Saturday Sharing from the She-Shed Volume 39

It’s the weekend and time for a bit of a rewind. I love to write my Saturday posts and share a bit about my week and what has been happening at WM Design House.

I have been knee-deep in getting my Christmas Decorations up, and I am just about finished in time to get ready for Thanksgiving. I’m grateful I had a few helpers this year.

Are you hosting this year? We will be having 16 people for dinner.

Have you noticed the trend in gingerbread decor for Christmas?

Gingerbread collage

Well, It is quite the rage, so I decided to create a gift for you.

I have been working on a prototype of a 3D gingerbread house.

You will be able to print them out and make your own ornaments, or houses to decorate your home with. They are so darn cute and easy to put together.

Weekday Adventures

Amid Christmas Tree decorating, I had to have some emergency oral surgery that was not fun, but I am feeling much better and back to my normal self.

Later in the week, I managed to get out and get some exercise. I find that I feel so much better if I take the time to get a good walk-in or a few games of Pickleball. It just makes the rest of the day so much better.

Girls playing Pickleball
fall tree on a blue sky day

What’s Happening at WM Design House

The house painting is coming along and it looks like we have settled on a color. It is quite a change from the existing color and I am anxious to see it on the entire house. It is a deep blue called Blue Note by Benjamin Moore with a very grey base.The trim will be all white.

house getting painted
House getting painted with swatch of the new color


What Happened This Past Week

I prepared my decorations for Thanksgiving.

Blue and Orange Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving table set outside with blue and orange decorations.

Two of the four Christmas trees are up and decorated.

My Natural Green and Gold Christmas Trees

Christmas trees in the family room decorated with green and gold decor ideas

I have been drying oranges to create some Christmas decorations.

Three Ways to Make Dried Orange Slices

dehydrated orange slices

What’s Happening Next Week

I will share 13 ways to make Christmas ornaments using the dried oranges I made this week.

And the best baked apples for your Thanksgiving dessert.

Orange star Christmas ornament
Baked apples

Fabulous Finds for November

Now, I have a special treat for you.

Four of my blogging friends and I are getting together and sharing our hand-picked favorite finds just for you! You will see this post on the third Saturday of every month. We will each be sharing a few of the items we are currently loving, and we think you will like them too.

Shopping with Friends

You can check the links below for our faves and be sure to pop over to visit their blogs. Each of these ladies has a beautiful blog with so much to share. I’m sure you will enjoy reading their posts.

‘Tis the season for decking the halls with boughs of holly and hustling to complete our shopping lists. I’ve recently completed my decorating spree and am eager to share some of my cherished discoveries with you.

  • I put two King of Christmas Nobel Fir Faux trees up in my family room this year and decorated them with a woodland theme full of darling critters from the forest. These trees are my absolute favorite. They look so natural and have over 600 lights on them.
  • Next, I added these wood jingle bells; they are amazing! And they come in large and small.
  • If you love the natural look for Christmas, you will love all of these great choices to make your holiday extra special.
Woodland Christmas collage with ornaments, blackets, pillows and other Christmas decorations

Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse

I was busy all week turning my house into a White Christmas. Which is my theme for this year. I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out.


  • Have you decided what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? I’m hosting so I like to have something I can quickly throw on before the meal. A green corduroy dress and camel boots are perfect! Or I might pick a beautiful blue sweater and jeans with my favorite slip on leather shoes! We’ll see what I pick on Thursday! haha!
  • I’ve also started thinking about what to wear for Christmas morning. We often have a houseful with our kids, their spouses and now our grandkids for breakfast. Joyspun pj’s from Walmart will be perfect! I’ll be comfy in a gorgeous red velour lounge set or an adorable plaid top and bottom while still feeling ‘dressed.’
  • We are getting a small whole turkey and a turkey breast this year. My non-stick roasting pan will hold both perfectly! I’ll be using Pyrex storage containers for the leftovers. An 18-piece set will hold a ton of leftovers. And a 10-piece set will keep individual servings in my freezer. The Pyrex dishes are also great to send leftovers for your guests.
  • Confession – I’ve put up some of my Christmas decorations! I haven’t pulled down the Christmas bins from the attic yet, but my bedroom has been fully decorated with just one new item this year! Our King Noble Fir 4-piece set includes a wreath, garland and two small trees. The Red Berry Collection set is gorgeous too! I love that I have the option to use battery power or plug each piece into the wall separately!

Diane @southhousedesigns

Are you expecting house guests over the holidays?

I love having house guests, even with just a two-bedroom home, we make it work. Starting with the bed. Every guest appreciates a comfy bed, even when you can’t offer a full bedroom.

Other Inspiring Posts this Week

So many wonderful posts this week with lots of Christmas Inspiration.

Rachel @thepondsfarmhouse made the cutest Hobb Knob Ornaments from Dollar Tree supplies.

Hobb Nail Ornaments
donna- pinecone ornaments

And Donna @anorganizedseason made these cute pinecone ornaments.

Jen @midwestlifeandstyle has a beautiful table to share with you, you will love the hurricane lamps she made.

And Elizabeth shares all kinds of great ideas for Advent Calendars.

Christmas packages wrapped in brown paper
Rustic Christmas Table

That wraps it up for me this week, I want to wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!


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  1. Hi Wendy! I love the color you selected for your house. The deep rich blue looks amazing. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas and links. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna. I am anxious for it to be done soon.

  2. Miche Ortega says:

    Thank you, Wendy, for all of the wonderful inspiration. I think your house is going to look awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. Wendy
    So much inspiration. I appreciate you so much for sharing my hobnail ornaments. You are the best.

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