Pink Floral Arrangement with Lemon Slices

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January 5, 2021
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Re-Purpose your Spent Lemons
January 16, 2021

Get information about pink floral arrangement , Today on my walk we went by a friends house who has a very large Pink Ball Tree, if you have never seen one, they are amazing and have these unbelievable looking flowers that hang down. I took a few home and decided to attempt a flower arrangement with them .

I needed a few other things and the yard was not looking so great, so I took a quick trip to trader Joe’s and was on my way for under $20

Pink Floral Arrangement

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Pink Floral Arrangement

Here is what you will need to create this beauty, of course I understand you all cant get the Pink Ball flowers, so just use what you can find, this concept is easily adaptable.

  1. A few lemons
  2. An assortment of flowers and greenery
  3. I used roses, Pink ball flowers, Alstroemeria, eucalyptus, pine and some lemon leaves
  4. 2 clear glass vases, one needs to fit inside of the other with enough space to fit the lemon slices all the way around


Slice the lemons and insert them all around in between the two vases all the way around and up to the top

Fill the vase with water both on the inner and outer parts where the lemons are




First I put the pink ball flowers in as I wanted them to hang around the edge as this is the natural way they want to hang ( I also used a very tall vase to allow for this )

Then I added some greenery, lemon leaves, eucalyptus and some pine

flowers and Lemon


Lastly I added in the roses and the Alstroemeria ( they are the white and pink flowers from Trader Joes.

Give it a try, it is always so nice to have fresh flowers in the house, just makes it feel so fresh!

And if you do, please share a picture with me, I would love to see it.


Pink Floral Arrangement

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