Saturday Sharing from the She-Shed Volume 44

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

We’ve recently returned from vacationing on the Hawaiian Islands, a special place for my husband and I. Our first trip together to Hawaii was for our honeymoon in 1984. Luckily, residing in California makes the journey to Hawaii reasonably easy.

I’m curious if everyone intentionally plans vacations or if you make short weekend trips here and there.

As we have gotten older, I find it so important to plan time away. It is so easy to get lost in our day-to-day lives.

Taking a vacation is an important part of our lives; truth be told, the destination isn’t the critical factor. What truly matters is breaking away from our everyday routines, reconnecting with loved ones and friends, indulging in extra sleep, savoring unfamiliar cuisines, embracing the outdoors, and simply unwinding! This experience revitalizes the mind, body and soul.

We are so grateful that we have been able to travel with our dear friends, the O’Neills, for the past 7 years; we are so thankful for them and their generosity.

I am so thankful for all of the memories we have created together.

two couples eating dinner in Hawaii
Turtles swimming in Hawaii in the ocean
Shaved Ice in Hawaii

We walked over 5 miles a day along the beautiful shores and enjoyed watching the turtles ride the waves. I indulged in pineapple coconut shaved ice with macadamia ice cream; it was so delicious that I could eat it daily!

We watched the sun rise and set, read books, laughed, and shopped.

But the best was yet to come…….

Sunsets in Hawaii
Sunset in hawaii

Highlight of our Trip

Have you ever visited Pearl Harbor?

This is an image of the memorial of Pearl Harbor that sits over the sunken SS Arizona that the Japanese took down on December 7, 1941. This attack killed 2,403 U.S. Personnel.

1177 sailors and Marines were killed in the attack on the USS Arizona, and their bodies were never recovered. This monument stands in the water over the ship’s wreckage, representing their service and resting place.

Being a mother of a sailor was a humbling experience to be standing over these men and women. I stood and read many of their names and prayed for their families. As I turned to look out over the water, I witnessed oil coming up from the ship some 80 plus years later.

I cannot begin to tell you my feelings at that moment. It was one I will never forget.

I am so grateful to be an American and am 😒 thankful I could experience this in my lifetime.

Pearl Harbor Monument in Hawaii.
Oil from the SS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Part of a list of all of the men and women who lost their lives during World War II in Pearl Harbor on DEc. 7, 1941.

The Latest on the Blog

I was able to get a few posts done and update a few posts while I was gone.

 12 Unique Flower Vase Ideas On A Budget Made with Everyday Items

How to create gorgeous arrangements with everyday items

dough bowl filled with spring flowers


Our nights are still chilly, so why not whip up a cozy warm blanket to cuddle up on the couch?

 The Best Chunky Yarn for Crochet Blankets

Learn how to hand-crochet a blanket in under four hours, and find out which is the best yarn to use.

Wool chunky knit yarn being woven into a blanket

Looking for a creative wreath to make for your front door? This wreath can take you through winter, spring, and summer.

DIY Winter Wreath with Wood Flowers and Rustic Charm

Add some rustic charm to your front door

Winter wreath made with wood flowers on a vintage wood frame.

What I Found Inspiring This Week

Before you know it, we will be back in the garden! I am so ready, but before we do, here are a few fun projects to get you motivated.

If you need some gardening inspiration, you don’t want to miss this! My friend Stacy @bricksnblooms has written a book, “A Beautiful Easy-Care Flower Garden,” that will inspire you to get out and plant a garden.

Stacy's book - creating a beautiful garden

Rachel @thepondsarmhouse upcycled a hobnail lamp! Now, why did I not think of this!

Hobnail lamp

Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse shows us how to make a DIY interior design notebook! Don’t we all want to be interior decorators like Lynn?

interior decor notebook

This is a fabulous post about the vitality of old garden seeds by Kim @shiplapandshells. You have to see her incredible garden.


My friend Mary @lifeatbellaterra shows us how to clean our upholstery! I don’t know about you, but I needed this one.

cleaning upholstery

As I wrap up today. I hope you’ve enjoyed these glimpses into my life and what inspires me. Now it is time to get out in the garden this weekend before the rain comes again.

I wish you all a great week ahead.


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  1. Your trip sounds like it was amazing Wendy! My husband and I got married the same year.
    I hope you have a wonderful week and get some time in the garden.

    1. Wendy McMonigal says:

      Thank you Michele. How funny that we have the same anniversary year in common. Spring has finally arrived her in California and I’m loving all the time I get to spend in my garden now.

  2. Wendy, so glad to hear about your wonderful trip to Hawaii. It is magical there and I was fortunate to live there many years ago. Just the inspiration I need to plan a true getaway this year. You are correct, there are no words to describe the memorial at Pearl Harbor. I remember it vividly and all the somber feelings return. I am so grateful to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom.
    Thank you so much for the shout out for my upholstery cleaning post! And I love Stacy’s book filled with beautiful photos. Happy weekend!

    1. Wendy McMonigal says:

      We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends that make these trips possible. It truly feels like Heaven on earth.

  3. Miche Ortega says:

    So much inspiration — I love it. Thank you, Wendy, and for sharing those beautiful photos of your Hawaii trip. Just beautiful! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Miche. It was a great trip, but I am happy to be home too.

  4. What a wonderful trip! It looks amazing! I would love to go to Pearl Harbor one day.

    1. Thank you, Susan; seeing Pearl Harbor was such a blessing.

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