.
  • You can add in some small white Wax Flowers. These are very delicate and airy, so they are a perfect fit for a spring flower arrangement.
Ladies creating an arrangement

Now you can see the two arrangements side by side. Notice they mirror image?

  • Add some green sphagnum moss to the two front corners. Lastly place three stems of the green dianthus to create a base for the birds nest. These blooms are darling and make the perfect grassy bed for a bird.

Creating the arbor

  • Using the fresh curly willow, separate the bunch so you have three pieces in each hand. Lay it on the floor so the tops of the curly willow are overlapping. You want the entire length to be approximately 72″ long.
  • Take the spool of wire and wrap it around the vines to keep them together, but leave a few small twigs poking out.
Wrapping curly willow with wire
  • If you have any faux twigs or branches that have wire in them, attach them to the curly willow.
  • Using a small block of styrofoam, (cut it to fit into the cup inside of your arrangement) insert the ends of the branches into the styrofoam.
Inserting the arbor
  • Insert the ends with the styrofoam into the cups within the Easter flower arrangement.
Birds nest sitting in a flower arrangement
Fresh flowers with hanging Ameranthus
  • Lastly we wrapped some faux Amaranthus I happened to have around the arbor and placed a sweet birds nest into the base of the one arrangement.
  • Place a charming bunny or decorated eggs in a flower pot or urn nestled in between the two flower arrangements.
Easter flower arrangements with a curly willow arbor

Behold, a charming creation that will effortlessly jazz up your Easter buffet or entrance hall! With these lovely fresh spring blossoms, you’ll have the essence of Easter itself gracing your home.

Easter flower arrangement in the dining room

The Easter’s spark of inspiration have struck ! Now, take a minute to hop over to Diane’s blog. Immerse yourself in her rendition of this exhilarating project!

Wendy and Diane laughing

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  1. OMG, this is fabulous and so creative! I can’t wait to make it today! It’s the prettiest arrangement I have seen so far!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and directions to follow!!!

    1. Wendy McMonigal says:

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy Easter!

  2. So gorgeous, Wendy. I missed it last week. It’s individually beautiful, but combined it’s a stunning display. Pinned of course!

  3. Wendy, this is just stunning! I’m sure you and Diane had a ball together creating this gorgeous piece! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m sharing it in my weekly roundup on Saturday!

    1. Hi Kim, Thank you so much. Diane and I had so much fun. It was a great distraction from all of the ailments I have had lately.

    2. Thank you for sharing me today! you are the sweetest.

  4. Wendy! This is amazing! I just love this arbor you made. Now to see if I can hunt up some curly willow! I have just the spot to do this on my sofa table! You sure offered up a great tutorial! I will be sharing this in my next newsletter!! I have pinned it and heading over to share it on IG!

    1. Thank you so much Chloe, I am glad you enjoyed the post. We had a totally different
      arrangement in mind when we go to the mat, but things changed very quickly. I hope you can
      find some fresh curly willow. Sometimes I see it at Trader Joes.
      Thank you for sharing so much!

  5. How fun you were able to get together with Diane! It looks like a fantastic visit and the arrangements are stunning!

  6. Wendy,
    How wonderful to have a visitor, especially after the week you had prior. Hopefully your finger is healing well.
    This arrangement is beautiful! I love flowers and typically forage in my yard, and use flowers from the grocery store! Thanks for sharing your beautiful self and creativity.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth, you are so kind. It was very nice to have a distraction from all that has gone on.

  7. Wendy, this is absolutely stunning! I love it. I would love to share this on my newsletter. Hugs to you.

  8. Looks like you two had a fabulous visit and that arrangement is amazing! You are so fortunate to have access to such beautiful flowers year-round!! Happy day!

    1. Thank you Donna, it is such a treat, I should not take it for granted.

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