Valentine’s Table Decorations- How to set a Beautiful Table

Are you looking for simple and stunning ways to set an elegant dinner table? Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or an amazing dinner party, having a beautiful table setting will make your meal memorable.

I’ll help you create the perfect tablescape that is sure to impress your guests.

How to set a Beautiful Table

Today is our daughter’s and our granddaughter’s birthday! I cannot believe my daughter is going to be 34 and our first grandchild is 6!

The years seem to go by so quickly the older I get.

So there is a great reason to set a beautiful table and celebrate.

Choosing The Color Scheme

First I think of what color scheme I want to use and what the celebration is for, since this is the girl’s birthday and so close to Valentine’s Day I chose to go with a light blush pink and heart theme.

How to set a Beautiful Table

About Flower Arrangements

I then took a trip to the flower market to see what my floral choices were, I went with some beautiful pink anemones, white tulips, pink ranunculus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and green mini cabbage.

I chose this old crate for my vessel to add a more casual feel to the dinner. The crate has 8 slots, so I used clear glass in 4 of the slots to create small bouquets within the crate. This will become the focal point of the table.

I then used my leftover eucalyptus on the sides of the centerpiece and added a few potted cyclamen plants from Home Depot. I would have preferred pink, but they only had white.

I always have white pots on hand to slip small 4″ plants into, a nice pot always makes for a finished look.

Beautiful Table

Key Steps To Set A Beautiful Tablescape

Layering and using different heights is the key to setting a beautiful table for me, Since my table is dark, I chose to use a simple Kate Spade ivory tablecloth and then added some woven placemats to add some texture to the table for a more casual feel. I slipped a wood box under the table cloth to set the floral arrangement on and used some old rough wood slices for risers under the candles. I also use an assortment of heights for my candle sticks.

Choosing The Right Dishes

Now it is time to head to the dish cabinet and see what dishes I wanted to use. For those of you who know me, I have a few cabinets full of dishes, I love using different dishes for special occasions. I have been collecting these for many years and several have come from estate sales, which is one of my favorite things to do.


I had Hobby Lobby Gold Chargers and my basic  Williams-Sonoma white Pantry Dinner plates which are always fresh and clean and create a good base.

I then pulled out my old gold flatware ( this is over 35 years old) that we have had since we were married, yes all things seem to come back in style eventually!

I also picked up these darling pink heart plates at Target this year, they are actually melamine, but you would never know.

The  natural fringed linen napkins are from Amazon


For those of you who know me, I love to add some vintage and these brass candle sticks are fabulous, I have collected all of them from various estate sales, my favorite Saturday morning pass time.

I also use very tall 18″ white tapers which I buy at the flower market, if you are interested in these, send me a message and I will help get the correct information to you. I also love to use Lucid candles, they are so dreamy as they can be used over and over, check them out.

I used my everyday water glasses from Pottery Barn and some old wine glasses I have had. One day I may find some beautiful pink glasses at an estate sale, I always have my eyes open.

Lastly, fill the table with those you love! laugh, and enjoy all of your hard work.

Beautiful Table

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