35 Simple and Easy DIY Spring Front Porch Decor Ideas

Let’s create some DIY spring front porch decor.

 Springtime is almost here, meaning the warmer months are coming. We all are looking forward to escaping the house and spending time in our outdoor spaces. Whether you have a large front porch or a small one, you will enjoy sprucing up your space for the summer months.  

There are many ways to decorate your porch on a budget. Shop your own home. Visit a flea market and thrift stores to see what you can find. You may just be surprised. Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. I love finding a bargain and then upcycling it for my home.

 Today I am joining several friends on the porch to welcome Spring. If you have come over from Robyn’s @robynsfrenchnest, I have no doubt you enjoyed some time on her beautiful porch. Welcome, I am grateful you have joined us today.

If you are new to my blog, I am Wendy from WM Design House, and I enjoy sharing my home and garden with you.

10 images of spring front porch decor ideas

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Choose a color scheme

1. Spring is full of gorgeous colors. Do you have plans to decorate your porch this year? I have used black and white as my foundation colors and green and straw as my accent colors. I am going for a neutral spring porch decor this year, what colors would you choose? there is no wrong answer here.

color chips for my front porch color  scheme for spring 2023, black, white, straw, grass green, moss green, and natural

You can use the same colors that you use in your house for a very cohesive look.

Or add a pop of bright colors for a vibrant and cheery porch or some soft pastel shades for a more romantic look.

My best advice is to use colors that make you feel good in your space.

 What are the porch trends for 2023?

I am not one to typically follow the trends. Instead, I stick to my style and what I love. Your front porch ideas should reflect you and your style. Surrounding yourself with the things you love is my motto.

Here are just a few DIY Spring porch decor trends I have seen lately. And it just so happens that a couple of these ideas would work well for me.

  • Mono-tone porches. Create a tranquil space in a muted color palette for you and your friends to relax.
  • Create a garden on the porch. A paradise of plants will make the porch feel like an extension of your greenhouse.
  • Use Terracotta pots or woven baskets to hold all of your plants. Leave a few pots empty, and create a stack of pots. Both of these items add color and a layer of texture to the porch that is so lovely.
DIY spring front porch decor-A front porch with a wooden wheel barrel with a birdhuse and lots of fresh greenery. A three tiered topiary next to the front door.
A basket of fresh greenery decorates the porch and sits next to the porch swing on the floor.
Terra cotta pots stacked on the front porch for spring deocr.
  • Using bright colors to create a beautiful display of fresh flowers or pops of color on the couch with throw pillows is an easy way to decorate your porch.
  • Paint your front door a new color. This is a quick and easy way to change up the look of your front entry.
  • Hang a glass front door.
  • Use dark and earthy tones. These colors are a beautiful way to add a warm welcome to your porch.
  • Add a new modern light fixture or some beautiful solar powered lanterns from lights.com. I love to place these lanterns on my steps to invite guests into my home. They add just the perfect amount of light needed and they never have to be lit.
DIY spring front porch decor--solar lantern lit on the front steps of the porch. Moss mushrooms and greenery add a fresh touch to the patio.
black lanterns that are solar powered lit on the frotn porch steps at night

There are several styles to choose from.

Starting points to creating DIY Spring front porch decor

DIY spring front porch decor--A side view of the porch. YOu can see two chairs, a bench, a coffee table, solar lanterns, a moss birdhouse, and cement rabbits.
  • To determine your Porch style is key. Is it Farmhouse style, traditional, modern, or cottage style? or maybe industrial?
  • Decide on your color scheme.
  • Create a focal point. Since my porch is broken up into two sides, I create a focal point on both sides of my front door. My wooden bench that is thrifted ( made out of an old bed frame) is my focal point on the right side, and my porch swing is my focal point on the left.
  • Arrange your furniture to create conversation areas. A couch, a bench , a coffee table, rocking chairs or even a little chair tucked in a corner or sitting next to the front door.
  • Create a foundation with an outdoor rug. This is an easy way to update your porch for the season and adds warmth and charm to the outdoor space.
DIY spring front porch decor-Black wicker porch swing with a black and white throw blanket and two natural pillows. One pillow has tiny white bunnies with black tails decorating it—a pot of fresh greenery stands on the floor next to the swing.

Perfect opportunity to clean up before you decorate

  • Give your old furniture a makeover with a can of Rustoleum spray paint.
  • Paint your railings and trim with a fresh coat of white paint.
  • Power wash the porch and wash your windows. This always feels so good. I love using my Ryobi power washer.

Decorating with DIY Spring front porch decor

Now that your porch is clean and you have arranged your furniture and placed your foundational pieces let’s decorate.

Add large accessories first

Here is a list of large accessories I used on my own porch that make a great addition and adds some curb appeal. I like to mix vintage pieces in with my new pieces for a special touch.

  1. A vintage wood wheel barrel, filled with an assortment of spring decor. A birdhouse, some faux greenery and a vintage seeds sign. (all of this was purchased from local estate sales).
  2. Two large planters with topiaries for either side of the front door. Symmetry is key.
  3. A vintage wood crate we use as a coffee table in front of my bench.
DIY spring front porch decor-A wood bench in black sits on the porch with a black and white cushion. A vintage wood trunk for a coffee table decorated with a small black cage with a cement rabbit and moss easter eggs. A black rocking chair sits in the background.
DIY spring front porch decor-A front porch with a wooden wheel barrel with a birdhuse and lots of fresh greenery. A three tiered topiary next to the front door.
DIY spring front porch decor- Front porch of an old home with a black porch swing. A wheel barrel full of greens, a birdhouse, and a seeds sign. Two topiaries frame the glass front door with a wreath on it. It is a large carpet of natural color with a d oormat with a rabbit on it.

Creating DIY Spring front porch decor

Decorate your front door

  1. Make a Spring wreath using a grapevine wreath and fresh or faux florals. I love adding fresh lemons to my wreath at the beginning of each spring with just a pop of yellow on the door as well: it smells so good.
  2. Hang a basket of pink flowers on the front door. The basket adds such a charming touch, and I love the added texture.
  3. A bouquet of faux flowers tied with a beautiful bow creates a fresh look on your door for the season.
  4. Create a beautiful wreath using moss and bird nests. I used a store bought nest, but you never know, I may get a real one soon as the birds love my porch.
DIY spring front porch decor-Upclose image of a wreath on a door with a black and white bow.

Other DIY Spring porch ideas

  1. Add large flowerpots with fresh or faux flowers and greenery.
  2. Use galvanized tubs or buckets to hold your spring plants and flowers.
  3.  Welcome signs are a great way to fill up some empty wall space.  
  4. Add an old milk can or vintage watering cans around your flowerpots.
  5. Make a few moss mushrooms. They are so cute and look fabulous sitting on my porch steps. (keep your eyes out for the tutorial on my blog next week).
DIY spring front porch decor-Cement rabbit w ith black and white bow around his neck sitting next to a chair. two buckets of fresh greenery and twigs.
DIY spring front porch decor--A green wooden bucket filled with curly willow branches on the porch floor. A vintage green watering can sit next to the arrangement with a moss rabbit on the porch's railing.

Adding small details to your DIY Spring porch decor ideas

  1. Visit your local nursery and find some small potted plants that work well in your space. (I cannot use real plants on my front porch due to the watering issues, so I stick to faux plants).
  2. Use beautiful lanterns for lighting. These lanterns from Lights.com are my favorite. They are pretty and run on solar energy. These lanterns charge on my front porch all day, creating a beautiful glow in the evening.
  3. Add strands of market lights across the porch or along the railings.  
  4. Add some sweet rabbits for the spring season. They are so cute and always a welcoming sign of spring.
  5. Add some old rain boots and stick some flowers in them. You can even paint them as I did in this image from last fall.
DIY spring front porch decor--solar lantern lit on the front steps of the porch. Moss mushrooms and greenery add a fresh touch to the patio.
DIY spring front porch decor--solar lantern lit on the front steps of the porch. Moss mushrooms and greenery add a fresh touch to the patio.
A tall cement rabbit sits next to a tall black pot on the front porch, next to the front door.
old rain boots painted and set on front porch with a fall flower arrangement in them.

My favorite way to add Spring decor with a few special touches

  1. Use ribbon to decorate. You can add a bow to your wreath; if you have a rabbit, add a bow around his neck, or inner twine some ribbon in an arrangement.
  2. Add small accessories to your coffee table, such as a dough bowl, candlesticks, or some Easter eggs.
  3. I love to read on the porch, so be sure to add a few spring magazines for your friends and family to enjoy while they are relaxing.
  4. It can get chilly in the evenings, so have a throw blanket handy. It will also look attractive hanging over the top of the rocking chair or on your porch swing.
  5. Throw pillows are another great way to add color and charm to your porch. Mix and match some fun patterns and colors for spring. You can buy simple pillow covers on Etsy or Amazon rather inexpensviely.
DIY spring front porch decor-cement rabbit sitting in a black cage with moss Easter eggs on the porch's coffee table.
DIY spring front porch decor- Easter pillows sitting on a porch swing on the front porch. Small black and white rabbits sit next to a basket of fresh greens on the natural color pillow.

A bit of inspiration from the garden

  • Bring a bit of the garden up on the porch with a vase of fresh spring flowers.  
  • Every porch needs a pitcher of lemonade, Iced tea, and a few plastic glasses, and you are ready for guests anytime. Maybe even put out a few snacks.
  • Music is another must-have on the porch, even if it is just background music with the birds chirping.  
  • Don’t forget the dogs or the cats, yup…. I don’t know about yours, but our animals love to sit on the porch and soak up the warm sunshine. And they add a special touch of cuteness to the porch as well.
  •   Lastly, you need your friends, family, and neighbors to come over and enjoy your beautiful porch. After all, that is what a porch is for. A porch is meant to spend time with those we love, sitting back, relaxing, and taking in all your surroundings.    
A sweet black and white springer spaniel dog relaxing on the front porch in front of the black and white bench with a rabbit behind him. A black and white checkered bow around his neck.
DIY spring front porch decor: A front porch with a wooden wheel barrel, birdhouse, and fresh greenery. A three-tiered topiary is next to the front door. -Three moss mushrooms sitting on the porch steps with a lantern behind them.

I sure hope you enjoyed this tour of my front porch. If only you could all come over for a glass of tea, that would make me so happy. Now it is time to go visit my dear friend Michelle @thistlekeylane. You will adore her sweet porch and the creative ways she decorates.

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  1. Wendy’s ability to merge vintage charm with modern trends truly captivates the essence of a welcoming spring porch. I remember thrift-shopping with my grandmother and stumbling upon beautiful terracotta pots, reminiscent of the ones showcased in this post. Her detailed guide not only evokes a sense of nostalgia but also inspires creativity and a yearning to revitalize my own outdoor space this spring.

    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful plug on my front porch post.

  2. I absolutely loved reading this blog post about DIY spring front porch decor ideas! It brought back memories of my own experiences of transforming my porch for the warmer months. I remember scouring flea markets and thrift stores to find unique pieces to upcycle and add a personal touch to my space. It’s amazing how a few simple changes can create such a joyful and inviting atmosphere.

    1. Thank you so much. Our front porch is one of our favorite places to hang out. I appreciate you stopping by today.

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    1. Thank you Cara, so kind of you to stop by. We enjoy the porch so much in the spring an summertime.

  5. Such a beautiful porch! It all looks so welcoming! Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesday Turn About. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thank you Jennifer. It was 80 degrees today and the sun is shining. I will be complaining soon I am sure! lol

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    I love all your creative porch ideas. The lanterns and that concrete bunny planter especially. Thanks for including me and for organizing

    1. Thank you for joining me for the porch tour today Rachel.

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