Saturday Sharing from the She-Shed Volume 32

Hello from Sunny California!

The temperatures have been in the triple digits for several days, and I hope for some relief soon. Hurricane Hillary is off the coast of California, and we are supposed to get loads of rain this weekend.

I think it is just hot everywhere.

We try to get out early in the morning for a walk before we must hunker down in the air conditioning. One of my favorite things is to see the wildlife out and about.

Even the squirrels stopped to take a rest on the bench.

rabbit in the dirt
Butterfly up close
Squirrel resting on the bench arm.

Weekend Adventures

Last weekend we went to San Jose to help some friends with a project. They are giving their kitchen a bit of a facelift, and we helped paint the new wooden stove top hood with the most incredible paint from Modern Masters.

Isn’t this amazing? This paint is a metal finish process using three different products. I love the effect.

painted oven hood

What’s Happening in the Garden

The garden is still going strong despite facing a few hurdles this week.

First, the high temps, and secondly I had a bit of a fungus issue.

The fungus hit the dahlias hard. I gave them a good haircut and sprayed them. They seem to be coming back nicely and should give us a few more blooms before the weather changes.

The zucchini still gives us plenty of vegetables, and the Coleus, Rudebeckia, and Zinnias look fantastic.

Rudebeckia in the garden
Coleus in the garden

Even with the warm temperatures, I have started to decorate for fall and start my DIY projects.


What Happened This Past Week

I Made My Own Fall Tree

A woman drilling holes in a birch branch to create a diy fall tree

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Magnolia Arrangement

DIY Magnolia Fall Centerpiece from WM DesignHouse

Things that have inspired me this week

One of the best parts of being a blogger is reading others blogs. I am always so inspired by what I see. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Kids are back to school and my friend Chloe made the cutest BTS cake.

I also love this DIY wall art, these botanical prints are fabulous.

And I loved reading these mouthwatering recipes and facts all about watermelon.

If you are looking for a quick and beautiful DIY for fall, my friend Rachel made these adorable napkin rings.


Fabulous Finds for August

I know the daytime temperatures are still high, but I can feel the evenings cooling off. Or maybe it’s just my imagination because I’m so ready for fall. How about you? Here are a few things I am looking forward to.

  • I cannot wait to slip on my cozy sweater coat for a relaxed evening around the fireplace or throw this blanket over my legs.
  • I will add lots of fall decor around my home in the next few weeks, including these gorgeous hammered brass candlesticks and these linen throw pillows. I love the soft-washed linen material with the raw edge they have. I even have a fun DIY I will be doing with one of the pillows.
  • I bought these faux pomegranates last year and loved the pop of color they give on my coffee table in a beautiful wood vase. They are just the right amount of color.
Amazon Fall Finds

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Shopping with friends

Michele @vintagehomedesigns

  • I shared this adorable pleated lampshade on my Instagram this week, and so many of you loved it! I got so many messages wanting the link.
    It comes in 2 sizes and you won’t believe the price! I replaced a shade on a lamp in my sitting area with the larger size for a change, and I am loving it!
    There is also a really cute blue pattern one that I bought, as well.
  • Last month I shared a super cute and cozy outfit that I have been wearing this summer.
    I discovered last week that it also comes in a long sleeve version, so I just got one and planning to order another color.
    It has been a great travel outfit this summer and still cute for running errands or a lunch date.
  • I am a sucker for all things pumpkin, so I had to have this cute white pumpkin shape soup tureen. I think it will look cute this fall mixed in with my ironstone soup tureen collection.
    There are also small individual soup bowls with a lid that go with it.
  • And can we talk about this glass pumpkin dome?? It is a bit of a splurge, but it would be so amazing for fall decor and functional, as well.

Amy @amysadlerdesigns

My friend Amy is sharing all of her favorite fall scents.

Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse

Cindy @reinventeddelaware

Diane @southhousedesigns

  • Transitioning to Fall? Scents are a great starting point. Perfect timing. Pier 1’s celebrating their birthday with 61% off many items. Their highly rated, really large and beautiful $39.95 candles are included!!! At $15.59 maybe I don’t have to decide between Pumpkin, Apple Crisp or Rustic Woodlands (three of my favorites).
  • This long lumber pillow from Hearth & Home would be great along the back of the couch. swapping out for two brighter blue and white Summer throw pillows. It’s long enough it would probably fill a loveseat. The texture is perfect for transitional coziness.
  • Home Goods always has an amazing assortment of seasonal decor accents. This crystal ball with swirling smoke inside caught my eye. It would be a great focal point in a tray display. Along with this tower skulls.
  • Seasonless question: Have you tried Tube Mascara yet? Woo hoo! I love it! My fave, this one from Tarte, is on sale (that never happens) for $15. (shipping included!) That’s a steal. Hurry over while it lasts. They call it lash extensions in a tube. That might be over-selling it a bit, but I do agree it’s great!

On that happy note, I hope you have a great weekend, and I will see you next week.


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  1. I would have never guessed that the range hood was wood! WOW, I am amazed, I am saving this in my kitchen ideas. We had planned to begin ours in the fall, but looks like a bathroom remodel will be happening which I honestly wasn’t so crazy about. My 1950’s bath was something I wanted to hold on to forever, but looks like the ole` gal will be getting some changes due to water damage. I hope you get some relief soon, the weather has been a bugger this year, that is for sure. We started out slow here in Ohio, but now the heat is making it difficult to even get outside to enjoy the sun. I need my sunshine, something new for me, I have not had a suntan since I was 18, too busy being an adult I guess. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week Wendy!

  2. So many great fall finds here!

    And I feel you pain with the triple digits temps. It’s been horrible here and no end in sight.

    I hope you get some rain, but no storm damage.

    1. Thank you Michele. I think we have already gotten well over 4″ today. So far no damage. Hoping the night will be calm.

  3. I’m loving that sweater coat, Wendy! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! It is one of my favorites for sure.

  4. Wendy, I love that metallic paint for your friend’s stove hood! Would love to see the process. And that squirrel resisting no the bench arm-too cute. Thanks for sharing my watermelon post! You are the best. P.S. the link to the botanical one didn’t work for me.

    1. Hi Mary, The metallic paint is quite something. It is called Modern Masters. It is a three-process paint. We put two coats of primer, then two coats of bronze metallic paint.
      When it is still wet on the second coat, you spray on the green patina spray, which oxidizes the paint. My friend wanted it darker, so we added a few more layers. I will e mail the image of the product.
      I loved your Watermelon post so much! Yikes on the botanical print link. I will go in to fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for sharing my napkin rings today. I plan to share your DIY Fall Tree tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend.

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