37 of the Best Perennial Cut Flowers for your Cutting Garden

Are you looking to add perennials to your cut-flower garden? Here are 37 of the best perennial flowers that make a great addition to a cutting garden.

Incorporating cutting gardens into your landscape can enhance it significantly and offers a consistent source of stunning blossoms for fresh bouquets. Opting for perennials in your garden is a wise decision as they return annually, eliminating the necessity for frequent replanting compared to annual flowers. Below are some well-regarded perennials that prove ideal for cutting gardens:

perennial gardens

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What is a perennial?

A Perennial is a plant that lasts or exists for a long or infinite time, enduring or continually recurring.

What is the difference between a hardy perennial and a soft perennial?

A soft perennial: Has herbaceous qualities and features tender green stems that undergo winter dieback while their roots persistently survive. Come spring, these plants rejuvenate, and when people mention “perennials,” they typically mean herbaceous ones. Examples include hostas and coreopsis.

A hardy perennial: Refers to a plant that can withstand and survive harsh winter conditions, often retaining its foliage or stems throughout the winter months. Hardy perennials are well-adapted to colder climates and can endure frost and freezing temperatures.

Choosing the best perennials for your garden

Choosing the best perennial cut flowers for your garden goes beyond selecting your favorite perennials. First, consider your growing zone (USDA hardiness zone) and ideal growing conditions to ensure you can provide a suitable environment. Then, to guarantee a steady supply throughout the growing season, consider when and how long each variety will bloom and what types of flowers will pair well together in cut flower arrangements.

This list of cut flowers with pictures is packed with information about some of the most popular varieties of perennials to help you choose the best plants for your garden.

1. Annabelle Hydrangeas- Best hydrangea for cut flowers

Annabelle Hydrangeas - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

Annabelle Hydrangeas is one of the most popular varieties of smooth hydrangeas, which have stunning white flowers that can turn green and bloom every year from June to September. Hydrangeas can be planted 3-4 feet apart to create a hedge. Otherwise, they should be spaced 5-6 feet apart. The showy summer blooms look beautiful, arranged in a simple mason jar on your kitchen table.

Size: 3-5 feet high, 4-6 feet wide

Zones: 3-9 ( however, I live in zone 10a and grow these perennial flowers for cutting).

Growing Conditions: Annabelle Hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. In warmer climates, they also do well in the dappled shade all day, while in cooler temperatures, they can thrive in full sun.

2. Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers

These herbaceous perennials are easy to grow and feature unique blooms. The unopened buds swell up to resemble balloons, then open to reveal a star-shaped flower. Balloon flowers will proliferate and bloom in the first year, with intense blue-violet flowers all summer long.

Size: 1 to 2 1/2 feet tall, 1 to 1 1/2 feet wide

Zones: 3-8

Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Rich, well-draining soil.

3. Bee Balm

Bee balm

The perfect perennial poms for filling summer vases, bee balm features tall stems and colorful scarlet blooms. A native plant to America, the bright, fragrant flowers attract pollinators and are often used to contrast flower beds.

Size: 5 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun to partial shade. Moist, well-drained soil.

4. Black-Eyed Susans- Common cut flowers

black-eyed susans

These daisy-like flowers get their name from cheerful yellow blooms with large seed heads. These flowers appear in late summer and early fall. These showy flowers have sturdy stems and look equally charming on their own or mixed in a bouquet.

Size: 12-26 inches tall, 3-4 inches wide

Zone: 3-10

Growing Conditions: This hardy perennial prefers full sun but can tolerate partial sun.

5. Blanket Flower

Blanket flowers

Plant blanket flowers in a sunny spot in your cutting garden for long-lasting flowers that bloom from summer to fall. These tough perennials can grow in poor soil conditions and are known to be heat and drought-tolerant.

Size: 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Zone: 3-8

Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Well-drained soil.

6. Blazing Star

Blazing Star

Add some height to a perennial garden with the drought-tolerant blazing star. These summer blooms are prairie natives and make wonderful cut flowers with spikes of white, pink, or purple flowers in summer.

Size: 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide. Blazing Star grow best in fertile soil.

Zone: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Likes full sun and well-draining soil.

7. Clustered Bellflower


True to its name, Bellflower produces gorgeous bell-shaped blooms in shades of pink, purple, and blue. An excellent cut flower, fresh cuts can last for over a week in summer flower arrangements.

Size: 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zone: 3-8

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun. Well-drained soil

8. Columbine

Yellow Columbine

Columbine comes in many colors and has different flowers with long backward extending spurs. Plant these meadow native plants in early spring. Once established, they bloom in mid-spring to early summer. While they do not bloom for long, they are great re-seeders. Allow the plant to self-seed after it blooms, and it will produce many seedlings in the following year.

Size: Mature plants grow 1-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide

Zone: 3-8, However, I live in zone 10, and they do very well.

Growing Conditions: Sun or light shade. Well-draining soil.

9. Coralbells

Coralbells - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

In late spring, Coralbells produce wands of small, bell-shaped flowers. There are wide varieties with blooms in shades of red, pink, and white and a range of colorful foliage. This excellent cut flower is great for filling in around larger blooms in floral arrangements.

Size: 3 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide

Zone: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Full shade to full sun.

10. Coreopsis

Coreopsis - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

The pretty daisy-like coreopsis flowers come in shades of yellow, orange, and red and produce 2-inch blooms throughout the summer. This easy-to-grow perennial is an excellent addition to any cut flower garden.

Size: 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zone: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Prefers full sun. It can grow in almost any type of soil condition.

11. Dahlias- Best cut and come again perennial

Dinner Plate Dahlias growing in the garden

While you might know dahlias as annual flowers, they are perennial plants in certain climates. In warm temperatures (USDA hardiness zone 8 and above), they appear each spring and produce beautiful flowers throughout summer and fall. Still, in colder climates, their tender roots do not survive the winter and need to be dug up and stored away for the following season.

Size: Depending on the variety, dahlias can grow from 1-6 feet tall and 2-10 inches wide.

Zone: 8-11 as perennials

Growing Conditions: Full sun, especially early morning sun—rich, well-draining soil.

12. Daylily


Daylilies are popular perennials because they can grow in almost any type of condition. Available in various colors, they are often used for borders and edging. The grassy plants produce strong stems from which flowers will bloom. While daylilies only bloom for about a day, new flowers grow continuously throughout the summer.

Size: 1/2 – 5 feet tall, 2-4 feet wide

Zone: 3-10

Growing Conditions: Full sun or part shade.

13. Early Snowball Baby’s Breath

early snowball baby's breath

While baby’s breath has become a cliche in floral arrangements, it is also a perennial plant that looks lovely in cottage gardens. The early snowball variety is widely known for its frilly, double-petaled flowers and is a favorite among florists. Featuring tall, widely branching stems, they are perfect for cutting. Plant them at least 2 feet apart to give them plenty of room.

Size: Stems can reach up to 36 inches tall.

Zones: 37

Growing Conditions: Baby’s breath prefers full sun, with afternoon shade in hotter climates. Soil should be well-draining with neutral to alkaline pH.

14. Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox

Garden phlox is a favorite perennial for cut flower gardens. The showy clusters of flowers are colorful and fragrant and attract all kinds of pollinators. They are a great addition to cottage gardens and are perfect for producing beautiful cut flowers from summer to early fall.

Size: 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zones: 3-8

Growing Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Moist, well-drained soil.

15. Garden Roses

garden roses in a vase - best perennial cut flowers for your cutting garden

Another of the most popular and best perennials for cut flower gardens is garden roses. There are countless varieties, so check with your local nursery for the best types for your area. Commonly grown on bushes, garden roses are larger and have more petals than standard roses, giving them a full and fluffy look.

Size: Depends on the variety.

Zones: Depends on the variety.

Growing Conditions: Depends on the variety.

16. Gas Plant

gas plant

Featuring small white or pink spikes, gas plants have a long season, often blooming from late spring through midsummer. A perfect addition to cottage gardens, the cut flowers pair well with many other perennial flowers in vase arrangements.

Size: 28-32 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide

Zones: 3-7

Growing Conditions: Full sun.

17. Iris

Iris - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

The Iris is one of the earliest blooming and easiest to grow perennials, making it a top choice for cut flower garden beds. Different varieties bloom at other times, so if you combine several types in your cut flower garden, you can enjoy irises from early spring to summer.

Size: 2-3 feet tall

Zones: 5-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun is best, but tolerate part sun.

18. Japanese Anemone

Japanese anenome - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

Anemone is a cheery perennial that produces silky white, purple, or pink flowers. They bloom in late summer and fall, adding color to cutting gardens and fresh-cut arrangements.

Size: 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zones:  4-8

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun. Moist, well-drained soil

19. Jerusalem Sage 

Jerusalem Sage

This fast-growing perennial plant blooms in late spring through early summer and has many unique characteristics. The bright yellow blossoms are arranged one on top of another on a vertical stalk with fuzzy, textured leaves. The flower heads are often dried and used in flower arrangements.

Size: 3-4 feet tall and wide

Zones: 5-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun to light shade.

20. Lady’s Mantle

Lady's Mantle

Also known as alchemilla Mollis, Lady’s Mantle is one of the favorite homegrown flowers for a cutting garden because it goes with almost everything. While not a showy flower, the delicate chartreuse blooms make a great addition to any bouquet of fresh flowers.

Size: 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Zones: 4-7

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun. Moist well-drained soil

21. Lily- Common cut flowers


Lilies make lovely cut flowers because of their gorgeous blooms. The wide varieties produce star-shaped flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink. Their fragrant blooms add sweetness to your cutting garden and your home.

Size: 3-8 feet tall, 1 foot wide

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun.

22. New England Asters


Add a pop of color to fresh-cut fall arrangements with pretty daisy-like asters. Available in shades of pink, purple, blue, and white, these perennial flowers look cheery on their own or mixed in a bouquet.

Size: 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun. Moist, well-draining soil.

23. Nikko Blue Hydrangea- Blue cut flowers

Nikko Blue Hydrangeas - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

One of the favorite varieties of bigleaf hydrangeas, the Nikko Blue Hydrangea is recognizable for its showy blue flowers. However, soil pH level is essential in retaining the iconic bloom color. Bushes will produce blue flowers in acidic soils but pink blooms in more alkaline soils.

Size: 6 feet tall and wide

Zones: 5-11

Growing Conditions: Partial shade to full shade with morning sun.

24. Opium Poppy- Tall cut flowers

Opium Poppy

This short-lived perennial wildflower is often grown as an annual flower. If you leave the seed heads in place, they will sow themselves and grow again in the next year. Opium poppies are often used along the border of a cutting garden and produce delicate blue-purple, pink, or red flowers.

Size: 3-16 feet tall

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Moist, well-draining soil.

25. Penstemon- Perennial cut flowers

Penstemon - Best Perennial Cut Flowers for your Cutting Garden

Penstemon, or beardtongue, blooms in early summer with tall, delicate-looking tubular flowers that add beautiful height to a floral arrangement. The flower spikes come in shades of pink, white, red, and purple.

Size: 1-3 feet tall

Zones: 4-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Moist, well-draining soil, such as a raised garden bed.

26. Peony- One of the best flowers for cutting garden zone 7

pink peony flower

Peonies are excellent cut flowers to create beautiful arrangements for your home. The big, fluffy, fragrant flowers come in various colors and sizes. In addition, peony bushes are a very resilient and long-lasting perennial plant, making them a top choice for the home gardener and flower farmer alike.

Size: 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zones: 2-8

Growing Conditions: Part shade to full sun. Moist, well-drained soil.

27. Peruvian Lilies- Common cut flowers


Peruvian Lilies, or Alstroemeria, is a summer-blooming perennial that is not related to lilies but resembles them. They are often used in mixed bouquets for their beautiful, long-lasting blooms.

Size: 1-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide

Zones: 7-10

Growing Conditions: Full to partial sun.

28. Pincushion Flowers- One of My favorite flower types

Pincushion flower

Pincushion flowers, also known as scabiosa, is an easy to grow perennial that comes in various beautiful colors. The tiny blooms add beauty to flower gardens and floral arrangements from summer to early fall.

Size: 12-18 inches tall and wide

Zones: 3-7

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Moist, well-draining soil.

29. Purple Allium- Full sun cut flowers 

purple allium

Purple Allium is an excellent choice if you are looking for beautiful perennial flowering plants that are easy to grow from a bulb. From late spring to early summer, large violet-purple globe-shaped flowers sit atop tall stems and attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Size: 20-30″ tall

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun or partial shade with morning sun.

30. Purple Coneflower- Tall cut flowers

purple coneflower - best perennial cut flowers

Another easy-growing and long-lasting perennial for your cutting garden is the purple coneflower. The pretty daisy-like flowers bloom abundantly from summer to fall and are a popular native plant.

Size: 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Well-drained soil

31. Salvia Dorrii 

Salvia Dorrii

Native to California but found throughout western North America, Salvia Dorrii is also known as desert purple sage. The small shrub blooms in late spring with showy blue and purple flowers.

Size: 18 inches tall, 24-36 inches wide

Zones: 5-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Average to sandy soil.

32. Scarlet Sage

scarlet sage

This tender perennial is found throughout the Southern U.S. and can also be grown as an annual flower in northern states. The bright red or purple tubular flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies to cutting gardens.

Size: 2 feet tall and wide

Zones: Perennial in zones 10-11

Growing Conditions: Full sun.

33. Sea Holly- A reliably perennial in Hardiness Zones 4-9.

Sea Holly

This distinctive perennial flowering plant produces big, bold, and bright flowers perfect for a cut flower garden. The tall stems of sea holly add interest to floral arrangements with their thistle-like shape and metallic sheen. This quick-growing and low-maintenance plant is long-living and will flower in the first season.

Size: 2-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide

Zones: 5-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Sandy, well-drained soil.

34. Shasta Daisy-Full sun cut flowers

Shasta daisies - best perennial cut flowers

A bouquet of Shasta daisies is perfect if you are looking for an easy way to spread cheer. This simple and classic perennial features white petals with a yellow center and deep green foliage that make lovely, long-lasting cut flowers.

Size: 1-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide

Zones: 5-9

Growing Conditions: Full to partial sun. Well-draining soil.

35. Verbena Bonariensis 

Verbena Bonariensis

Verbena is another one of my favorites. Commonly called Tall Verbena, Verbena Bonariensis is an herbaceous perennial with tall, slender stems and tight clusters of lilac-colored flowers. This versatile and fast-growing plant works great in garden beds, along borders, and as cut flowers. Keep it along the back as it can get very tall.

Size: 3-6 feet high, 1-3 feet wide

Zones: 7-11

Growing Conditions: Full sun or light shade. Moist, well-draining soil.

36. Veronica


Another perennial favorite, Veronica is an easy-to-grow plant with several varieties and colors. While the low-growing plant makes an excellent ground cover, the taller types are better for cut flower arrangements. The long spiky flowers come in shades of purple, blue, pink, or white.

Size: 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide

Zones: 3-8

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Well-drained soil.

37. Yarrow- Common cut flower types

Yarrow - Best Perennial Cut Flowers

There are a lot of reasons to love yarrow for your cutting garden. This extremely low-maintenance and highly resistant perennial produces abundant flowers throughout the summer. Yarrow blooms are made of flat-topped clusters of yellow, orange, red, pink, or white flowers and work great in fresh or dry floral arrangements.

Size: 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide

Zones: 3-9

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Well-drained soil

Zone 10A Perennial List

List of Perennials for Zone 10A

Here is a comprehensive list of perennials that I have planted in my zone of 10A.

  • Blanket Flowers
  • Blue Flax
  • Columbine
  • Daylilies
  • Fan flower
  • Gloriosa Daisy
  • Iris
  • Jeruselum Sage
  • Lupine
  • Mexican Heather 
  • Penstemon
  • Pincushion 
  • Rock Roses
  • Salvia
  • Roses
  • Slender Cinquefoil
  • Verbena
  • Yarrow
  • Angels trumpet
  • Azalea
  • Bougainvillea
  • Hydrangea
  • Princess Flower
  • Lantana
  • Japanese Mock Orange

In conclusion, there is so much you can do with a cut garden. With the right selection of perennials, you can create a lush and beautiful space that will last for years to come. Not only are perennials stunning, but they are also hardy, and require minimal maintenance for continuous success. If you liked this guide to perennials for your cut garden, be sure to check out the rest of the gardening content on my blog for more tips and tricks.

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37 0f the best perennials to plant for a cut flower garden

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