DIY elegant Christmas ornaments 2021

You ask, “Can I make my own DIY elegant Christmas ornaments”? You bet you can.

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There are so many different ways to decorate these DIY elegant Christmas ornaments, however, I must say that gold leaf is my favorite way to create elegant Christmas ornaments.
You can do so many different things with these clear glass ball ornaments..
1. Add clear glue and glitter to the inside and personalize them on the outside.

  • Prepare your ornament by removing the hanging top.
  • Pour in the clear glue, coat the ornament’s inside, then pour out excess.
  • Add the glitter and coat the inside of the ornament, then pour out excess
  • Let dry
  • Add personalization to one or both sides of the ornament. You can use stickers, stencils, or freehand an initial onto the glass ball.

2. Insert. sand and shells to a clear ornament for a beach-themed tree.
3. Add confetti for a festive and bright-colored ornament.
4. Try using multiple colors of paint to the inside of the ball and swirl around for a modern swirl effect.
5. Fill the DIY glass ball Christmas ornaments with Christmas candy.
6. Wrap the entire ornament with rope, using a glue gun.
7. Add faux snow to the inside of the DIY glass ball Christmas ornaments.
8. Cut up vintage sheet music and insert into the clear ball.
9. Fill the ball partially with sequins or glitter.

Today, I want to share my absolute favorite way to decorate these DIY elegant Christmas ornaments with gold leaf

First,  Start with clear glass ball ornaments. I bought them with the silver tops and spray painted them with gold spray paint.
You cannot use acrylic plastic ornaments, they must be glass.
Secondly,  using white acrylic paint ( I bought this at Michaels), squirt some into the glass ball and shake it until the white paint has covered the entire inside of the ball.

 Thirdly, turn the ornaments upside down and let the residual paint drain the ornament into a plastic cup, I like to let them sit overnight and drain.

Forth,  In the morning, remove the balls from the plastic cup and let them air dry for a day or so.

Step 5: Put the ornament back onto the plastic cup and paint on the gold leafing adhesive with a  chip brush, only put the adhesive where you want the gold leafing to adhere to the ornament. Let this sit for around 20-30  minutes until it is tacky to the touch. It only takes a little bit of adhesive, you don’t want it to drip, so watch it to be sure you have not put too much on.

Step 6: Remove one sheet of the gold lea ( keeping the orange backing paper on )  and place it over the bottom of the ornament and rub lightly, and then remove the orange backing paper. It should look like the below. You want to rub lightly, so the gold foil adheres.

Step 7: Using a chip paint brush burnish the gold foil and remove any loose pieces.
Step 8: Replace the gold top that you have spray painted and add a lovely gold ribbon to hang your ornaments.
The gold leaf has such a beautiful sheen and will add such sparkle and shimmer to your Christmas tree.

You can also lay the elegant Christmas ornaments in a bowl for a table decoration.

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    1. Thank you Missy. I love gold leaf, it really makes a dramatic change and the shine is amazing.

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