Saturday Sharing from the She-Shed Volume 25

It’s only Friday afternoon here, but it sure feels like a Saturday to me.

We have three of our granddaughters for four days and we are having a great time.

We took the girls to see a movie this afternoon and I just about fell asleep. I am not used to all of this activity, but it sure is fun.

Tomorrow we are going to venture to the open air market to get some fresh produce and then home to do some cooking. Our one granddaughter, Mckinley loves pickles, so we are going to make homemade pickles and a dessert for our outdoor concert tomorrow night. A low carb angel food cake with berries is sounding good.

I am continuing the intermittent fasting plan, so I am trying to keep the dessert light and healthy.

Monroe with a big smile. Little girls about 3 with blonde curls

I have been walking with a friend at the Arboretum, which is our local botanical gardens and the peacocks have been putting on a show.

It is mating season and the males spread their feathers and make a distinctive sound with their feathers called crooning which is used during mating season.This is done at sunrise and sunset when the peacocks are most active.

A peahen will choose a mate based on who has the largest and most colorful feathers, often focused on the lower portion of the train.

To signal acceptance, the peahen will crouch down on the ground and the peacock will perform what’s known as a ‘hoot dash’, rushing towards the peahen, making a loud call.

male peacock resting in the dirt
Male Peacock with his feathers open.

Do you ever wonder why the male birds are so beautiful and the poor females are plain Jane? I always feel bad for the females.

female peacock with two babies
trees at the arboretum

In other news, our local bear was back this morning. We live at the base of a mountain, but this is the first year this guy has come down as far as our street. We were out for an morning walk and there he was two doors down having ice cream for breakfast.

Bear eating Ice cream

What’s Happening at WM Design House

The garden continues to grow.

I cut my first Dahlias and made a small bouquet this week.

The colors of cardinal and gold for USC, the college my husband and daughter attended here in Southern California.

The morning glory are vigorously climbing the garden arch, I can imagine the entire arch will be covered soon.

cardinal and gold dahlias
Garden arch with pink morning glory

I found this darling birds nest, it had fallen from the tree and landed perfectly on this big leaf.

And the cucumbers are coming along nicely. We will cut these two tomorrow to add to our pickle jars.

Birdsnest fallen from a tree
Cucumbers growing on the vine in the garden bed.


What Happened This Past Week

Have you ever had the Lemon- Ricotta cookies at the Nordstrom Cafe? I shared the recipe this week and boy are they delicious.

Lemon – Ricotta Cookies from the Nordstrom Cafe

The Best Lemon Ricotta Cookies: Nordstrom Cafe with Glaze- Lemon Ricotta cookies with glaze on a white ceramic pedastool tray

For those of you living in Gardening Zone 10A, I shared over 35 fantastic Perennials to add to your garden. Even if you do not live in zone 10A, this post is full of great gardening tips and advice regarding perennials.

35 Zone 10A Perennials to add to your Full Sun Garden

Perennials for zone 10A-Columbine flower in purple and white

Have you ever heard of a link party? This is where bloggers post their recent posts in one place for you all to enjoy. I host this party along with 6 other bloggers and post every Friday. You can check out the most recent blog post HERE to see what it is all about.

What’s New Next Week

We are headed to Florida on Tuesday to celebrate our twins turning thirty. Honestly, I do not know how they could possibly be this old already. Seems like yesterday the doctor told me I was having twins. I was six months pregnant and my husband and I were both in shock. We had no clue.

A few weeks later, I delivered two eight pound baby boys and life has never been the same.

These two completed our family of six, one girl and three boys.

I do have a few things planned and will try to get a post or two out, but I am planning on taking some time to enjoy the boys, our daughter in law and our new grandson.


As someone who values creativity, I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a multitude of gifted bloggers. Their works of art never cease to amaze and inspire me. Week after week, I eagerly anticipate the unveiling of their latest masterpieces.

Inspiration From Around The Web

Meet my friend Kim @cottageinthemitten. Kim has a heart of gold and wrote a beautiful post this week on Joy. Take a venture over to her blog for a wonderful read, you will be so glad you did.

Summer is here and we are all getting our pools ready for the summer. This beautiful pool belongs to Crystal @sweetvalleyacres. This is a great post all about outdoor spaces and how to use them.

Father’s Day is tomorrow, and this post from Jen @midwestlifeandstyle is full of great recipes. So make your grocery list and get cooking.

an assortment of fathers day bbq recipe images

I love this pretty blue and white living room from my friend Kim @perfecting places.

Blue and white living room

You will also love this easy custom planter box liner.

And these 15 ways to use ticking fabric.

Who doesn’t love rocky road ice cream? especially when it is homemade. My friend Melanie @southerncrushathome has the best recipe.

On that happy note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday.

pink vintage bike of living large in a small house
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  1. Erminda Dominguez says:

    Fabulous Wendy!! Last time I was thrifting near you I saw a peacock in a neighborhood as I was driving down the street. What a sight!!

    1. Hi Minda, one day, we will have to thrift together. That would be so much fun.

  2. What a great update Wendy with all you have been doing. I cannot get over how big your granddaughter has gotten. What fun they will have this weekend with you! So many great posts were shared as well. I cannot wait to check them all out! Have fun in Florida!

    1. Thank you Susan, I look forward to seeing the baby again.

    2. Happy Sunday, Wendy! I too, always wonder why the male birds are always the prettiest!! Thanks so much for your kind words and sharing my post on Joy! 💛

  3. Oh, my goodness! That bear! I would freak out!!! Loved all of the inspiration today…Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, sweet Leslie! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying celebrating Father’s Day.

  4. What a great post! Loved learning about the peacocks. I often wondered why the females in nature are plain but it makes sense that it keeps them hidden from predators especially when they are raising babies. Wow your dahlias are already blooming? Mine are barely growing. Your garden is amazing!!! Happy travels for the twins big 3-0 birthday! That was such a big one for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing my post on the outdoor spaces and then also the feature in the link party!!! What a surprise. I had no idea. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

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