How to Create The Most Lovely Cement Bunny Rabbit

It is hard to believe, but we are in March now and it will soon be April which means Easter and Bunny Rabbits! I wanted to share a very fun DIY I learned from one of my sweet friends on IG @alwaysfabulous09, she was so kind to share with me how to do this. DIY Cement Bunny Rabbit. There are just a few steps and you will be on your way.


First, you need to find a bunny, so it is time to head to the local thrift stores. You can use the cement material on most plastics, paper mache, or resin items, so keep an open mind when you are on the hunt.

For me, I love this part, there is nothing more satisfying than conquering the hunt! Mission accomplished.

The Bunny

I was fortunate to find this cute little guy for $3.99 at my first stop the other day. You just never know what you are going to find on any given day.

The Best Concrete

Second, you need to purchase a box of Henry feather finish concrete.

You can purchase this at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or Amazon.
It’s important to purchase an inexpensive paintbrush as you will want to throw it away after you do this, the concrete is hard and it is not easy to
clean the brush.

Inexpensive Paintbrush

Now we are ready to go!!

Step By Step

Mixing The Concrete

When mixing the concrete, you will need one part water to two parts concrete.

Mix the concrete in a container that you can throw away and keep in mind you only have 15 minutes to work with what you mix up, so mix a small batch at a time.

Painting The Rabbit

Start to paint your rabbit ( or whatever treasure you found ) on the bottom side first and work your way up. I put the concrete on rather thick to give a nice texture.

Let It Dry

Once you are finished, let it dry overnight and you have yourself a new concrete bunny rabbit.

Secret Step To Make It Incredible

I decided to add some moss to the egg to give my rabbit a bit more character, I mixed some collage glue, and a bit of acrylic paint with some water and painted this on the egg.

I then chopped up some moss into very small pieces, like dust, and sprinkled it onto the egg.

Now you are ready to enjoy your rabbit, I paired mine with a planted basket on my outside coffee table and may bring him in soon to decorate my table for Easter.

So now I have a beautiful bunny for just under $10.00.

Just in case you wanted to see what $50 will buy you at Pottery Barn, here it is, I do love his finish, so I will be working on learning how to create this patina, stay tuned.

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