Ten tips for beautiful roses

The perfect guide to ten tips to beautiful roses. From ways to plant your roses to the best organic fertilizers for beautiful blooms.

There is nothing better than Springtime when all the roses are starting to bloom. It’s truly a magical time of the year to me.

However, there are specific measures you can take to ensure the roses are healthy and that you will get an entire season of blooms from them.

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Today, I am sharing several tips that keep my roses beautiful.

  • Choose as assortment of roses that are suited for the zone you live in. Do some research on the internet.
  • Choose a spot in the full sun where your rose can thrive.
  • Do not bury the roots too much. The roots like to have a basin around them for watering as well.

You will need to dig a hole for the rose and check the depth of the zone where you live. If you live in a cold area, you will need to plant the graft of the rose bush lower to protect it for the winter. In warmer climates and where I live in California, I place the graft about 2″ above the dirt level. You can google this for the area in which you live.

When planting a new rose, I like to add about a cup of bone meal to give the plant a good start.

Ten tips for beautiful roses

Tending to your roses with my 10 tips with ensure beautiful blooms all season long

You will see from my pictures that I am a pink girl! However, I love all shades of pink, red, white, and some purple for my roses.

Tip 4- Plant them in good soil to allow proper drainage when planting roses. When finished planting, put a 2-3″ layer of much around the base of the rose bush.

5. Fertilize your roses with a 10-10-10 fertilizer four times a year. January, June, July, and November.

6. Keep the roses watered well. Of course, this depends again on what zone you are in. Where I live, we water three times a week.

Ten tips for beautiful roses

7. It is imperative to deadhead your roses with good sharp clippers. I mean, trim off the dead blooms when they are finished. Trimming your roses will ensure you more flowers to come. You also want to give rose bushes a severe trim after winter. I do this in mid-January in California.

Some of my 10 tips for beautiful roses come from natural waste

8. I love to use organic waste for fertilizer. One of my favorites is banana peels. Dig a small trench about 4″ deep around the rose bush, place the banana peels in the ditch and cover with dirt. Then place 2-3″ of mulch over this. Bananas supply phosphorus for the roses.

9. Egg Shells are a great way to fertilize your roses. Crush them up and mix in with the soil around the rose bush. Eggshells provide a great source of calcium to the roses by strengthening the plant’s cell tissue walls.

Ten tips for beautiful roses

10. Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for roses. You can sprinkle a handful around the base of the rose and work it in the soil. If you need coffee grounds, you can always visit your local coffee store, and I am sure they will be happy to give you grounds from the day. I often get them from my local Starbucks.

Coffee provides the plants with nitrogen. Keep in mind a little bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

One of my favorite roses is the iceburg rose

Ten tips for beautiful roses

Iceberg roses come in three glorious colors, this burgundy, white, and pink.

Iceberg roses

I hope you enjoyed this post and will put some of them into your gardening routine. If you love to garden, check out my recent post on how I upcycle old shovels and rakes into planters, they are such a fun addition to the garden.


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  1. I’m already implementing some of your tips. Plus using epsom salt for my plants as well. So far, so good 😊

  2. I’m already implementing some of your tips. Plus using epsom salt for my plants as well. So far, so good 😊

    1. Since we live in the same zone, you should have very good luck. The city is trying to put yet another moratorium on water.
      Ugh, It is getting so hard to live in California anymore.

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