Saturday Sharing from the She-shed Volume 18

What’s Happening at WM Design House

Happy Saturday my friends!

We are currently in Pflugerville Texas visiting our oldest son, his wife, and two daughters.

Our son moved to Texas with his wife about a year ago. They bought a house from an IG influencer named @ourfauxfarmhouse. It is such a fun house full of all kinds of interesting touches. It still has a lot of that farmhouse charm, and get a load of the girls play house.

farmhouse bathroom with green and white wallpaper
play house wit little girl sitting on the steps

This was our first time meeting our newest granddaughter Lucy who is three weeks old.

We are loving spending time with the girls, we took a trip to Home Depot to get a few plants, You can never start them in the garden too early! Teaching little Gabby to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Have you ever heard of nut grass? well, it is out of control in Texas and apparently nothing kills it. And the dirt, or should I say mud definitely makes it a challenge to garden. We tried to plant a few flowers around the playhouse, time will tell if they survive or not. I think planting in pots or raised beds is the way to go around here.

Little girl smelling the flowers
Little girls with new baby sister

Recent blog posts

Just in case you missed something last week. I was only able to get one post written since I was traveling.

Have you seen the mushroom decor craze this year? I’m sharing all about it and how to make these amazing oversized mushrooms out of moss.

Working with moss is one of my favorites. I love bringing fresh green into the house this time of the year. I decorated my front porch and my kitchen table with several of these mushrooms that I made in one hour. They are so whimsical and added the perfect touch to my home.

Three moss-green mushrooms are sitting on the front steps of the porch.
Table decorated with different size mushrooom and flower pots for spring.

Coming Soon

I have two great posts planned for this week. I will be joining three of my blogger friends for an adventure of “Thrifting with the Gals” on Thursday, so be sure to stop by to see what we all found while we were out thrifting.

My Favorite Blog Posts from The Web

On to other happy notes, let me share some of my favorite posts on the web this week. There were so many great posts. Here are just a few of my favorites.

My friend Crystal @sweetvalleyacres shares all of the latest home trends you can find for 2023. Her pool is amazing. Her family laid every one of these tiles by hand to cover every inch of the pool, it took them weeks, but so worth it in the end. Isn’t it beautiful?

Swimming pool

Kim @Cottageinthemitten shares the best home decor books to buy now! I don’t know about you, but I could spend days looking at home decor books and love to showcase them on my coffee table.

Chair with coffee table books

I know, this garden is heavenly! Meet Kim @shiplapandshells she is one heck of a gardener and shares all of the do’s and do nots about planting a cut flower garden.

cut flower garden

Do you like to work with air dry clay? my friend Michelle @thistlekeylane made these sweet bird dishes. Aren’t they adorable? I think I am going to have to give these a try.

three bird dishes created out of air dry clay

Get ready for May Day

Regina @savedfromsalvage shares a great post all about May Day and the simpler times! In addition, she shares this cute tutorial on how to make a May day bouquet to hang on a friends door.

May Day basket full of fresh flowers

Oh… there are always so many good posts! It was so hard not to share them all ….

That about wraps it up for me this week. We have a few more days in Texas to enjoy with the kids before we return home.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Your grands are just beautiful and congrats on your growing family! Thanks so much for sharing my home decor book post! Happy and safe travels, friend!

    1. Thank you Kim! I hope these kids slow down for a while, LOL I’m getting tired.

  2. Oh, I love seeing photos of your adorable grandbabies! I’m eager to hear more about your trip…we battle nut grass here too! Ugh!

    Love all of your posts!

  3. I love those fabulous moss mushrooms, Wendy. And I’m so happy to hear that you spent time with your family. You are so blessed. Thank you so much for sharing my garden post.

    1. It is always a pleasure to feature you my friend!

  4. Your grand babies are beautiful. Your family is so blessed! I had never heard of nut grass or that the soil wasn’t great. That sure would make life difficult if you are a gardener. Love your moss mushrooms – they are so pretty. So many great shares! Wow Kim’s garden is so gorgeous – all the color and everything is so healthy! Thank you so very much for sharing my post. Just thinking back to the two years of building that pool makes me tired! Good thing it is refreshing!

    1. Thank you, Crystal. Your home and pool are really beautiful and so worth all of your efforts. Hopefully you will have
      a lovely summer and can enjoy relaxing by the pool.

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