The Best Vintage Garden Decor Ideas for Indoors

It’s time to spruce up your home as the summer season draws near. Inspired by my she-shed, I have gathered some fun and creative vintage garden decor ideas to add charm to my home this summer.

Kitchen table decorated with vintage garden decor interior- watering can, clay pots, floral frogs and more.

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If you have come over from my friend Anne and AnnMarie’s @simply2moms, welcome! I am sure you enjoyed their ten great tips to make your home look festive this summer.

What is Vintage Garden Decor?

The vintage garden theme uses old garden-inspired items to decorate your home or outdoor spaces.

I have an affection for this vintage style and have used it in my home for years. I have quite a collection of vintage garden decorations, from watering cans, terracotta clay pots, flower frogs, vintage garden tools, and other unique pieces. 

Where Did I Find My Vintage Garden Decor Items?

I frequent flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales to search for items that would be a great addition to my collection of vintage garden decor.

In addition, I also love to shop Estate Sales. I do some research on (just put your zip code in, and all of the local sales in your area will come up). You can view where the sales will be and lots of fun pictures of what each sale offers. And If I happen to pass a yard sale along the way, well, you know what happens!

Occasionally I will find vintage pieces in antique shops, but they tend to be a bit more pricey.

Items to look for To Decorate in the Vintage Garden Style

There are many thrifted items you can use to decorate your home with a garden theme. Here is a list of my favorite antique garden accessories I am always keeping my eyes open for.

Galvanized Metal Items

Looking to bring some vintage style to your garden? Look no further than galvanized metal! From watering cans, buckets, chicken feeders, and oil cans, these sturdy and stylish items are the perfect addition to any garden decor. The unique patina and classic look of old galvanized metal will bring a touch of rustic charm to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Galvanized chicken feeder and oil can sitting on the table with a  flower pot and gardening tools
The Best Vintage Garden Decor Ideas For Indoors- galvanized watering can and galvanized oil can filled with flowers

On my blog WM Design House, I may sometimes use affiliate links, which means a small commission is earned if you purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

Old Gardening Tools

From little trowels to large pitchforks, garden tools can add texture and charm to your space. I’ve personally utilized them in various ways. I have made larger garden tool planters as decor, crafted a unique garden clock from small vintage tools, and used vintage garden tools indoors as decorative accents. Trust me. These pieces are a must-have for any gardening enthusiast looking to add vintage garden decor indoors.

 vintage garden theme indoors-How to Use Succulents in Beautiful Floral Arrangements- a shovel turned upside down and turned into a succulent planter

Vintage Wheelbarrows

There are more uses for an old wheelbarrow than just hauling dirt. I currently have several wheelbarrows in the garden. I put one full of plants on my front porch and put my Christmas tree in this wheelbarrow last year.

DIY spring front porch decor-A front porch with a wooden wheel barrel with a birdhuse and lots of fresh greenery. A three tiered topiary next to the front door.
Vintage garden decor indoors- Wooden wheelbarrow with Christmas tree in it.

Small Vintage Garden Accessories

As you make your garden plans for decorating, don’t forget to consider the variety of garden accessories available to add to your space.

The options are many, from reliable garden hoses to charming vintage sprinklers, metal and glass cloches, terracotta pots, and beautiful old baskets.

Adding to these accessories are cute garden signs and old books. As a collector, I can attest that flower frogs are one of my favorites. I have many lining the shelves in my She-shed.


Large Vintage Garden Accessories

Watch for larger pieces to elevate your outdoor spaces as you scour for vintage treasures. Charming rustic planters, captivating stone garden statues, and possibly an old weathered chair can be found. A potting bench, an old galvanized washtub, or an old ladder can add character to your garden. Don’t overlook an old bicycle or rusty bed frame railing for an element of surprise.

Other Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

Other features and elements often used in the vintage garden decor style include faded, weathered, or distressed finishes. You can see this on many vintage treasures such as terracotta pots, galvanized buckets, and stone statues.

Salvaged architectural elements such as old doors, windows, and gates can be repurposed as decorative accents or focal points in your indoor or outdoor space. Consider classic vintage-inspired lighting such as string lights, lanterns, or lampposts to enhance the ambiance.

Vintage garden decor Indoors- Vintage She Shed made of old windows and doors lit up with market lights in the evening

Adding color to your Vintage Garden Decor

Floral patterns in fabric cushions or tablecloths can evoke a vintage garden atmosphere. Finally, when it comes to choosing outdoor plants for your space, you can add old-fashioned charm with cottage garden flowers like
Roses, Lavender, Hollyhocks, or Peonies.

How to Use Succulents in Beautiful Floral Arrangements-A chair in the garden with the seat planted with succulents

How to Style the Kitchen with Vintage Garden Decor Indoors

As the heart of our home, the kitchen serves as a place for us to congregate and connect. To add a unique look and freshness, I sought out pieces that would add character and charm to the room.

Best Vintage Garden Decor Ideas For Indoors- kitchen decorated for summer with vintage garden decor.
Kitchen island decorated with vintage garden decor indoors. Birdhouses, watering cans, clay pots and garden frogs.

Among my selections were galvanized watering cans, birdhouses, gardening books, various accessories, and house plants. The resulting ambiance breathed new life into our kitchen.

Gardening books, a basket of plants and vintage floral frogs displayed on the kitchen counter and

How to Style a Kitchen Table Inspired by the Garden

You may not think of using vintage finds from the garden to style a dining table. But it’s a great idea! For my kitchen table display, I used a variety of garden decor in different ways. Classic terracotta pots hold plants, and utensils, serve as centerpiece decor, and even make a creative cake stand for a rustic Angel Food Cake.

A galvanized metal watering can is the perfect container for a floral arrangement. Scattered throughout are old garden tools for a fun surprise.

This vintage garden display looks equally beautiful with neutral textiles or against a colorful table runner. There are so many beautiful ways to style a kitchen table inspired by the garden.

Vintage garden decor indoors- table set wth a blue and white tablecloth, red terracotta pots, fresh flowers and vintage garden clippers
- table set wth a blue and white tablecloth, red terracotta pots, fresh flowers . A cake displayed on a garden pot and saucer stand.

Styling the Family Room with Vintage Garden Decor

The vintage garden decor takes center stage in our family room. The addition of vintage leather-bound books, terracotta pots, and delicate flower frogs creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Adding pops of greenery in the form of plants add life to the room, while vintage gardening tools lend character to the decor.

The coffee table is decorated with a pot of fresh hydrangeas, a stack of old books topped with a collection of terracotta saucers, and a summer candle in a wicker container.

Vintage books with an old floral frog on top along with a terracotta pot and am smaller floral frog.
How to decorate with plants- white hydrangea bush on the coffee table with old books, clay saucers and a wicker candle all sitting on a wooden tray.
Vintage floral frogs with a old garden tool on the table.

Styling the Entryway with Vintage Garden Decor

My love for vintage garden decor indoors starts in my entryway.

My collection of vintage items includes an old typewriter and filing drawers, weathered garden baskets, and accessories.

Layering in lots of terracotta pots and saucers with a mix of fresh and faux greenery. The two together add a nice pop of color to contrast against the distressed textures and neutral walls.

How to decorate with plants- Vintage pine console table decorated with plants and vintage garden decor in the house

Tour the Vintage Garden Decor Inside the She Shed

Most of you probably know that my creative studio is lovingly called “The She Shed.”

We began construction in 2017, intending to create a space where I could create.

If you want to learn more about how The She Shed came to be, read the story here: Welcome to The She Shed: Inside My Design Studio.

Woman standing inside of the She-shed holding a garden basket full of flowers

Since we live in a historical house, I wanted the shed to reflect the age of the house. To help achieve this, we used some fascinating upcycled materials for construction, such as old doors, vintage windows, repurposed barn wood, and even an assortment of old chair spindles.

Once it was complete, I got to work filling the space with antique furniture and vintage treasures to make it special. My large table is the perfect focal point and an ideal workspace for all my projects. I also utilized an old chicken cage, metal cabinets, wooden crates, and an old ladder hung from the ceiling. These pieces are functional for storage and fit in beautifully with the vintage garden decor theme.

Displaying my collections

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about gardening and collecting beautiful things to enhance my garden space.

When I discovered the concept of a She-shed, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to display my different collections of garden decor. With my little sanctuary, I have curated an atmosphere that inspires me and connects me with my garden.

Bookshelf in the She-shed decorated with vintage garden terra cotta pots
Vintage garden scale planted in the she shed  and hanging in front of a window
Front of she shed with the door open. Decorated with vintage garden decor indoors

Surround yourself with the things you love

From vintage watering cans to an array of unique plants, each piece brings me joy and fulfills my love for gardening. My advice to anyone looking to create their perfect garden oasis is simple: surround yourself with the things you love. Let your heart lead the way and create a space that makes you happy. What a little bit of beauty can do for the soul is amazing.

Interior of Wm Designhouse she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Well, that about wraps it up for me! As you can see, there are many ways to bring the garden indoors for the summer. I hope this has inspired you to think outside the box and add vintage garden decor to your home.

Next up on our home tour is my friend Tammy @whitelilacfarmhouse. Tammy is such a sweetheart; you will love her tips for bringing color into your home this summer. And don’t forget to check back for Thursday and Friday’s tours.



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  14. Wendy, I am always in awe of your lovely she shed. It is such a charming space. You do a wonderful job of using it not just for planting, but for displaying so many creative vignettes! We live on a small lot in a planned community and we have added about everything we can to our lot, so there won’t be a she shed for me! I admire all of your gardening. I don’t think I know where you live. I used to garden quite a bit when I lived in Ohio, but I am just getting my feet wet gardening in our central Florida climate. Right now I am happy with a little corner of space with some hydrangeas and heat tolerant hostas. I would love to join in such a hop like this in the future!

    1. Thank you so much, Chloe. I love my shed, but there are times (like now) when things are piled up, and she needs a good cleanup. It may have to be my weekend chore.
      I would much rather create than clean, but it has to be done. Kelly from the tattered pew puts these tours on, I am sure you could e mail her and get on the list. I had to wait a while to get on, but so worth it.
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    1. Thank you, Tammy. Oh, we would be in big trouble shopping together. There are so many great Estate sales around here. I need to make a new moss chair as this one is going to kick the bucket soon. Cant handle all of the rain on the wood, so sad.

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