The Best Ten Tips For Beautiful Roses

The perfect guide to ten tips for beautiful roses.

There is nothing better than Springtime when all the roses are starting to bloom. It’s truly a magical time of the year to me.

However, there are specific measures you can take to ensure the roses are healthy and that you will get an entire season of blooms from them.

assortment of pink roses in white ironstone pitchers

10 Tips to Keep Roses Beautiful

David Austin pink rose
David Austin pink rose
  1. Choose an assortment of roses that are suited for the zone you live in. Do some research on the internet. These beautiful pink roses are one of my favorite David Austin roses.
  2. Choose a spot in the full sun where your rose can thrive.
  3. Do not bury the roots of the rose bush. The roots like to have a basin around them for watering as well.

You will need to dig a hole for the rose and check the depth of the zone where you live. If you live in a cold area, you will need to plant the graft of the rose bush lower to protect it for the winter. In warmer climates and where I live in California, I place the graft about 2″ above the dirt level. For specific directions to plant a rose, check out this post from the Spruce.

When planting a new rose, I like to add about a cup of bone meal to give the plant a good start.

burgundy rose in full bloom up close

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Planting Your Roses

4. Plant your roses using the proper soil to allow for good drainage. If you are planting in a pot, use a good potting soil. When finished planting, put a 2-3″ layer of mulch around the base of the rose bush.

5. Fertilize your roses with a 10-10-10 fertilizer four times a year. January, June, July, and November.

6. Keep the roses watered well. Of course, this depends again on what zone you are in. Where I live, (So. Cal.) we water three times a week.

Ten tips for beautiful roses

Deadheading your Roses

7. As a rose enthusiast, it’s essential to maintain their beauty by deadheading with sharp clippers. Deadheading is the art of removing dead blooms to promote new growth. Cutting back your roses will result in a flourishing garden. After winter, it’s also necessary to give your roses a severe pruning. This can be done in mid-January in California to ensure their longevity.

single pedal rose
Double delight rose

Organic Fertilizers

Using Bananas for Fertilizer

8. I have found banana peels to be a fantastic fertilizer for my roses. Simply dig a small trench around the bush, place the peels inside, and cover with soil and mulch. Bananas are high in phosphorus and will give your roses a boost.

red rose in the garden
Pink rose in full bloom

Another way to use bananas is to make a homemade fertilizer called “banana peel tea”. These types of fertilizers are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners. Liquid fertilizers like this are the best way to quickly provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. Unlike solid fertilizers, liquid versions ensure that your plants grow faster, yield more blooms, and enjoy better health overall.

How to Use Eggshells for Fertilizer

9. Egg Shells are a great way to fertilize your roses. Eggshells provide a great source of calcium to the roses by strengthening the plant’s cell tissue walls.


After cracking open a few eggs for a recipe, rinse the shells with warm water and let them dry in a sunny spot. Be sure to preserve the membrane, which is where most of the nutrients are found. For optimum fertilization, consider using 4-5 egg shells per plant. Don’t let these valuable resources go to waste!

David Austin Rose bush

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

10. Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for roses. You can sprinkle a handful around the base of the rose and work it in the soil. If you need coffee grounds, you can always visit your local coffee store, and I am sure they will be happy to give you grounds from the day. I often get them from my local Starbucks.

Coffee grounds going into the garden

Coffee provides the plants with nitrogen. Keep in mind a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

Iceberg Roses

Iceberg roses have gained immense popularity among rose enthusiasts for their ability to survive harsh winters and minimal care requirements. The captivating flushes of fragrant blooms and attractive foliage make them a stunning addition to any rose bed or garden.

I am sure you have seen these beautiful roses. They new variety of the Iceberg Rose developed in 2002 currently is available in pink, burgundy and white.

White Iceburg Roses
Purple Iceburg rose bush

I hope you enjoyed this post and will put some roses into your gardening if you don’t already have some. If you love to garden, check out my recent post on how I upcycle old shovels and rakes into planters, they are such a fun addition to the garden.

A rake turned upside down and planted with succulents

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  1. You always have the most beautiful gardens filled with such lovely blooms Wendy. I always admire them every year. My boxwoods died with the blight that attacked them, and so I am thinking hydrangeas in our front flower beds… here’s hoping I can get them to bloom since none of the others will. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, sweet Cara! I am here to cheer you on for those hydrangeas. Sometimes, they take a few years to bloom. Give them perfect soil with lots of peat moss and fertilize them. Best of luck.

  2. A great fertilizer to use is the organic Espoma Rose-Tone. Highly recommended.

    1. Hi Nanci, thank you so much for sharing. I will look into this fertilizer. Thanks again

  3. Such beautiful photographs! The pink roses are my favorite!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope you had a great weekend.

  4. I’m already implementing some of your tips. Plus using epsom salt for my plants as well. So far, so good 😊

  5. I’m already implementing some of your tips. Plus using epsom salt for my plants as well. So far, so good 😊

    1. Since we live in the same zone, you should have very good luck. The city is trying to put yet another moratorium on water.
      Ugh, It is getting so hard to live in California anymore.

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