10 Tips to keep your flowers fresh longer!

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I hope as you create beautiful flowers for your home that you will find the below tips very helpful.

Designing a floral arrangement can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing.
Here are several tips for creating a beautiful arrangement and keeping it fresh for days.
When selecting your flowers, be sure to purchase an assortment of sizes and heights. Having a variety of flowers will create a more exciting flower arrangement.
I used Blue Iris, red Bells of Ireland, and Delphinium. Protea, Pepperberry and Thistle balls are in the image.

Watering Can flower vase
  1. It is essential when you first bring home your flowers to clean them. This process entails removing all of the packaging, rubber bands, etc. Next, please make a small cut at an angle on the bottom of the stem and place it in freshwater.
  2. Choose a vase and fill it with water, you may add an aspirin as this will help keep the fresh flowers longer, but I also have a few other tips below for this. Think outside of the box as I did here. I used the bride and groom’s shoes… I put a small piece of oasis in a baggie and inserted it into the shoe. A container does not always have to be a vase.

3. If you have a glass vase with a large opening, you need to create a grid over the top using tape in a criss-cross pattern like the image above. The tape is beneficial in keeping your flowers standing up straight.

Hint, add the water before you put the tape on the vase.

  1. When working with roses, it is essential to remove the thorns. If you have a lot of roses, you may want to purchase a thorn remover. This set also includes two foliage removers and a pair of gloves.
  2. If your roses are tight and you want them to be more open, here are a few tricks.
    • You can fold the petals down and push them out
    • You can blow on the rose, and it will slightly open
    • You can use a diffuser on a hairdryer, and this will open the roses as well
  3. It is essential not to have any foliage or leaves in the water, so it is necessary to remove the foliage from the stem from the waterline down.

7. When arranging the flowers, you want to give each stem a fresh cut at an angle and dip the end of the flower into a Quick dip for a second or two. This helps to open the flower’s veins and allows for proper hydration.
It is available here.


8. Start by creating a base of greenery for your arrangement. Start from the outside and work your way inwards.

One of my favorite tricks is to use Leaf shine on the foliage. I LOVE this product. It makes your foliage look fresh and shiny.
(I usually spray this on the greenery before I add any flowers) You can find Chrysal Leaf Shine Spray fo...Shop on Amazon“>leaf shine here.


9. Next, place your largest flowers, such as your hydrangeas, in the arrangement. I like to work in odd numbers, so use 1, 3, 5, or 7. (this is true in most elements of design)
Then start with the next largest flower and continue until your flowers are all used in your arrangement.
10. Change the water daily as this helps to keep the flowers fresh and the water clear.
Again, I like to think outside the box and add unusual elements, such as feathers, fruit, vegetables, or some fun branches. All of these types of features add interest to your arrangement.
I hope you enjoyed these tips.

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