Home Office Make-over

-I am so excited to share my home office makeover with you today.

This space has been a work in progress for some time now.
Unfortunately for the past several years, my office has always ended up being the dumping grounds if you know what I mean.

Home Office Make-over

If I didn’t know what to do with something, it went into my office.

The Problem

Part of the problem was that I was trying to use my office for more than one purpose.

It was the craft room, the office, the ironing room, and the storage room. This room had too many functions and was not working for us.

Here is how I solved the problem.

How It Was Solved

Our last child left the nest, so I was able to move some rooms around to make it work for what our needs are today.

I took one bedroom and created a craft room where I (and my granddaughters) can craft. I am still in progress in this room and will share when we have a beautiful craft room. I never knew I had so many craft supplies.

Off of the craft room is our grandchildren’s room, so there is easy access to the craft room for them. The girls just love being able to go in there and create masterpieces.

Our son’s room then became the guest room, I moved the ironing board and did a big purge of the closet. The remaining items I had in the office closet went into the guest room closet, leaving enough room for my guests to hang their clothes.

Now it was time to get to work on my home office make-over.

I wanted to create a space that was clean and free of clutter so I could be as efficient as possible in the office.

Did you know there are so many benefits of working in a clean and tidy environment

The value of an organized workspace is truly underestimated. When working in a clean and tidy environment, you can focus more clearly, be more efficient and manage your time more productively.

It’s clear that when everything is in its place, you save time. It’s important to have a system and know where things are. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. Clutter is your number one enemy and causes tremendous stress.

Keep the everyday items that you use close at hand. I like to use magazine holders to house the important papers or projects that I am working on. This keeps the files on my desk in a neat and tidy way.

Once I am finished with the project, you either file the papers or shred them. I also like to use baskets to hold papers or bills that need to be paid.

Home Office Make-over

A big part of my home office makeover was to add great lighting.

I have a ceiling fan with a light, but I like to add table lamps for some extra light as well as for decor.

You might like these White marble and gold lamp
Or this Set of two white and gold lamps

For note-taking, I like to use a journal notebook, so I do not have loose papers all over my desk.

Once the book is full, I start a new one. Date the books and keep them in one place. This way all of your notes are in one place.

Now onto the fun and pretty stuff!

This room has not been painted for about 15 years, it originally was one of our son’s bedrooms and was painted a khaki green and had burgundy valances.

I wanted a clean and fresh look. Since I share this office space with my husband, it was important that our home office makeover was neutral and not too feminine.

I chose a neutral pallet from Sherwin Williams.
Lower wall – SW Sandbar
Upper wall- SW Alabaster White
Trim- SW Pure White
Sherwin Williams Neutral Paint
For the roman shades I chose the fabric which came from Joann Fabrics and had them custom made.

I have these unique shelves in the room which had pegboard on them. I chose a fun polka dot peel and stick wallpaper and it  really changes the look, which I love!
This wallpaper is available here.

 Home Office Make-over

I have had this desk for a few years, it is the perfect desk for our space and came from Pottery Barn. I love that it came with an acrylic sheet protector on the top so it keeps the desk in great shape. No need for a new desk for my home office makeover.

The number one request from my husband was to have a comfortable desk chair. Boy did I accomplish that goal!

Not only are these chairs comfy, but very stylish. When David first opened the box, he thought I ordered the wrong chairs, he said “these do not look like something you would order” but once he saw it all come together, he loved the freshness of the room.

You can find these chairs here.

Home Office Make-over

I was so nervous to have white chairs, but they are so easy to clean. A simple damp rag removes any dirt or marks right off of the chairs.

They also come in many different colors, so you don’t have to choose white.
Originally we had wall-to-wall carpet in the room, so we tore the carpet out and put in new hardwood floors.

This beautiful area rug was just perfect and fit the bill, and it came from Walmart. It is super soft and very affordable.

I am all about a good buy! And I like to mix it up. I typically will put more money into a piece of furniture that I feel we will use and keep for a long time.

Since I tend to change out my rugs and some of my décor quite often, I prefer to pick things up along the way that are less expensive.

I love to shop at so many different stores. I love Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Marshall, and Anthropologie.

So many of my small accessories came from these fun stores. Who doesn’t love a trip to Home Goods?

I just love the sweet bird with the gold crown. And I always add Sandalwood Candle. I find it so soothing to have a candle burning while I am working.

gold candle LA JOLIE MUSE Sandalwood Candles

I had so much fun In keeping with my gold theme, I added some lucite and gold accessories such as this cute stapler, I love the look and it is a very functional piece that sits on my desk.

Home Office Make-over

A big part of the home office make-over was the wall space.

The back wall was very bare and needed a special touch. I put my thinking cap on and here is what I came up with.

Home Office Make-over

First, I added this thin console table to finish off the back wall.

I styled it with a nice office light, some books, and an inspirational piece of art. This is also a great spot to hold a vase of fresh garden flowers to enjoy.

Here is the table I chose.

I needed a special content calendar and could not find one anywhere. I was able to find your basic linen bulletin board, so I created my own. I can easily move the numbers around each month and use post-it notes so I can change the content out. This is the perfect answer for my home office make-over.
Content Calendar
I masked off the lines with painter’s tape and stenciled the lines. The wood letters came from Michael’s, I gold leafed them and then glued them onto the calendar.

The tags were purchased from Staples, I used a gold paint pen to cover the silver metal around the edge and used gold number stickers to create the date tags. I attached them with a clear thumbtack pin.

I will admit I made a small mistake. I only put five vertical lines and should have done six. I had not accounted for the letters on the top. If I do it again, I would have one more line of boxes, but for now, this works for me.

I picked up this sweet mirror at a second-hand store. I loved the shape but did not care for the flowers painted on it. It looked a bit dated for my taste. Out came the spray paint and then a nice coat of gold foil and voila I have a beautiful mirror.

What home office make-over would be complete without some spray paint and gold leaf?

Home Office Make-over

The wall still needed one or two more pieces. The shelf went up and holds a few of my treasures; books I love, a vintage oil lamp, and a Glassybaby candle. If you have never heard of Glassybaby, you must check them out. I love their product and their story, just warms my heart.

The final piece for the wall I created using a method called squeegee art. It was so easy and very fun, so much fun that I am going to teach a class on this painting method. Stay tuned for more details.

Lastly, I added this thin console table to finish off the back wall.

I styled it with a nice office light, some books, and an inspirational piece of art. This is also a great spot to hold a vase of fresh garden flowers to enjoy.

And there you have my beautiful home office make over!


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  1. Sue Reichenfeld says:

    I seem to come back to your blogs and posts when I’m getting ready for a project. Next up for us is painting the entire house, I have beautiful hardwood floors in a dark brown with bronze and gold under tones, I’m currently debating on some paint colors, I love the warmth and bronze under tones of SW antique white, as well I like the higher Light reflective value of alabaster. The pure white trim is so clean. Your office turned out perfect in every way!

    1. Thank you Sue, as you can see I took a short break from blogging for a few reasons. But I will be back at it starting next week.
      I really love the Alabaster white with the pure white trim. It is very soft and very fresh and clean looking. Let me know what you decide. Whites can be so hard, there are just so many choices.

  2. This is a stunning space! It is so elegant yet functional with lots of personality! I am also in love with your desk chairs!

    1. Thank you Missy, it is a fun space to work in and the chairs are so comfy!
      Glad you liked it.

    1. Thank you so much Marieza, it was a fun project, but I am glad it is finished and I can work in a clean and tidy office now.
      Thank you for reading the blog post :)))))

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