4 DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Flower Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is fast approaching, and you know what that means. So, it’s time to get going on making our DIY Easter eggs. Today I am sharing 4 DIY egg decorating ideas for Faux Easter eggs.

  1. Dried flowers on eggs
  2. Feathers on eggs
  3. Gold foiled eggs
  4. Hand Stamped eggs

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Here is your supply list for these egg decorating ideas:

Faux eggs of your choice – I like these realistic-looking Easter eggs or these wood eggs

Dried flowers (see below for directions on how to dry flowers)

Feathers of your choice

Mod Podge

Gold Foil in gold 

 Foil in pink

adhesive for gold foil 

White chalk paint

Dark wax

1. Dried Flower Eggs

You will need an assortment of fresh flowers. I pick them along my walk (shhh, don’t tell anybody), and also picked several from my yard.

For this project, I used pansies, bougainvillea, iris, poppies, fern, and a few other small flowers.

DIY Easter Egss

How to Dry Flowers

There are several ways to dry flowers.

This is likely the most popular way to press flowers, and it is also the easiest.

First, choose the heaviest book you can find, such as a dictionary.

  1. Place the flower between two pieces of waxed paper and place them underneath the book on a hard surface. Depending on the size of the book, you can press multiple flowers at once. However, be sure to space them out to not touch each other.
  2. Use more books, or perhaps a brick, to weigh down the books. Be sure not to disturb the arrangement of the flowers upon closing.
  3.  Let them dry for 4-7 days. When removing, use a pair of tweezers, or very carefully use your fingers, as a completely dry flower is very delicate, and you don’t want them to break.
  4. Try different types of flowers. Some work better than others. For example, try to avoid woody flowers or have a large bulky center or stem.

Dried flower Easter Eggs

There are also other ways to dry flowers, such as using an actual flower press or using the iron to dry and flatten the flowers.

You can even use a microwave to dry flowers. You can purchase a microwave flower press, but you can easily make one yourself as well.

Use two ceramic tiles and rubber bands to hold them together.

  1. When using homemade press-like tiles, add a piece of cardboard inside each of the tiles and then a piece of paper. Finally, place the flower in the middle and sandwich everything together.
  2. Using a low temperature (a high-heat setting can turn the flowers brown), heat for 30 seconds at a time, and repeat this process until they are dry and flat. Allowing everything to cool between each heat cycle.
  3. When the flowers are dry, complete the process using the book method or traditional flower press. They should dry within two days.

Now that you have dried flowers, it is time to apply them to your eggs. This is a simple process.

How to Apply Dried Flowers to Eggs

  1. Start with applying some matte mod podge to the egg to apply the flowers.
  2. Apply some mod podge to the back of your flower.
  3. Pick up the flower and apply it to the egg using your brush.
  4. Note that eggs have a curve, so you want to use fragile pliable flowers.
  5. Let them dry until the Mod Podge is clear and not tacky.

Dried Flower Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Flower Easter Eggs
2. Feather Eggs

These feather eggs are indeed the easiest of egg decorating ideas.

You will use much the same process used to apply the dried flowers.

First, paint a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the egg where you want to place the feather.

Place the feather onto the egg, and then with your brush, brush a coat of Mod Podge over the feather.

Be sure you brush in the direction of the feather.

Feather Easter Eggs

3. Gold Foiled Eggs

This is super fun and fast craft, but it does get messy.

I love how elegant these eggs look.

I used speckled eggs I found here.

Using a sponge, I put a little bit of adhesive onto the sponge and blotted it onto the egg where I wanted the gold foil to adhere.

I did not cover the entire egg as I wanted you to see parts of the original egg as well.

Remember, you can always add more, but you can’t take it off.

Let the adhesive dry for about 20-30 minutes.

Simply place the sheet of gold foil onto the egg and wrap it around. You most likely will need two sheets per egg.

Now comes the messy part. Take a dry chip brush and brush off the excess.

This process is called burnishing and will leave your gold foil smooth and shiny.

For a full tutorial, you can go to my YouTube channel WM Design House.

Gold Foiled Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

4. Hand stamped Easter Eggs

Hand Stamped Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

I think these may just be my favorite of these Easter egg decorating ideas!

I started with a basic egg and gave it two coats of white chalk paint.

Then, using Stazon ink pad, imprint the egg using rubber stamps until you get the desired look you want.

Once the ink is dry, which is rather quickly, you can antique the egg using a dark wax.

This is an easy process; just put a little bit on a cloth and rub the egg until you have the desired look you want.

DIY rubber stamped easter egg

To display your eggs, you can create a small nest using a mixture of thread, spanish moss, some yarn and a bit of spray adhesive. You can see the full tutorial on my YouTube channel WM Design House.

Then, I glued the nest to a large wooden spool (thread spool) and glued the egg on top of the nest.

I also wrapped the spool with some old sheet music I had.

Hand stamped easter egg

In the end, you can display them in a bird’s nest, in an egg crate, or scatter them on a table, and they will last for years to come.

Happy Egg Decorating!

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  1. Ethel Sloan says:

    Ethel Sloan says:
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    April 8, 2022 at 6:48 pm
    These are beautiful decorated eggs – Makes me want to try to make all the various examples.
    Easter is one of my favorite holidays and all these would be beautiful with a small looped piece of ribbon to hang on an Easter egg tree in a home!

  2. Ethel Sloan says:

    These are beautiful decorated eggs –
    Makes me want to try to make all the various examples
    Easter is one of my favorite holidays and all these would be beautiful with a small looped piece of ribbon to hang on an Easter egg tree in a home!

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