19 Best Ideas for Inside of Your She Shed Oasis

If you’re looking for she-shed ideas for the inside of your shed – you’ve come to the right place! The possibilities for transforming this quaint little space into an inspiring and inviting haven are endless. From a cozy home office, modern craft areas, and rustic home decor displays to a colorful garden.

Here I will provide 19 of the best ideas, plus a lot more inspiration to help bring out your creative touch while creating a stylish sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. So please grab a cup of tea, lose yourself in our stunning visual inspiration, and start planning the ultimate personal oasis!

She Shed interior

What is a She-shed

A true definition of a shed is “a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, or a workshop.”

A She-shed is the female equivalent of a man cave, a refuge where she can escape from her husband, noisy children, work, and other responsibilities and relax alone.

Typically a simple structure is built in the backyard to create a private space for a woman.

laughing in the she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
inside of a She-shed-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

History of the She-shed

The concept of a space for a woman to retreat is not new. It goes back to the Victorian Era.

Women would leave the main house for the summer house, a small building built in their gardens for relaxation.

In the same era, men and women would socialize in separate rooms. For example, we live in a historic house today with a parlor where the women would socialize and a living room where the men socialize. This was very common at the time our home was built.

Ideas for the inside of your She-shed

She-sheds are a dedicated space for women to relax, exercise, create, work, and just be.

1. Being an avid gardener, and a crafter, I use mine as a potting shed and a craft room. I find my She-shed is the perfect place to be creative.

A potting shed offers a quiet haven for any green thumb. It’s designed practically and aesthetically, with windows to welcome the natural light required for healthy plant growth and an inviting atmosphere perfect for taking some time off from the outside world. Whether used predominantly to nurture plants or soak up their serenity – this versatile structure can provide a haven for your soul.

I have collected most of my furniture and decor from flea markets and estate sales. You can get the best deals and find so many interesting pieces.

19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

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Styles of She-sheds

There are several styles of backyard sheds. It all depends on what your style preference is.

Greenhouse styles She-shed ideas for the inside.

Greenhouse Style- Greenhouses provide a regulated environment where plants can thrive and flourish, regardless of external climate conditions. From tiny gardening sheds to large-scale industrial facilities, these carefully crafted structures use transparent materials such as glass to create an ideal home for any plant requiring special attention.

Sweet Valley Acres

My friend Crystal @sweetvalleyacres has a gorgeous greenhouse-style She-shed made of all glass windows and doors. This makes for a beautiful place to dine for the evening or serve a dessert bar inside. And look at these views. They are breathtaking.

Sweet Valley Acres-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Sweet Valley Acres-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Shiplap and shells

Kim @shiplapandshells lives in Washington on a gorgeous lake, another stunning greenhouse-style She-shed with a gorgeous view. Kim is an avid gardener with a very green thumb. She preps her seedlings on warming pads in her shed in the spring. You are in for a real treat when you visit her site.

She shed on the Lake -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
She shed on the Lake -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

living large in a small house

My friend Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse lives in the cold country of Chicago, where you definitely need a greenhouse. Lynn uses her She-shed to plan gardening and changes the interior decor for special events. Recently she created a bar inside for her daughter’s wedding. You can tour Lynn’s springtime greenhouse HERE.

Shed shed in the garden-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Bar set up-Shed shed in the garden-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Farmhouse 1820

Brooke @farmhouse1820 has quite a large farm shed. Keeping with the greenhouse feel. I love how beautifully her shed mixes with mother nature. It feels like it’s been here for centuries. Brooke loves to host weddings inside the garden house of her dreams. Who wouldn’t want to get married in this sweet She-shed?

wedding inside of she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Southern Home and Farm

My dear friend Rhonda @southernhomeandfarm lives in one of my favorite states, Texas. She has a fantastic farm with her darling greenhouse and a new silo that is so fabulous. Rhonda is another talented gardener that makes everything she touches beautiful. She has a lovely blog full of so much inspiration.

Shed shed in the garden-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Shed shed in the garden-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Ideas for a rustic-styled She-shed: Inside and out

Rustic shed- Rustic design adds a touch of nature to your space with its natural, aged, and organic elements. Its distressed look gives it that added element of warmth and character.

wm design House

My She-shed is a cross between rustic and farmhouse. I find the two styles go hand in hand. My shed is made of all repurposed materials and filled with rusty, chippy treasures. Yes, I know the paint is falling off. It’s supposed to look that way, just part of the charm you get with the rustic look. This cabinet is an old chicken cage I found at a flea market and is perfect for storing my flower pots.

Exterior of Wm Designhouse she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Interior of Wm Designhouse she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

The Cottage scribe

This sweet She-shed from Laura @thecottagescribe is right up my alley. Can you even believe it has a wrap-around porch and a faux fireplace? So full of charm with the wood paneling and this inviting vintage sofa. You can visit Laura on Instagram HERE.

She-shed exterior -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Farmhouse style She shed inside ideas

The farmhouse decor draws inspiration from the past to create a unique, timeless style. With its rustic warmth and traditional cues, this charming look is given an updated edge when infused with modern touches. Very similar to the rustic style She-shed.

the ponds farmhouse

My friend Rachel @thepondsfarmhouse has the most adorable She- shed! Rachel and her husband built this shed from the ground up, which is very impressive. It has so much farmhouse charm, just like her main house. Rachel knows how to decorate the shed with such style for all holidays. And she made that adorable apothecary cabinet out of an Ikea cabinet! You can find all the details on her blog.

inside of a she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Rustic Wild Arrow

Create livable spaces as my friend Holly @rusticwildarrow has in her She-shed. It shows you that you can add coffee tables, couches, or any comfortable furniture to your outdoor structure to enjoy. I could imagine meeting with my book club in this adorable She-shed. Her space is so charming and feels like home sweet home.

Exterior shed-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Interior shed-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Cottage style She-shed ideas on the inside

The cottage style offers a vibrant, inviting atmosphere with its intricately-detailed furniture and delightful accents. Textured elements like baskets, beadboard walls, and natural rugs give off an antique yet warm charm, further complemented by the natural colors from the flower gardens.

Life in the Pike

Isn’t this the cutest love shack you have ever seen? This is the ultimate cottage style with adorable scalloped shingles and wood siding. Haley enjoys relaxing in her shed while enjoying the beautiful view of her yard. You can find Haley on Instagram HERE.

She-shed exterior -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
She-shed interior -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

The cottage style can also include shutters, awnings, and window boxes for added charm.

cottage styled she shed- 19 Ideas for the inside of your She-shed
19 Ideas for the inside of your She-shed

Modern She-shed style

The structural elements of the modern style She-shed are displayed in an environment of clean lines, natural materials, and colors. An appreciation for light, texture, and simplicity is encouraged with a focus on horizontal or vertical features – no frills required! Highlighting organic surfaces such as leather, wood, and fibers add authenticity, while unadorned windows balance the space.

She-shed exterior -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Construction of a She-shed

My shed is a small space with large windows and vintage french doors. There is nothing pretentious about it.

The best thing about my old shed is that it is made of all repurposed materials. We started with old barn wood we purchased from a lumber yard that tears down old barns. Next, we found vintage french doors from a second-hand store and large barn windows. We even used old solid paneled doors for the sides of the shed below the windows.

There are many different materials you could use to build your She-shed. You could start with an entirely new shed. It truly depends on your outdoor space, what aesthetic you are looking for, and what you intend to use your shed for.

You could start with a storage shed from Home Depot and add windows and doors for a great addition. You can also purchase a shed kit to build a prefabricated shed or hire a professional that makes She-sheds. I have seen some of the cutest She-sheds over the years, many with a stone path and beautiful gardens that create a relaxing retreat.

Ideas for the inside of your She-shed

The interior of your She- shed is a blank canvas to create your style and fit your needs.

My interior design is very eclectic and filled with mostly vintage decor.

The She-shed is a great place to hang my garden tools and plant my seeds for spring planting. So whether you use your shed for a specific purpose or just a storage space, it is fun to decorate and create your own space. You can see that I even used old vintage posts and garden tools to decorate my doors.

terra cotta pots-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
Vintage garden tool used for door knob-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
  • 1. We left the interior walls open and gave them a fresh coat of paint with simple white walls for the interior. It is very rough and gives a rustic feel inside the shed.
  • 2. A ladder hangs from the ceiling to create a focal point. I love to dry flowers and hang them from the ladder. Not only is it a great place to dry flowers, but they look so great hanging in the shed. It is all about the personal touch you apply to your shed.
shelves in the she shed
mirror on back wall

More She-shed ideas for the interior

  • 3. Use lots of hooks on the walls to hang baskets, garden tools, wreaths, and more.
  • 4. Use a mirror on the back wall to create a reflection. This makes the shed feel and looks larger.
  • 5. Build shelves along the walls to display your books and treasures. I
vintage planted scale hanging n the she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
old tool chest used for storage in she shed
  • 6. Hang fun decor, like an old vintage scale, to add interest.
  • 7. Use furniture and tables that also can be used for storage. For example, I have a large chicken cage that is very useful for storage. In addition, I have the perfect spot to store bins under my large work table. Most She-sheds have very little space, so you need to use the area wisely.
  • 8. Purchase old metal tool bins at estate sales to store your small tools. These are great to stack together for added storage.
  • 9. Create a sitting space where you can relax with comfortable seating.
  • 10. Add a cute desk under a window where you get lots of natural light to work.
Woman relaxing inside of her She-shed-19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed
chair spindles in transom in she shed -19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

Think outside of the box when decorating your interior space

  • 11. Add string lights along the interior and exterior of the shed for lighting.
  • 12. Add lots of large windows for natural lighting.
  • 13. A Transom adds openness and fresh air. I used old vintage chair spindles I had been collecting to create my transom.
  • 14. Set up a sewing machine in your shed for a sewing room away from the house.
  • 15. Create a wedding venue like Brooke has to host small weddings.
  • 16. Add a bed or a couch if you have room for the perfect napping spot or a place for guests to stay the night.
  • 17. Create a dining area like Crystal, especially with a beautiful view.
  • 18. If music is your thing, create a music studio and have fun decorating it with all the music decor you love.
  • 19. Movie night in the She- shed would be so fun, a perfect girl’s night out.

I hope you found this inspiring.

With these amazing ideas, anyone can create a stunning She-shed oasis! Take your time and pick the perfect design that truly speaks to you. Everyone deserves a special place where they can relax and do what they love to do – why not start yours today?



Exterior of a charming greenhouse- 19 Best Ideas for the Inside of Your She Shed

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    Is it antiqe?
    Details please.

    1. Hi Ethel, The three-shelf cabinet is an antique pie safe that folds up. It is so charming and I love using it for storage.

  3. Oh, those are all so amazing! I got wrapped up in all of the beautiful different styles. We have no place for a she shed in our current yard, but I’ve always dreamed of having one.

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    1. Thank you, Renae. Greenhouses and She sheds are a true gift to us women.

  7. Amazing Wendy!!! One place for so much inspiration and creativity. I definitely cannot pick a favorite and have gotten so many ideas for my next she shed. The next one I want to have more solid walls and maybe a heater so I can spend more time in it. Thank you so very much for sharing little Annie!

    1. A heater would be amazing! I would just like some electricity, lol! I know that Lynn’s is heated, lucky her. I enjoyed sharing your beautiful pictures.

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