How to Re-purpose Bad Lemons into Something Useful

If you have a bowl of lemons and are about to go bad, here is the perfect answer to re-purpose them into useful items.

If you find yourself with lemons that are going bad, don’t throw them away! They are pretty versatile and can be used for many different purposes. . In this blog post. I will share several ways to take these lemons and make magic out of them. From the she-shed to the kitchen, I can always find a use for citrus that is going bad.

bowl of citrus on the kitchen counter

What to do with those bad lemons

There are so many things you can do with spent fruit, but here are just a few of my suggestions.

  • Make lemonade
  • Zest the lemons and freeze the zest
  • Use them to clean your cutting board
  • Clean your cloudy blender with half a lemon, a few drops of dish soap, baking soda, and a small amount of water
  • Cut them up and put down your garbage disposal to clean
  • Create lemon juice and freeze
  • Polish your sink, for a sparking shine and it will smell so good too
  • Make lemon sugar scrub for the shower
  • Make a homemade countertop cleaner

Make Lemon juice ice cubes

  • Cut all of your lemons in half
  • Squeeze them with a juicer
  • Strain the juice to get rid of the seeds
  • Pour the liquid into an ice cube tray and freeze
  • Once frozen, put the frozen juice cubes into a baggie to store
cutting up lemons in a kitchen

Make a household cleaner out of the bad lemon rinds

Supplies needed

  • One one-gallon glass jar
  • a few dozen rinds ( I used the rinds of the lemons I had used to make my juice cubes)
  • White distilled Vinegar, enough to cover all of the rinds in the jar

Pack the lemon half rinds into the jar and cover with white vinegar. Set in a sunny spot for two to three weeks. They look so pretty in the jar, so I left mine in a sunny spot on the kitchen counter.

a jar of lemon rinds sitting on the kitchen counter

Ingredients to finish the household cleaner

Here are a few more ingredients to turn vinegar into a household cleaner.

  • Liquid Castile soap ( unscented)
  • Citrus Essential oil, optional
  • Water

Instructions for the household cleaner

  1. Strain the vinegar, and discard the peels.
  2.  Pour 1/2 cup of the vinegar mixture into a spray bottle. Add in 2 cups water, one teaspoon Castile soap, and 15 drops lemon essential oil ( this is optional )
  3. Shake the mixture well, spray onto the surface and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Do NOT use this cleaner on natural marble, stone countertops, or stone tile.

So when life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade – use them to create something new and wonderful that you would never have thought of before. Be creative and resourceful with your spent fruit. Thanks for reading, and I hope this post inspired you somehow. If so, please follow my blog for more daily inspiration.

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