How to Easily Make a Terra Cotta Pumpkin

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September 23, 2022
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Follow this complete tutorial and learn how to make terra cotta pumpkins easily. These pumpkins are the perfect decoration for fall.

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to decorate your home for Fall, but don’t want to pay the Pottery Barn price, consider making a Terra Cotta Pumpkin. Terra cotta pumpkins are incredibly easy to make, adding a touch of elegance to any Fall display. Plus, they make great conversation starters! Here’s how to make your own Terra Cotta Pumpkin.

A few weeks ago, I did a live demonstration in the She Shed, and my girlfriend Amy Sadler from Amysadlerdesigns taught me some fun ways to make these pumpkins. You may like to check out her post on Pottery Barn Terra Cotta Pumpkins too.. We both have different takes on our methods of aging the pumpkins.

How to easily make a terra cotta pumpkin
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Table of Contents

Before starting our creative craft, you must have all the necessary materials.

Supply List

  • Foam pumpkin ( you can use ceramic, too). I like to have a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Deco Art Americana Acrylic paint, Spiced pumpkin, Burnt Sienna, Honey Brown, Oyster Beige, and Khaki Tan
  • Chip brush or two
  • White flour or baby powder
  • Natural pumpkin stems
  • Matte finish acrylic spray
Acrylic paint for terra cotta pumpkins

Steps to Create the Terra Cotta Pumpkin

Shop Supplies Needed

Step One – Preparing your Supplies

Gather all your supplies and prepare the area where you will work. It is best to do this outside as it can get messy.

Supplies for Terra Cotta pumpkin dupe

Step Two – Creating our Terra Cotta Paint Color and Painting the Pumpkin

I mixed up some of these five paint colors to create this terra cotta color. You can do this or find a color that you like that is already mixed. There’s just something about mixing the colors that I like.

Once I got the color I wanted, I placed a chopstick inside the pumpkin, where I removed the stem. This allows you to hold onto the stick and paint the pumpkin. When I finished, I placed the chopstick in a piece of foam so the pumpkin could dry.

How to paint a terra cotta pumpkin with acrylic paint

Step Three – Aging our Pumpkins

We will use white flour to age our pumpkins, or you could use baby powder.

You want to do this process while the paint is still damp.

Simply sprinkle a bit of flour onto the top of the pumpkin and use a dry brush to tap and brush the flour out. You want it to look natural, so tap the flour and shake the pumpkin to get any excess flour off.

How to age terra cotta pumpkins to look old.
How to age a painted pumkin to look like Terra Cotta

If needed, you can always add extra paint if you like.

You can also sand off some of the flour if you have more than you prefer. You could even expose the original pumpkin color if you like.

How to make a Terra Cotta Pumpkin , Pottery barn dupe

Step Four- Replacing the Stems with Natural Pumpkin Stems

Nothing makes a faux pumpkin look better than replacing the plastic stem. I love natural pumpkin stems, and you can easily find them.

Just take a walk through the pumpkin patch and look at the ground.

Look in the bins at the grocery stores, be careful you don’t fall in.

Or you can buy them here.

I also remove all my pumpkin stems at the end of the pumpkin season and save them for the next year.

All you have to do is find the right stem and hot glue them onto the pumpkin.

Natural pumpkin stems on terra cotta painted pumpkins

Styling my Terra Cotta Painted Pumpkins

Of course, Decorating with pumpkins is my favorite part. Taking them in the house and deciding how to style my Terra Cotta Pumpkins.

Styled Terra Cotta Pumpkins in the bar
Styling Terra Cotta Pumpkins
Terra Cotta Pumpkins Styled

As you can see, there are many ways to style them in your home. I placed a few on my dining room table and the rest in my wine bar. Use your creativity and add fun elements such as florals, flower pots, bottles, or wood pieces that go with your pumpkins. Add different heights to attract the eye.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more inspiration and DIY tutorials. And don’t forget to share your creations with me on social media–I love seeing what you all come up with. Have a happy fall!

Happy Fall

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  9. Anna says:

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    I love your idea about upcycling real pumpkin stems and how to find them for free 🙂 I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some fun twisty ones and look forward to trying making these terra cotta ones myself!

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    I have to make these!! Awesome fall decor on the cheap! Pinned 😊

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