Water Marbling Garden Tools

Know About Water Marbling Garden Tools. Have you ever tried to water marble anything? It is so fun and super easy to try.

 Garden Tools

Here is what you will need.


There are several types of ways to do this, however, I used the nail polish method to create these tools.

  • 1. Some old or new tools
  • 2. White spray paint
  • 3. colored nail polish
  • 4. An old throw-away container, like a pie pan or a disposable pan like these. Be sure your container is large enough to put your tools inside.
  • 5. Water
  • 6. Paper towels
  • 7. Something to stand your tools up in when they are drying, I used a bucket of dirt
  • 9. Rubber gloves
 Garden Tools

The Creative Process

I started with some water-marbling garden old tools  I had, no need to buy new ones, but you can if you don’t have any around.

Preparing Our Tools

Tape off the part you don’t want to paint

Then spray paint the handles white, of course, you can always start with the color of the tools, but I like to create a cohesive look with them all being the same color.

Water Marbling Garden Tools

I used Rustoleum white paint that you can find here

I have also done a set in that I painted robins egg blue first

You can choose any base color you would like.

Water Marbling Garden Tools
Water Marbling Garden Tools

After you let these dry for at least an hour, prepare your water in the metal pan, I like to add around 4-5″ of water.

Giving Some Color

You can now drop your polish on top of the water, a few drops at a time (be sure to shake it well before you do this), you will see how most of the polish sits on top of the water and will start to create a pattern.  You can use all one color or use an assortment of colors.

You want it to look similar to the image below.

Water Marbling

Now holding the end of the tool that is taped you can dip the handles in the water and lift out, you will see how the polish will stick to the handle.

You can redo the process of adding more polish and dipping until you get the look you desire.

Once you have the look you desire, you want to put the tool end into a pot of dirt or something where they can stand up to dry fully, this takes about an hour for all of the water to be released and the polish to dry.

These make beautiful gifts and are very fun to make. I usually wear gloves and then throw the gloves and the container I used away at the end.

Give it a try and let me know how they turn out. You can marble almost anything you can think of such as a vase, plates, etc.

There are other methods using shaving cream and spray paint that I will blog about another day.

Water Marbling Garden Tools

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