How to Make An Amazing Easter Floral Decor with Vegetables

Easter Floral Centerpieces with Vegetables: Sometimes I want to step out of the box and try something new, and today was that day.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

I have created two centerpieces for Easter that both incorporate vegetables.
I did not want to use an ordinary vase, so I created my own.

Using a red cabbage

For the first one, I scooped out a head of red cabbage with a large spoon and inserted a simple small drinking glass from the kitchen. You want to try to use the largest glass that will fit inside the cabbage, so you have plenty of room for flowers.

Easter Floral Centerpieces
Easter Floral Centerpieces

I then soaked a small piece of oasis in water and put it inside of the glass to hold my flowers.

When creating most of my floral arrangements, I tend to use the same process which is starting with the greenery to create a base.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

Second I put in my tallest flowers, in this case, I used Lisianthus. I tend to use an odd number when designing a floral arrangement, this is very common in any form of design.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

For this arrangement, I wanted to add in my small baby purple cabbages next, as they had very large stems and if I waited until I had done everything else, they would be very hard to put in.

The next step was to add in a few snapdragons, You will notice that all of my colors are in the purple and pink range so far.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

Now comes my pop of color, I chose to use bright yellow ranunculus, they were the perfect flower for this arrangement. Their heads are very delicate and full of life.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

Easter Floral Centerpieces, The last flowers I added were white tulips, it is very important to remove the bottom leaf as this will help to preserve them longer.

While we are talking about preserving flowers, I also want to mention when you give your flowers a fresh cut, be sure to cut at an angle.

I also like to use a product called quick dip, this helps to open the veins of the flowers so they are better hydrated. You can buy this product on Amazon.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

Since my glass was slightly taller than my cabbage, I added a little bit of moss around the top edge. You always want to cover your mechanics, so you don’t see what is going on behind the scenes.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

Using a Glass Vase: fresh kale leaves, carrots, and more

For the second arrangement, I took fresh kale leaves and tied them around a glass vase with twine.

I then soaked my oasis and inserted it into the glass vase.

I wanted a bit more of a dramatic look for this arrangement, so I decided to attach some beets and carrots to the exterior of the arrangement.
I used floral pins and twine to attach the vegetables to the oasis.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

I then proceeded to create my floral arrangement in the same way as the first arrangement.

Lastly, I added some fresh curly willow twigs for a more dramatic effect.

The cabbage will hold up well for several days, however the kale, carrots and the beets only last about a day, so do not do this too far in advace of your event. You can always do the arrangement and add the vegetables and kale a day later.

Easter Floral Centerpieces

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