Easy Decor Ideas for a Nature-Inspired Easter Table

Today is officially the first day of Spring, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a nature-inspired Easter dinner table? In this blog post, we’ll explore easy Easter decorations to bring the beauty of the outdoors to your gathering, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your friends and family. 

I find creating a natural easter table setting to be relatively easy. Natural materials are easy to find and very affordable. So let’s get started. 

Nature Inspired Easter Table

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Creating a Beautiful Table

Forget breaking the bank!  The secret to a stunning Easter table lies right at your fingertips.

Take a creative stroll through your house and yard.  Can those baskets collecting dust become charming Easter baskets for chocolate eggs?  Could those mismatched glasses transform into a playful collection of napkin holders?

 Step outside and gather fallen branches for a rustic table, or pick some vibrant blooms for a whimsical centerpiece.  Even a collection of terra cotta pots filled with moss and adorned with small Easter eggs can become a delightful decoration.  Let nature and your home be your playground, and you’ll be surprised by the beauty you can create without spending much money.

DIY Moss mushrooms and garden flowers adorn my nature inspired Easter Table
Clay pots used as an egg holder to decorate a natural inspired Easter Table.

Nine Steps to Setting A Dining Table

These nine essential steps will guide you in creating the tablescape of your dreams, from Easter to Christmas.

1. Find your Inspiration

Inspiration can strike anywhere! For me, it was the beautiful green moss growing on some rocks I recently saw on a hike. I immediately envisioned using a large moss Easter bunny in my Easter decorations as my centerpiece and some mushrooms I crafted last spring. 

Mossy Rocks

Here are a few suggestions on how to get inspired.

Take a Walk in Nature:

 This might seem obvious, but a stroll through your local park, yard, or even a nearby nature preserve can spark tons of ideas. Notice the colors that stand out to you – are there vibrant wildflowers or calming greenery? Look for interesting textures –  are there pinecones, smooth stones, or interesting branches? Let your surroundings inspire your color palette and centerpiece materials.

Browse Online for Pictures:

 Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are treasure troves for Easter table inspiration. Search for terms like “nature Easter table” or “rustic Easter centerpiece” to see various styles. Pay attention to details you like—is it the use of woven baskets, colorful eggs nestled in moss, or a tablescape bathed in soft, natural light?

Think About Springtime: 

Easter falls in spring, so consider elements representing the season’s renewal and growth. Delicate flowers like tulips or daffodils, soft pastel colors, and baby chicks or bunnies are all classic springtime motifs that can be incorporated into your table decor.

2.  Easter Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to centerpieces, there are endless possibilities! Do you envision a blooming flower arrangement with seasonal flowers from the grocery store or a whimsical Easter egg tree? A rustic basket overflowing with colorful eggs or fresh tulips could be charming, too.  Consider creating a vignette on a tray using a combination of these elements for a more layered look. Or maybe an arrangement made with flowers and vegetables.

21 best flowers for Easter-purple and yellow flowers in a red cabbage
Moss Rabbit on the table

For my Easter table, I decided to let this adorable moss bunny I unearthed from my Easter decorations be the show’s star on my dining room table.  He’ll be joined by some of his fellow foragers – the moss mushrooms I crafted last year –  and other decorative companions to create a truly unique centerpiece.

3. Gather Other Decor Items

Shop your house: Look around your home and garden and collect useful items like a clay pot, a small watering can, or vintage gardening tools. Can you use fresh flowers in the garden to make floral arrangements? Maybe you have a special inspiration piece, like a glass vase, that you want to use. 

Be sure to look in your Easter bins for wooden eggs, ceramic bunnies, bird nests, and decorative items to create a nature-inspired look. 

The object is to try to be resourceful with what you have. You can also create a few DIY projects. Then, you will have the items for years to come.

You can also shop thrift stores, you can always find holiday decor for a bargain.

Tip from wendy:

When thrifting, look for quality and timeless items that have stood the test of time. Vintage and high-quality pieces add character and uniqueness to your holiday decor and are likely to last longer and become treasured family heirlooms.

Clay pots used as an egg holder to decorate a natural inspired Easter Table.
Clay pots with fabric carrots

4. Create a Color Scheme

Once you have your inspiration and a few items you can use, create a color palette with the colors of the items you have found. I suggest adding a pop of color with pastel colors if you want more color. 

Since I am using moss, clay pots, and twigs, I stuck with a neutral color palette of brown, white, terra cotta, and green. These colors reflect the natural world around us, from tree bark to eggshells to clay pots, and they perfectly complement the organic elements of my centerpiece.

5. Gather Your Linens

For linens, I searched my home for natural fabrics.  Burlap is perfect for table runners, adding a rustic touch that fits beautifully with my natural theme.

I found some paper placemats with a charming bird’s nest design, which I loved because they combined natural elements and added a touch of whimsy to the table setting. I decided to use egg crates as an additional layer as I wanted different textures. Maybe you have some twig placemats or wicker; they would be a perfect touch for a nature-inspired spring table. Or you might even want to try a real or faux square of grass for a fun touch.

Lastly, I tied linen napkins around an Easter egg with a small amount of twine to create bunny ears. You could also make some Easter crafts with these adorable felt Easter napkin rings out of TP rolls. You only need a few felt pieces, scissors, my bunny ear template, and hot glue. 

Tip from wendy:

For a natural table setting, choose linens made of sustainable fabrics like linen or organic cotton in earthy tones. These materials add a rustic, eco-friendly charm with their natural textures and muted colors, enhancing the table’s aesthetic while being kind to the environment.

6. Choose your Place Settings 

I started with a faux wood charger, but any charger you have will work beautifully!  Top it with white plates, perfect for a clean canvas.

 The real stars of the show, though, are the adorable Spode bunny salad plates I’ve been using for years. They tie in perfectly with the nature theme!

 Consider using dishes with a matte finish or uneven edges for a more rustic vibe.  Of course, simple white dishes are always a safe bet and go with any theme.

Spode Dinner Plate
Easter Place Setting
Rabbit salad plate

I have even purchased chargers at the Dollar store, painted them with Mod Podge, and sprinkled them with cinnamon. This inexpensive and easy DIY is a fun way to make a rustic charger plate. I served individual wood cheese boards to my guests with adorable mice cheese knives. 

Tip from wendy:

Try to use Easter themed dishes if you have them. If not, you can always shop at Dollar Tree for inspiration.

7. Flatware and Glasses

Look in the cupboard and choose the best glasses for your easy Easter table. You can use clear, white, or a contrasting color of drinking glasses. I happened to have a ton of glasses in all different colors, so I chose these gold glasses for my lovely Easter tablescape.The glasses also held my napkins for decoration until my guests sat down.  If you need glasses, hit the thrift store, you can pick them up so inexpensively and can find quite an assortment of colors and textures. 

I chose this copper-handled flatware because it had a rustic feel and tied in perfectly with my Easter celebration. You can use just about any casual flatware for this tablescape. I would skip the sterling silver for this look. You might even think about disposable wood flatware. It has the perfect look, it’s inexpensive, and you could throw it away. 

Wood tray with a cheese knife
Gold Glass with linen napkin
Tip from wendy:

Shop garage sales and flea markets for fun colored glasses and vintage flatware.


8. Setting the table 

Now that you have everything out, you are ready to set the table. 

  • Start by placing your table runner down the center of the table. 
  • Add the placemats.
  • Place your centerpiece. I like to decorate the table using different heights. I do this by placing shoe boxes under my table runner or fabric. 
  • Add any other large items you are decorating with, like Easter baskets,  Easter bunnies
  • Add greenery and branches if you choose. 
  • Now add your smaller decor items: small flower pots, bird nests, Easter eggs, carrots, and small pots of fresh blooms.
  • Add your charger plates, dinner plates, salad plates and bowls 
  • Add your glasses 
  • place the napkins 
  • Lay down the flatware 
Nature Inspired Easter Table

9. Finishing Touches

You can personalize your holiday table with personal touches to make the occasion unforgettable.

Use candles to set a cozy ambiance. Place personalized name cards or festive egg cups at each setting. Write a heartfelt note to each guest to express your appreciation.

These special touches foster a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, creating lasting memories for everyone.

DIY Mushroom place cards on a Nature Inspired Easter table.
Place setting for Easter with DIY Bunny ear napkin rings and pink foil pears with a notecard.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, creating a nature-inspired Easter table is both beautiful and achievable. It allows you to bring the fresh energy of spring gatherings indoors and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests. So, take a stroll through your yard, raid your linen closet, and unleash your creativity!

You might be surprised by the natural treasures you can use to craft a stunning and unique tablescape for your Easter celebration. Remember, the most important ingredient is your own personal touch. Happy decorating!


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