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August 18, 2021
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I have been on a rope and twine kick lately! I have made so many fun things out of twine and today we are going to make twine pumpkins! I have created vases,  a candle holder,  and a wreath this past week.  You all know that fall is my favorite time of the year, and I am obsessed with pumpkins, so this is the first pumpkin post of the season, but it won’t be the last, haha!

I have pumpkins dancing in my head and cannot wait to share them all with you.

Yes, you heard me right,  twine pumpkins! They are so adorable and will make the perfect decoration for the fall season.

By the end of this post, you will be making both!

The simplicity of twine is impressive, yet you can do so much with it.

We use twine in the garden to tie up plants, in the kitchen to tie up poultry, and we use twine to wrap up packages.

There are many types of twine to choose from, such as cotton, sisal, jute, hemp, and linen twine.
It all depends on the project you are working on and what the requirements are.

Each type of twine also comes in different diameters and can be used for various projects.

For today’s twine pumpkin, I will be showing you two different sizes.

This small twine pumpkin is created out of your essential gardening twine comparable to twine you would use to wrap a package. I used jute twine.

You will need a few supplies, fiscar scissors a glue gun with glue sticks, twine of your choice, a stem of your choice, a paddle of wire and decorations to decorate your pumpkin.

Supplies to make twine pumpkins
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supplies for twine pumpkins

twine pumkins

6 twine budles and stem

First, you want to create 6 of these small circle bunches of twine.

Twine pumkins

Wrap twine aorund 3 fingers 20 times

I wrapped the twine around three of my fingers twenty times. I then wired this loop together.

Repeat this step five more times.

You need to choose a stem, and there are several things you can use. For example, you can select a cinnamon stick, a larger piece of rope, a twig, a natural pumpkin stem, or, as I used, a dried gourd stem.

We happen to visit the gourd farm every fall, and these stems are all over the ground for my picking, lol.

Twine pumpkins

Glue twine bundles to stem

Now you want to hot glue your rings of twine onto your stem using a glue gun with glue sticks.

Twine pumpkins

Decorate your pumpkins

Glue one at a time and allow to dry in between each piece.
Once you have glued all six of your rope bundles onto your stem, you are now ready to decorate, and this is the fun part.

You can use your imagination here.

I used some preserved fall leaves with some pampas grass. You can use faux flowers, dried flowers, ribbon, pompoms, glitter, and honestly, the choices are endless.

Twine pumpkins

Finished pumpkin with decor

The decoration of your twine pumpkin is where you can use your creativity.

I created the second twine pumpkin in a larger size, around 9″ wide x 4″ tall.

I used a heavier jute rope for this pumpkin. It is approximately 3/8″ in diameter.

Twine pumpkins

Supplies needed for twine pumpkins

You need to have a board approximately 5″ wide to create the loops for this pumpkin.

I used a scrap of wood flooring we had in the garage.

Twine pumpkins

board to wrap twine on for twine pumpkins

First, I taped a piece of wire to the board, approximately 12″ long. (your board does not need to be this long, I just used what I had in the garage). You want to make sure whatever you use is rigid and sturdy so it will not bend.

Twine pumpkins

Wrap the heavy rope around the board 5 times and wire

Wrap the rope around the board five times and then take the wire and wrap the two ends together. The wire will hold your loops together. Trim the wire after you have twisted it well together.

Repeat this step four more times.

Twine pumpkins

Make five bundles with 5 loops each

Now you have five sets of loops and a stem of your choice.

Twine Pumpkins

Glue loops to the stem with hot glue gun

You will glue each set of loops onto the stem, one at a time, with the hot glue gun.

Twine pumpkins

Add wire around the center to add stability

After you have three sets of loops glued onto the stem, you want to add a piece of wire around the center for added stability.

Now glue the remaining two sets of loops onto the stem.

Twine pumpkins

glue remaining loops and add wire again

Add a piece of wire around the center to add stability.

Twine pumpkins

Add twine around the center to cover the wire

Now, you will use the thin twine that you used for the small twine pumpkin to cover the wire in the center of the pumpkin.

Twine pumpkins

Tie off twine after wrapping arond the center

Once you have wrapped the twine around and covered all the wire, tie the two ends in a knot and trim.

Twine pumpkins

Spread twine out around the stem

Now comes the fun part! Time to decorate your pumpkin.

Twine pumpkins

Decorate your pumpkin

I like a very natural look, so I used dried and preserved leaves, some pampas grass, a few dried scabiosa pods, and a small piece of dried hydrangea.

You can use whatever you want to decorate your pumpkin, so it suits your décor.

These are so easy to make and add so much to your décor.

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