Saturday Sharing From The She-Shed Volume 39

Happy Saturday!

It’s hard to fathom, but we’re swiftly approaching the midpoint of November, and Christmas is just 44 days away.

The remnants of Halloween have been neatly stored away, though I’ve reserved a few pumpkins for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. Speaking of which, are you hosting this year?

I am looking forward to having the family together and assisting my husband in cooking a splendid turkey dinner. My responsibilities will include making my roasted vegetable salad and crafting a delightful dessert—I’m presently experimenting with baked apples and I’ll share the recipe with you soon.

On another note, we are having the house painted, and the dust is awful. However, I know all the sanding is necessary for a great paint job. Our house is 125 years old and all wood, so it requires a lot of prep work.

We have decided on a blue with white trim, can you guess which one I chose?

One of my Favorite Benjamin Moore colors.

Two-story wood shingle house that is being prepped for paining.
Blue paint swatches on the wall of a house for painting.

Inside the house, I’ve been diligently preparing for Christmas. Have you had a chance to read my recent posts featuring pinecones?

During our recent trip to the mountains, I brought back a trunk full of them. The possibilities for holiday decorations are endless—consider a charming Snowflake Wreath or create simple yet elegant ornaments for your Christmas tree. I find so much joy in crafting festive decor from nature’s treasures.

Pinecone wreath hanging on A She-shed door which is open.
Pinecone Christmas ornament

I even created a few tassels out of pine needles.

Last Weeks Adventures

Mammoth Mountain was gorgeous this time of the year, but rather chilly. When we went out to walk Sunday morning, it was 18 degrees, rather nippy.

We did a lot of hiking and actually put 25 miles under our belt in three days and celebrated my husband David’s birthday.

We took a short trip to Convict Lake. It is something to add to your bucket list if you have never been there. The scenery for the fall is gorgeous.

David and Wendy hiking in Mammoth
David blowing out his candle
Convict Lake in November. The mountains in the background, with lots of golden Aspen trees.

What is Your Style for Christmas?

Do you lean towards the classic Christmas color palette, or do you prefer something more subdued?

I enjoy switching things up annually. Last year, I embraced a vibrant mix of red and blue. As for this year, I’m fully immersed in a more natural and neutral theme. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Items to decorate your home for a woodland Christmas


What Happened This Past Week

Last week ,I shared how to clean and prepare your pinecones for crafts. This week, I shared this darling snowflake pinecone DIY wreath.

How To Make A Snowflake Wreath Out of Pinecones

pinecone snowflake wreath hanging on a door

Would you like some inspiration for your holiday decorating this year? I shared over 30 ideas for choosing the perfect theme or color scheme to decorate your holiday home.

How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Christmas!

Classic Christmas in the Family room with a beuatiful christmas tree decorated with garden tools. birdhouses, shovels and standing in a wheelbarrel.

Things That Have Inspired Me This Week

I never miss a great blog post; there were many this week. Here are just a few that I loved and wanted to share with you.

Here is some early Christmas decorating and gift ideas for you.

You won’t believe the adorable ornaments Anna @skylarkhouse made from TP rolls.

Rachel @thepondsfarmhouse created this adorable reindeer for $1.25.

Susan shows you how to make a pinecone topiary.

You will love these cement pinecones!

This blush Christmas tree is simply gorgeous!!!

Are you a vintage lover like me, you will love all of the great ideas Cindy shares for decorating with vintage on a budget for the holidays.

And these adorable plaid picture frames make a wonderful gift.

Rachel @theantiquejourney shares a great gift idea for children.


That wraps up my week. I hope you enjoyed this weeks happening and are looking forward to another great week at WM Design House.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. I love all the natural elements you are using for your tree. I just can’t believe the size of those pinecones! They are amazing! Love the color you picked for your home. Thanks so much for sharing my tartan plaid Christmas frames!

  2. Hiking 25 miles in 3 days is a lot!! A great way to celebrate. Love all the links you shared. 🩷. Thank you for sharing my DIY ornaments.

  3. Your hiking trip looks amazing. Gorgeous country. Happy Birthday to your hubby. I’m really looking forward to seeing your Christmas decor. Have a great rest of the weekend.

    1. Hi Debra, I have been so behind. I had a bout with Covid and then some oral surgery that has set me back. I have tried to comment on your blog again, but it won’t accept me anymore. Please know you still inspire me, and I love reading your content.

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