Green and Gold Christmas Tree Ideas for your DIY Decor

Get ready to deck the halls with nature’s elegance and a woodland-themed green and gold Christmas tree.

 In this blog post, we’ll explore many creative and DIY ideas to transform your holiday tree into a stunning display of evergreen charm adorned with gold accents. 

Whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or love to experiment with new decor ideas, these green and gold Christmas tree ideas will inspire you to infuse your home with the spirit of the season in a unique way.

 Let’s embark on a journey of holiday decorating that marries the richness of nature’s hues with a whimsical touch. 

Christmas trees in the family room decorated with  green and gold decor ideas

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Last year, I put up three trees, and this year, I have added one more. I may be in trouble if I bring too many more Christmas trees home. But I can never get enough Christmas trees. I have a green slim tree in the dining room, a white flocked tree in the living room, and two noble fir trees in the family room, which I am thrilled to share with you today.

There are numerous possibilities with the green and gold color palette, so let’s delve into a variety of options.

Nature-inspired DIY Decor

I have chosen a neutral, nature-inspired theme, “Whimsical Wilderness” for my holiday decor this year. 

Wooden Jingle bells sitting on a sled in front of a Christmas Tree in a wooden box.

Embracing nature-inspired Christmas decor brings freshness and a sense of simplicity to the festive season.

Something is enchanting about weaving the beauty of the outdoors into our indoor spaces and creating a cohesive look.

From incorporating evergreen branches and pine cones to crafting handmade ornaments with natural elements, the result is a warm, earthy ambiance that captures the season’s essence. 

I love nature-inspired decor for its timeless charm and the connection it fosters with the outside, creating a holiday atmosphere that feels both cozy and magical. It’s a delightful way to celebrate the season while staying close to the simplicity and elegance found in nature.

Green and Gold Color Scheme 

I chose a few of my favorite colors—a palette of earthy shades of natural green, gold, rust, and deep brown. This is the complete opposite of what I did last year with all of the Christmas red. And I love the comfort and warmth we are feeling while we enjoy this year’s Christmas tree.

Color Palette for a naturally inspired Christmas with green, gold, ivory, rust, and brown.

Elements to Create a Natural Green and Gold Christmas Tree

It all starts with the perfect tree, and I chose King of Christmas’s Noble Fir faux tree with white lights, as this is my favorite tree.  These beautiful trees have open branches and look like you just cut them down in the forest. 

Fir Noble Christmas tree with lights only
Fir Noble Flocked  Christmas tree with lights only

Of course, you can opt for a live tree or a pretty white-flocked tree, which would be a great option. 

My favorite part was adding a natural wood tree box as the Christmas tree stand; this was a great way to carry the theme into our home. I was fortunate and found these on Facebook Marketplace for $25.00 each.

Wood tree box used as a Christmas Tree stand
Christmas trees in the family room decorated with green and gold decor ideas

You can always opt for a burlap tree skirt that would give you a similar natural feel. 

I started with a few rustic Christmas decorations (rusty bells) at the top of the tree and some gorgeous ribbon in a rust-colored velvet with a raw edge that gently flows down the top of the tree. 

Rusty bells on top of the Christmas tree with velvet ribbon
Velvet ribbon streaming down from the top of a Christmas tree with pinecones and rusty bells.

Next, I added a few pom-pom garlands in off-white felt and a wood bead garland. 

Pom pom garland on a green and gold tree for Christmas
Pom pom garland on a green and gold tree for Christmas

DIY Christmas Ornaments

 I made large pine cone ornaments by adding an eyescrew to the bottoms of the pinecone and weaving a velvet ribbon through the eye to hang them on the tree. This is a beautiful way to add a natural touch to your tree for free!

Take a field trip to your local mountains and collect some pinecones, or you may be lucky enough to have a pine tree in your own yard.  

You can also purchase pinecones to add to your tree. They add the true color of nature and are a sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas tree decorating idea.

I also made these adorable mushroom ornaments out of acorn caps I found in Texas and a small piece of a birch branch .

Pinecone ornament hanging in the Christmas tree with frayed edged gold velvet ribbon- decorating a tree in green and gold
A mushroom ornament made out of a small birch branch and an acorn cap.

I’m incorporating a few favorites like owls, foxes, moose, squirrels, and birds to infuse my tree with a personal touch reflecting my love for animals.

Whimsical mushrooms, rustic bells, antlers, and a few touches of gold ribbon are the perfect unexpected elements that make my tree special.  

Green and Gold Mantel Decor 

My two trees sit beside the fireplace, where I created similar mantel decor. 

I started with curly willow to create a frame for my greenery to drape the mantel. Adding white lights, pinecones, rusty bells, and loosely flowing strands of rustic velvet ribbon. 

The stockings hang awaiting the arrival of Santa under this natural arbor of fresh greenery and branches. 

greenery and branches adorn the mantel with pinecones, stockings and velvet ribbon.

 Traditional Elegance: Gold and Green Christmas Tree

Embracing a traditional theme for your Christmas tree exudes timeless elegance, showcasing a harmonious blend of lush green hues and shimmering metallic ornaments. 

Shades of kelly green stand out amongst the gold ornaments and feathers that make this tree so much fun. An assortment of wired ribbons add festive bows to the tree. This would be a perfect tree for a living room or dining room. 

green and gold tree
Image from momcandoanything

Light Green and Gold Christmas Tree Ideas

Using light green with gold is a beautiful and elegant look, fit for a queen. 

Decorating a tree in soft hues of light green and dazzling gold, accentuated by stunning ribbon, creates an enchanting holiday centerpiece. The delicate balance between these colors adds an air of sophistication while exuding a warm, festive glow. Incorporating intricately designed ribbons in gold hues intertwined with shades of light green elevates the tree’s elegance, bringing a touch of opulence to every branch. 

 Modern Glam: Contemporary Green and Gold Accents

This white-flocked tree is adorned with sleek and modern ornaments with vibrant shades of green and gold. Elevate its charm with a distinctive and non-traditional tree topper, infusing trendy elements while preserving a joyful and celebratory atmosphere.

 Personalized Touches

Remember to add your personal touches to your green and gold Christmas tree so they reflect your personality. I have a few suggestions for you to help you with this. 

1. Craft personalized ornaments with your family that suit your theme. Create ornaments using salt dough, hand-painted baubles, or DIY photo ornaments featuring memorable moments or family members’ names.

2. Integrate sentimental items like heirloom decorations passed down through generations, handmade ornaments from childhood, or ornaments commemorating special events.

3. Create themed trees that reflect your interests or passions.  Make it a family affair so each family member can add their special touch. 

Wrapping it Up

Coordinate your wrapping paper and ribbon with your tree’s theme for a beautiful look under your tree. I enjoy using brown craft paper and twine for a rustic look. Add a few clippings from the yard for a touch of green.

Lastly, create some tags to identify your gifts. I created these tags to go with my packages and you can download them for free as well as an 8.5 x 11 image you can print and frame.


  • Q: What color goes with gold on a Christmas tree?
  • Gold is a versatile and elegant color that pairs well with several other colors, especially on a Christmas tree. Here are some color combinations that complement gold beautifully:
  • Red and Gold: This classic combination exudes a traditional and festive vibe. Red ornaments, ribbons, and accents alongside gold decorations create a rich, regal look.
  • Green and Gold:  As you can see, this is my number one choice. Green, the color of traditional Christmas trees, pairs harmoniously with gold. Combine gold ornaments, ribbons, and lights with green foliage for a classic, natural look.
  • White and Gold: White creates a stunning contrast with gold. Mixing white ornaments, snowflakes, or lights with gold decorations can give your tree an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • Blue and Gold: Deep blue hues like navy or royal blue create a striking contrast with gold. Combine blue ornaments or ribbons with gold accents for a sophisticated and different look.
  • Q: What is the Christmas Color for 2023? 
  • This is always a controversial question, as it is a matter of personal preference. 
  • That said, pink continues to be on trend, as well as magenta pink and some of the brighter jewel tones. 
  • Red and green will always be in style as the holiday’s traditional colors.
  • In addition, one of the hottest trends is nature-inspired decorations, especially emphasizing woodland elements. Consider using pinecones, rustic wooden ornaments, and garlands crafted from twigs and berries. Incorporate faux fur tree skirts and ornaments themed around animals to cultivate a warm and welcoming feel. This approach will help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your decor.

Have a wonderful rest of the week,

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Natural inspired Christmas trees in wood boxes

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  1. totally amazing, Wendy!!! Love every inch and those adorable woodland animals are so fun. I’m grabbing all my little pals and ornaments!!

    1. Thank you, Debra. I am enjoying these little critters in my trees every night.

  2. Wendy. Both trees are oh so beautiful but my favorite is the woodland one! Thank you for the pretty printable tags too. You are so creative and both trees are stunning. I haven’t even started my holiday decorating!!

  3. Just gorgeous, Wendy!! I LOVE the woodland theme that you chose…that little fox is so stinkin’ adorable!! These colors along with the theme exude a calmness to me which is so nice during this season. This was so fun to read this morning. Your Christmas tree styling is incredible!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel. I have to agree with you, I needed some calmness this year and the neutral colors have certainly delivered.

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