Sharing from the She Shed: Spring Gardening Inspiration

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May 17, 2022
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Spring Gardening Tips and Inspiration from The She Shed and Beyond

I am so excited to share my newest blog addition. “Sharing from the She Shed”

This will be a recurring segment on Saturdays where I can share what has inspired me this past week.

I have met so many wonderful blogging friends and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I hope you enjoy the dose of creative inspiration to get your weekend off to a great start!

Spring Gardening Inspiration
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From The She Shed: Planting Raised Flower Beds

If you haven’t yet started to think about spring gardening, here is your wake-up call, it’s the time! Depending on your climate, you may have started your spring gardening weeks ago, or you may still be patiently waiting for the last spring frost to pass.

Here in Southern California, I was able to start preparing for spring gardening pretty early. A few months ago, I shared my process on Preparing to Plant a Cut Flower Garden. Now that my seedlings have grown for about 6 weeks, I am ready to transplant them.

This year, I am using a few raised beds as I tend to have very hard soil. I have been working on amending it with Gypsum and Gro-Power, so we will see how successful I am with the plants I have put into the ground.

Raised garden beds saturday sharing in the she shed

As you can see, these raised beds are large and it takes a lot of matter to fill them.

I follow a specific plan when filling my bins to prepare them for planting.

Garden Bed Layering Process

  1. Cardboard
  2. Logs, twigs, sticks
  3. Mulch, yard clippings, leaves, etc.
  4. Compost
  5. Garden soil
  6. Raised planter soil
  7. Chicken manure
  8. Worm castings

This mix gives them a good start for the season. I then add my seedlings and also do some direct seeding.

This year, I planted only flowers in the front, including sunflowers, hollyhock, cosmos, zinnias, lupines, sweet peas, dahlias, Shirley poppies, and foxgloves.

In the back, where I have more shade, I planted cauliflower, beets hostas, and impatiens, and I added a few sunflowers in one area where I do get a little bit of sun.

Benefits of Raised Beds

  • Easier to garden since they are raised
  • Better chance of growing since the roots have ample space
  • Better soil conditions
  • Animals can’t trample as easily
  • Easy to cover if needed

That’s a little bit of what’s happening for spring gardening in The She Shed!

Now, I am so excited to share some of my very talented friends.

First, meet Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse; she is such an amazingly talented lady. She truly inspires me every day.

10 Best Herbs to Grow & Why – The Ponds Farmhouse

Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse shares the 10 Best Herbs to Grow and Why. Her post includes a ton of great information on both annual and perennial herbs and how to use them year-round. If herb gardening is something you are interested in for spring gardening, this is a must-read!

10 best herbs to grow and why - the ponds farmhouse

The Ponds Farmhouse

Now, meet my friend Kim, you will drool over her gorgeous garden! and today she is sharing all about foxgloves.

9 Things You Want to Know About Foxgloves – Shiplap and Shells

Kim shares 9 Things You Want to Know About Foxgloves on her blog, Shiplap and Shells. Foxgloves are a beautiful flowering biennial plant, and this post will provide answers to all your questions about growing this gorgeous plant in your own garden.

9 Things You Want to Know About Foxgloves - Shiplap and Shells

Shiplap and Shells

Check out this gorgeous shed and garden! This is Rhonda, one of my Texan gardening friends. She has the cutest green house and always has great gardening advice.

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed and Still Save Money – Southern Home & Farm

If you’re looking for a way to fill your raised garden beds on a budget, Rhonda at Southern Home & Farm recommends the Hugelkultur method. She shares the cost effective and environmentally friendly layering process she uses in her metal raised garden beds here.

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed and Still Save Money - Southern Home & Farm

Southern Home & Farm

Want to know how to start a Garden? meet Stacy, she is such a doll and will guide you through the beginning stages of creating a garden. Stacy just moved and I can’t wait to see what she does with her new garden.

Gardening 101: A Guide for Beginners – Stacy Ling

If you are interested in a comprehensive guide to prepare for all your spring gardening, Stacy Ling has you covered. Her Gardening 101 guide includes simple tips, tricks and inspiration that everyone will benefit from, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener looking to dive a little deeper.

Gardening 101: A Guide for Beginners – Stacy Ling

Stacy Ling – Bricks ‘n Blooms

Michel is also from Texas and is a beautiful interior designer with a love for vintage and gardening. A woman after my own heart.

How To Make a Topiary with Live Boxwood Cuttings – Vintage Home

Do you want to bring spring gardening indoors? Check out this tutorial from Michele at Vintage Home on How to Make a Topiary with Live Boxwood Cuttings. With a just a few supplies, you can make a super easy and inexpensive topiary to add beautiful spring greenery to your home.

How To Make a Topiary with Live Boxwood Cuttings – Vintage Home

Vintage Home

Love these Spring Gardening Shares from The She Shed?

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