How to make an Easy Easter DIY Carrot Wreath

A fun and easy step-by-step tutorial to show you how to make a hand-dyed Easter carrot wreath using real carrots.

Do you like to decorate with carrots for Easter? They can be fun and add lots of color to your decor.

I raised rabbits as a young girl and belonged to the 4H club, so we always had a lot of carrots in the house.

Not only did I give carrots to the rabbits, but I also loved to bake carrot cake, and I have the best recipe. I promise you will love it!

But today, I will share a different kind of carrot with you.

How do you make an Easter Carrot Wreath?

I don’t know if you remember the tea-dyed wreath I made for Valentine’s Day?

I used tea to dye the fabric, and it came out beautiful. Next, I wanted to create a similar wreath for Easter and thought it would be fun to dye fabric using carrots. Yup, natural carrots.

And this is how I made an Easter Carrot Wreath.

First, let me give you a list of supplies you will need to create this wreath.

  1. Carrots, I used 2 lbs of carrots to dye three yards of fabric.
  2. Muslin fabric, I used 1.5 yards of bleached white muslin and 1 yard of natural muslin
  3. Grater
  4. Boiling water
  5. Disposable pan to dye the fabric
  6. Two candy can wire wreath frames
  7. Wire
  8. Burlap covered wire
  9. Good sharp scissors, these are my favorite scissors
  10. Faux greenery for the top of the carrot or curly willow and greens
use carrots to dye fabric

I started this project with real carrots, can you believe it! Two lbs. to be exact. Typically you need one pound of carrots per yard of fabric that you would be dying.

grate whole fresh carrots into a roasting pan, then boil water and pour over shredded carrots
The carrots need to be fresh and whole. It would be best if you grated them into a roasting pan that is large enough to fit your fabric when dying. Boil a kettle full of water and pour over the shredded carrots. Let this sit and steep for about 20-30 minutes.

How many yards of fabric do you need to make a rag wreath?

I prefer to use muslin for my rag wreaths because I like the way the fabric dyes and tears so easily. I purchase both white and off-white muslin, so I get a variety of colors to use. Typically, I find it takes around 2-2.5 yds per wreath.

dye fabric with fresh carrots to make your own Easter Carrot Wreath

Once the water is a deep orange, strain off the carrots and set them aside. Then, pour the solution into your roasting pan to dye your fabric. Be sure to cut your fabric into several pieces so you can dye each piece a different shade of orange.

natural carrot dye for fabric

Submerge your fabric and let it sit until it reaches the color you desire. The longer you leave the material in the dye, the darker it will get. I did add a tiny bit of RIT orange dye at the end to dye one piece of fabric a bit darker than the others.

using carrots as a natural dye

Hang your fabric outside to dry. Be sure to put a towel or something underneath the material, so you do not drip orange dye anywhere.

hang dyed fabric outside to dry

Once the fabric is dry, cut 1″ slits at one end of the material and rip the strips.

once dried, rip your dyed fabric into strips to make your rag wreath

Secondly, cut the strips into seven-inch pieces and put them into stacks of like color.


cut dyed fabric into 7" pieces

Stack your piles in a row so you can alternate the colors when you put them onto your wreath frame.

stack your piles in a row so you can alternate the colors when you put them into your wreath frame

This Dollar Tree wreath was inspired by these Christmas candy cane wreath frames.

You will need two of these candy cane wreath frames to create the structure for the carrot. Use a lightweight wire to attach the two frames, as shown below.

use two candy cane wreath frames to create the structure for your Easter Carrot Wreath

Create a V at the bottom of the carrot using a heavier floral wire coated with jute. Add a wireline in the middle so you have something to attach the fabric to the frame.

I also added two strands of wire in the upper hole of the frame going North and South, where you see the two black lines in the image below.

use two candy cane wreath frames to create the structure for your Easter Carrot Wreath

Start to attach your fabric strips to the bottom of the frame. Fold each strip in half and put one end under the wire. Wrap the other end around and through the loop and pull. Alter your colors as you continue to add strips to the frame.

Start to attach your fabric strips to the bottom of the frame.

Push the strips of fabric together, so they are tight on the frame. Your goal is to cover all structure parts until your carrot is nice and full.

cover all structure parts until your Easter Carrot Wreath is nice and full

When you get to the top of the carrot, where one frame is on top of the other, you only need to attach the fabric to the top frame. You can add some strips to the other wire parts if you want it fuller.

Make your own Easter Carrot Wreath tutorial

When the entire carrot is complete, you can trim any pieces of fabric that may be too long.

I bought one small greenery bush for the carrot tops and just put it through the back of the frame! Super easy.

Make your own Easter Carrot Wreath Tutorial

Hang your beautiful carrot inside or outside where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

hang your beautiful Easter carrot wreath inside or outside

And if by chance you are not a crafter and love carrots, I will sell my wreath. Just email me if you are interested, or you may like one of these.


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