DIY Wildflower Floral Arrangements; No Florist Needed

Do you love to create wildflower floral arrangements like I do? With just a few instructions, you can create beautiful flower arrangements and not spend a dime. You read that correctly. There is no need to order flowers from the top florist in town. 

All it takes is a Sunday afternoon drive, a pair of clippers and a little foraging for beautiful flowers. 

Oh, and did you know all of the wonderful benefits of flowers? From elevating your mood to enlivening your living space to promoting wellness and healing. Expand your knowledge on the multiple attributes of flowers.

You can read a great article by Petal Republic from 2021, where they researched the benefits of flowers and shared nineteen benefits of fresh flowers.

Wildflowers in a field

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A Special Occasion that Calls for Flowers

There’s nothing quite like flowers to bring joy to a special occasion. 

Whether it’s Mother’s Day flowers to show your appreciation for your mom, birthday flowers to surprise a loved one, or a centerpiece for a baby shower, there’s always a reason to celebrate with blooms.

The Best Quick and Easy Sweet Pea Floral Arrangement-Pastel shade of pink sweet peas fill a clear glass vase sitting on a dining room table with pink glassware
DIY wildflower floral arrangement small yellow sunflowers in an arrangement that is sitting in a dough bowl

 Wedding flowers are a must-have for any bride and groom, while sympathy flowers can express your deepest condolences during a difficult time.

 And let’s not forget those last-minute gift needs – flowers offer a beautiful and thoughtful solution when you’re running out of time. Whatever the occasion, flowers are the perfect gift for so many occasions.

When to Order Flowers from the Local Florist

As much as I love to arrange flowers and create my designs, sometimes you need to call on a reliable florist network. 

Maybe you need same-day flower delivery, and there is no time to create your own.

For those special events that are beyond your DIY capabilities, there are expert event services to help you bring your vision to life. With their experience and resources, you can trust them to handle even the largest events with ease.

However, If you’re in the mood for a little do-it-yourself creativity, let me share with you the insider tips and tricks I use for crafting stunning bouquets of wildflowers. With my expert guidance, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and unique floral display that’s sure to impress.

DIY wildflower floral arrangement with assorted flowers of pink, white, purple and yellow
Wildflower floral arrangement of red buds in a blueish-green bucket with petals falling to the ground sitting on a white table

Supply List to Create a Wildflower Floral Arrangement

Collecting Wildflowers for Floral Arrangements ​

Living in Southern California, we are so fortunate to have hills covered with wildflowers in the springtime. 

We live at the bottom of the San Gabriel mountains, so it is only about a 30-minute drive to find wildflowers. 

Unfortunately, I know this is not the case for all of you.

When we forage, we are careful to choose areas where it is legal to trim a few branches, as there are many areas where you are not allowed to cut the wildflowers.

Red bud tree growing in the wild with Spanish Broom against the mountains with a blue sky
small yellow sunflowers in the wild

 If you’re lucky enough to call California home or looking for a flower-filled adventure, look no further than the California Native Plant Society’s guide to finding wildflowers.

Experience the beauty of nature’s vibrant flora with stunning poppies, mustard plants, and lupines. Be inspired for your next bouquet or take a day trip to immerse yourself in their breathtaking sight.

California Poppies in the wild
Yellow California wildflowers in full bloom
California wildflowers with poppies and purple lupies with a very blue sky

The possibilities are endless with California’s diverse and awe-inspiring wildflowers.

My advice to you is always to have your eyes open, go for a hike, and do some research to see if there are local areas near you that have wildflowers.

Always have clippers and bags in the car, as you never know when you will have that perfect opportunity.

My Assortment of Wildflowers

Foraging through nature brings me immense joy, as evidenced by the freshest flowers filling my car.

Car trunk full of foraging branches of wildflowers

Varieties of wildflowers used in my floral arrangements

  • Caterpillar Phacelia, (a species of Heliotrope)
  • Sunflowers
  • Redbud
  • Spanish Broom
  • Common Yarrow
DIY_ wildflower floral arrangements - Caterpillar Phacelia, a species of Heliotrope up close
DIY wildflower arrangements small yellow sunflowers in a flower arrangement
Upclose view of the red blooms
DIY wildflower floral arrangement of Spanish broom in bright yellow
DIY Wildflower Flower Arrangements- White yarrow growing wild

Instructions to make a Wildflower Floral Arrangement with Fresh Blooms

  • Gather your wildflowers
  • Clean and trim the stems to the desired length
  • Choose the vase of your choice
  • Add curly willow to the vase if you desire
  • Add the flowers in a simple arrangement to display
DIY wildflower floral arrangement of Spanish broom in bright yellow sitting on a wood tray with a lit candle on a blue ottoman

Natural flowers offer varied and infinite possibilities for creating beautiful arrangements. Yet a minimalistic approach is often most effective in showcasing their natural beauty!

Wildflower floral arrangement of red buds in a blueish green bucket with petals falling to the ground

Creating stunning and unique wildflower arrangements is easy, fun, and cost-effective. Not only can you find beautiful wildflowers in nature around you, it’s also a great way to make memories with family or friends.

With just a few simple tools and some planning, anyone can create lovely displays without the need for a florist. I hope you enjoyed this post and learning how making flower decorations has never been easier!

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Three wild flower arrangements and a trunk full of wildflwoers

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  1. Wendy, I love this post!!! I know your wildflowers must have been incredible this year with all of the rain California has been having. I know the last time we had good rains in So Cal (when we still lived there), we lived on Camp Pendleton (1989) and we had 41″, which for the normal 11″ rain was such a great year. I remember the monarch butterflies coming in droves through Pendleton!!! So happy to feature your post at Share Your style #390 last evening for you. <3

    Happy arranging,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hi Barb!
      Thank you so much, I appreciate the feature. The wildflowers were amazing this year, so bright and beautiful.

  2. What beautiful photos Wendy. I wish I was better at arranging fresh flowers, I cannot manipulate them as I can faux, but they do brighten your day when you see them!

    1. Thank you, Cara, keep practicing. Start with a large bunch of greens and add your flowers. That might be helpful.

  3. I love seeing the different wildflowers you have, they look so pretty.
    Great advice too thank you.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and so pretty
    Thank you from your Vroom Vroom Team for sharing your links with us at SSPS. Please check back on Monday to see if your content has been featured.

    1. Thank you, Kim, I appreciate the share so much.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel. I always appreicate the share.

  5. Beautiful wildflowers Wendy! You always inspire me with your garden ideas and posts. I think I’ll get outside today, you’ve inspired me! Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

  6. Your wildflower displays are gorgeous, Wendy! I wish we had the variety here in Nebraska that you have in California. It gets better as the summer progresses. Right now, I would have wild grass displays! (which can be pretty, too!)

    1. I know it always happens a bit early here on the West Coast. We went up North for a few days, and the drive was spectacular. I think you need to do a post on grass displays next!

  7. Teri Pickens says:

    What awesome flower arrangements!

    1. Thank you so much, Teri. I love to forage and see what I can develop from mother nature.

  8. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I miss those rolling hills bursting with wild flowers around Thousand Oaks and Agoura. It’s just so beautiful in the spring.

    1. Thank you, Renae. We were driving from LA to Santa Barbara and the hills were just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer, the only bummer is I know the heat is coming, I know the dahlias will love it, but I won’t! lol

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