Summer Decorating: New Traditional Style

Suggestions to add color and a fresh new look for the season as I take on summer decorating in my new traditional style.

Hello friends, I am so happy you stopped by today. It’s a special day. I am sharing so much of the inside of my house, which I have not shared before.

Before I dive into all of the details, I want you to give a friendly shout-out to my friend Kristy for putting together this fabulous blog hop. There are 11 of us bloggers hopping along today, so grab a cup of coffee and hop along with us.

If you are coming over from Kristy’s blog, welcome!

Kristy is a dear friend, and I adore her home and style. The two of us can chat all day long about decorating. In October, Kristy and I will be together for a conference, and I can’t wait to see her.

So, without any further to do, let’s get hopping!

My home is decorated in a new traditional style. You may ask what is the “New Traditional Design” style? This style is the more lighthearted sibling trend, and it’s generating a splash for all the right reasons. But precisely what is it?

What Is New Traditional Decor, and how can we incorporate it into our summer decorating?

The “New Traditional” (also known as Updated Traditional or Modern Traditional) appearance has all of the timeless elegance without any of the stuffiness. Instead, consider a laid-back and polished atmosphere with a pleasant twist.

This style combines traditional decor’s classic shapes and vintage appeal with a touch of contemporary and transitional furnishings. It’s the perfect balance of old meets new that makes a space feel posh and cozy at the same time.

New traditional-style seeks formal furniture with the goal of comfort. Several finishes can be used simultaneously. Modern, traditional feels more personal with classic seats, but a more extensive and family-friendly layout

If you are interested in this New Traditional Decor, you may try a few of my suggestions.

1. Add a pop of color to your neutral palette.

Many conventional rooms rely on a refined and neutral color palette at their core. But this is where the contemporary version goes off the rails. Traditional areas that have been updated often have large spaces of neutrals with pops of color from accessories. Wall art, cushions, and floral arrangements are excellent ways to add pops of color.

We recently updated this wine/coffee bar in our home. YOu can see we added in blue cabinets for a pop of color.

You can shop the bar here.

New traditional style decor

Here I have brought in beautiful bright flowers to add a pop of color to my table in the dining room.

Dining room New Traditional Decor

2. Use matching chairs in a room to define a seating space

Of course, a set of matching upholstered chairs brings the area together. If you’re worried that the space may be too “matchy,” try adding a contrasting throw pillow on each chair. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite style to the room.

blue and white new traditional decor
Living room view into dining room new traditional decor

3. My favorite blue and white will live forever

Combined, blue and white produce a classic color scheme that gives any area an air of elegance. These hues will evoke a sense of relaxation, which will bring the space to life. As you can see, it truly is one of my favorite color palettes.

White cabinet kitchen with blue island -new traditional decor

4. Add in traditional and timeless patterns

Stripes, checks, brocade, and florals are just a few classic designs that never go out of style.

Try mixing these designs into your new traditional decor, including on your curtains, pillows, and decorative pieces. With your primary living room décor, they’ll be a significant source of eye candy!

I also love to add in a few vintage treasures handed down to me or I have found at flea markets throughout the years. Creating a timeless look that feels inviting to me with your unique touch is essential.

Your interior design should focus on the features you love, not what is trending.

collection of white ironstone and vintage clock faces

I have a lovely collection of white ironstone and vintage clock faces that I also bring out for the summer. The white feels clean and fresh in my interior design. It may not be what everybody loves, but what I love matters in my home.

We all have different styles but can implement the same summer decorating ideas to achieve a summer look that feels light and airy.

Family room into the bar summer decorating

Ten simple 10-minute summer decorating ideas

How can you create a summery look? Here are some excellent ideas for reworking your house. There is nothing to be spent on upgrading your home. You can make most of these changes with what you have at home. If you need to purchase some items, most of these changes are very affordable, and they can be added within just 10 minutes!

Here are a few accessories tips to make your home light and airy for the summer season.

1. Add fresh flowers to brighten up your rooms (I like to cut mine from the garden)

Fresh flowers are a great way to add bright color to your home. Mix several colors into an arrangement with lots of texture for your coffee table or console in a room. Flowers will brighten any interior space.

It is always fun to use unusual vases. Check out my post on 12 unique vases to use for floral arrangements.

Fresh flowers with peonies in the living room for summer decorating

2. Use old books for added interest (Purchase them at the thrift store or an estate sale)

I am always inspired by what you can do with books in decorating. First, I love to remove the colors and let the backing be exposed. Next, paint the edges of books if you want to add a pop of color. Finally, add botanical images to the edge of books for a new display on your shelves. Here you can find a tutorial on creating beautiful french botanical books.

Bookshelves in family room with vintage books - Use old books for added interest in summer decorating

3. Use faux greenery in the house for summer decorating

There is nothing that says summer more than bright greenery. So, I think this is my number one rule for summer decorating.

All house plants add the perfect final touch to an updated traditional room. And if you’re a known plant killer, there are some great faux plants in the stores today.

In addition, did you know you can dry fresh hydrangeas quickly? Just put your fresh hydrangeas in a pot with an inch or so of water. Once the water dissipates, it will naturally dry and keep its color.

Using old books for decor with wood accessories and vintage items for summer decorating

4. Change out your pillow covers for a new color scheme

I love that you can so easily change out your pillow covers. I own a lot of pillow covers. Change out the velvets for soft linen. Add in lighter shades of color or some bright color floral pillows for a pop of pattern. Use fun designs that make you feel good.

Summer decorating pillows

5. Add lightweight textures to your pillows and throws

Choose pillows and throw blankets with tassels and trim. You can still have this look without using heavy fabrics. Instead, try a 100% cotton throw with oversized tassels.

Summer decorating with pillows and cotton tasel blanket

And here are just a few more summer decorating ideas

Create a wall gallery with summer pictures and decorating ideas. Again, flea markets and thrift stores are great places to find art. I hung several seascape portraits and an oar, along with a family name to create this wall gallery.

Summer decorating - wall gallery

7. Create alfresco spaces to dine and relax outdoors by adding cushions and pillows to a porch for added color

There is nothing better than sitting on a porch with a glass of iced tea and enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors. You can perk up your patio and porch with bold cushions and green foliage.

Porch life is the best. You can read more about my porch here.

 summer decorating the front porch with cushions and swing

We love to entertain and dine outdoors. Create a space that is fun and inviting.

We created these fun lights out of garden baskets. But, of course, you, too, can make these.

Summer decorating, outdoor hanging lights for outside dining table for

8. Remove any heavy draperies and let more light in the room

You do not want to keep the windows covered in the summer.

Curtains give a room warmth and coziness. Take them off for the summer to provide a more open and airy feel.

9. Paint a wall or a room a fun color

I love to play with paint. Why do you ask? Because it is so easy to change and so inexpensive to do.

Try something out of the box. Paint one wall in the bedroom, or paint a ceiling in the dining room. Use your imagination, and your guests will love it.

Guest bedroom accent wall in navy blue

10. Lastly, add some fun patterns to a room

Patterns create interest and fun, don’t be afraid to mix prints. Mixing patterns can be fun and easy to do. Try it with throw pillows, throw blankets, or even on your curtains.

Next up on our tour is Sheri from Savvy in the Suburbs. Wait until you see her creativity. I adore everything about Sheri and her beautiful home. Enjoy the tour.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Here are several of my favorite blue and white finds.

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  1. Your home is stunning! I enjoyed seeing your beautiful rooms. Hugs to you, my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I really appreciate you stopping by to visit.

  2. Once again, your post was a fan favorite! We are featuring you this week at the Fabulous Friday Link Party. Congratulations, your home is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I am so honored. I love your link party and always look forward to posting. Unfortunately I was down last week, so I will get back to posting soon. XO

  3. Your home is absolutely stunning Wendy! I am surprised you haven’t shared it before. Every room is magazine worthy. You are so talented!

    1. You are too kind Crystal, thank you for the lovely compliment. I think you know why I haven’t shared before, LOL
      I am trying to show it a bit more now. I hope

  4. Your home is just gorgeous Wendy. Im a blue and white fan too. Its probably the only colour I use in my home. The updated bar is so beautiful and I love the colour you chose.

    1. Thank you so much Anita, Blue seems to be a color I never seem to tire of. My mom was also a big blue lover, so it reminds me of her. Thank you for stopping by and reading mu little blog. You are so sweet and I appreciate your friendship.

  5. Wendy,
    I love everything in your blog post. It’s hard to pick just one thing I like so I’ll just say I like them all! I do wonder how you came across the watch/clock faces? Also, I’m a huge blue fan, so I think I’m in love with all of your blue styling and textiles! It’s been fun to blog hop with you, and I’m learning so much! Blessings, Patricia

    1. Thank you Patrice, it was so fun to have you join us. I have collected the clock and watch faces from estate sales and vintage markets. I just love them. I also have a lot of vintage clocks in my home. My grandfather was a clockmaker so clocks are dear to my heart. How long have you been blogging? It is such great way to express yourself and what you love. I know how you feel there is so much to learn, who knew that blogging had so many details, right? You are doing a fabulous job, keep it up.

  6. Libbie Burling says:


    Your tablescape is GORGEOUS!! Love hopping with you!

    1. Hi Libbie,

      So fun hoping with you yesterday. I enjoyed your beautiful post.
      what a lovely home you have.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel, I appreciate you stopping by.

  7. I absolutely love your home, Wendy! It’s so warm and inviting, and you’ve decorated it so beautifully. I’m trying to pick a favorite room or detail, but that’s almost impossible because I adore everything! Bravo girlfriend!! Wonderful tips too!

  8. I LOVE all your updates! Your home looks fabulous, warm, and inviting. When are you coming to my house to put it all together now that you are done decorating your home? I’ll leave the light on for you! Bravo!

  9. Loved seeing more of your beautiful home today, Wendy! Your blue and white design choices all look perfect. Also, your wine bar?! To die for! So happy to be touring together today.

    1. Thank you, ladies! And my apologies for my late response. For some reason, your comment went to spam? And then the big Covid hit me.
      It is always a privilege to hop with you, gals.

  10. I just love how you styled your beautiful home! All the blue is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so muck Kylie. It was sure fun getting to know you and hoping with you.

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