How to Make Gold Leaf Ornaments

I have wanted to make these gold leaf ornaments for some time now, but time was getting away from me, so today was the day!

Gold Leaf Ornaments

This year, why not make a statement by trying out one of the hottest trends in home décor: gold leaf ornaments? These shimmering decorations bring a luxurious glamour that will lighten up any room while adding sparkle and elegance. Read on for some inventive ideas on creating a fantastic gold leaf ornament!

Step 1: Start with clear glass balls from amazon.

I bought them with silver tops and painted them gold with spray paint.

You cannot use acrylic balls. They must be glass.

clear glass ornament

Step 2: White acrylic paint

( I bought this at Michaels)  squirt some into the glass ball and shake it until the white paint covers the entire inside.

pouring paint inside of glass ornaments
glass Christmas ornament with white paitn inside

Step 3: Let the paint drain.

Turn the ornaments upside down and let the residual paint drain out of the ornament into a plastic cup. I like to let them sit overnight and drain.

ornament draining the excess paint

Step 4: Let them dry.

Remove the ornaments from the cup and let them air dry for several hours.

Step 5: Time to make them shine

Put the ornament back onto the plastic cup and paint on the gold leafing adhesive with a brush; only put the glue where you want the gold leafing to adhere to the ornament.

Let this sit for around 20-30  minutes until it is tacky to the touch. After that, it only takes a little bit of adhesive. You don’t want it to drip, so watch it to be sure you have not put too much on.

Adhesive for gold foil ornaments

Step 6: Time to remove

Remove one sheet of the gold leave ( keeping the orange backing paper on ), place it over the bottom of the ornament, rub it lightly, and then remove the orange backing paper. It should look like the one below.

Step 7: Let them dry again

Using a dry inexpensive paint brush, burnish the gold foil and remove any loose pieces.

Step 8: The final touch

Tie a piece of gold ribbon to the top and hang it on the tree or display them in a lovely bowl.

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  1. Christine Vandenberge says:

    You have amazing DIYs. I’m new to this but do you have printable versions of your DIYs. There are so many ads interfering with the content it’s very difficult to read.
    Thank you Chris
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Chris, I apologize for all of the ads. I know they make it very difficult to read the post at times. Unfortunately, that is how we bloggers make our money, so we are forced to live with them. However, I am going to move some of them around so it is easier to read the directions. I have another idea up my sleeve.
      In most of my DIYs, there is a “HOW TO CARD” that you can print out. Let me know if you are not able to find it so I can help you. Is there a particular project you want directions for?

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