My Top Ten Tools for a Successful Day In The Garden

There are some best garden tools. There is nothing I love more than to spend the day in the garden, no phones, no work, just digging in the dirt and tending to my plants.

And that is just what I have planned for this weekend.


Over the years I have created a system and have my few favorite items that help to make gardening easy and enjoyable. It is important to have everything you need right at your fingertips.

I have a great big TubTrug which is a flexible bucket and I put my tools and stool in this bucket to head to the garden. This bucket is the perfect size to collect leaves and trimmings and then empty them into a larger trashcan.

Here are my top 10 must-have tools for your garden

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1. Tubturg Buket

Tubtrug bucket – This is the most amazing bucket I have ever had, it is flexible and lightweight. I fill it with my trimmings and then empty to a larger trashcan. I also use this bucket to carry everything on this list. I store it this way, so I am always ready to go.

garden tools

2. Harvesting Basket

A beautiful harvesting basket – My favorite thing to do is harvest the vegetables and pick the flowers, and there is no better way than with this beautiful basket, it is also a beautiful way to showcase your harvest for photos.

3. Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves-This is a must if you want to keep those pretty fingernails, and these gloves will do the job

hand gloves

4. Heavy Pruners

Heavy pruners– These are a must and they need to be nice and sharp for the larger branches you will be trimming.

garden tools

5. Needlepoint Trimmers

Needlepoint trimmers – These are just what you need for the lightweight trimming, no need for the heavy pruners for this job.

garden tools

6. Kneeling Stool

A kneeling stool – This is truly the most important item for me, as I like to sit to trim my plants.

7. Trowel

Trowel – An absolute yes for any gardener! A good trowel is worth its weight in gold.

garden tools

8. Fertilizer 10-10-10

Fertilizer 10.10.10– I find this to be the perfect fertilizer for my entire yard, best to feed monthly.

9. Gardening Twine

Gardening twine – It is a must to have twine and some stakes for those plants that may need to be tied up

10. Weed Remover

Weed remover – I find this a must-have for those weeds that get stuck in the cracks

garden tools

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  1. Thank you Susan! you too always inspire me so much!

  2. I love your ideas Wendy! I get so much inspiration from you and your beautiful page!

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