Saturday Sharing from the She-Shed 6.24.23 Volume 26

It’s the weekend and time for a bit of a rewind.

I am still in Florida, and will be going home on Monday.

David, my husband had to leave today as Dr. Pepper is going to be filming a commercial at our house Sunday through Tuesday. Have you ever had any filming done at your house? it is quite the event.

I will have to write a blog post about it. I must say that I am kind of glad I will be gone as they literally take over your house and it makes me a little crazy. They will remove half of the interior of my house and bring in all the furniture they need for the shoot.

This particular commercial is for Dr. Pepper and is all about Fansville. If you watch college football, keep your eye out for it.

On the positive side, it is a very lucrative side kick and if they damage anything, they are very good about replacing it.

Sleepovers at Iya and Poppi’s

We loved our time with our three granddaughters last week, we were on the go non-stop. We managed to go to the movies, picnic at the arboretum with an outdoor concert, swim and make homemade pickles. I love spending time with these sweet girls.

I am so grateful for these three beauties on the right. Can you can see the joy on their faces? A trip away with their husbands and no children is just what they needed. Can you guess which one is my daughter?

If you guessed the far left, you were correct. However, I love the other two as if they were my own. It brings me so much joy to see my daughter enjoying life with such wonderful friends. These two gals are AMAZING and the three of them are so good for each other.

Nothing makes a mother happier than to see her kids thriving and doing life with such wonderful families.

Maddie making pickles
3 girlfriends posing together

Our Florida Visit

Now, can you even stand this cute smile….

This boy is so darn sweet and does nothing but smile and laugh.

We are having the best time playing with our one and only grandson while doing a few DIY projects in Florida. Stay tuned for a few new blog posts.

baby boy 5 months

And we celebrated the twins 30th birthday! how could they be 30 already.

two girls having drinks

Missing our 4 legged kids

I must say, that I am missing these two sweet faces, even though I know they are in good hands and having a great time at Case De Michelle.

black and white male springer spaniel

We entrust our beloved dogs to the most amazing couple that live near our home.

Every day, these two graciously welcome in numerous dogs into their home, granting them full freedom to roam around. It’s truly incredible!

Theses two give these dogs the utmost care and affection, treating them as if they were their own children. It’s an absolutely heartwarming sight to witness.

This arrangement is fantastic for us. However, I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of accommodating such a sizable canine party in my own house. Imagine that! 😄

Can you count how many canines are residing in their house now?Let me know how many you see in this image in the comments section below.

doggy daycare

What’s Happening at WM Design House

Wait until you see what we did with these wine barrels.

And check out this wagon wheel, I found a box of these at a local estate sale and brought them home with me. I have no doubt I will find plenty of projects to use them with.

wooden barrels
wagon wheel hanging in the she shed


What Happened This Past Week

I wrote a post on 15 ways to style apothecary jars in the kitchen. I just have a thing for jars! every size and shape… I love them all.

15 ways to style Apothecary Jars in the kitchen

jars of flour and sugar in glass apotecary jars on the kitchen counter

And the girls and I made pickles. We tried two different recipes and they are both very delicious. If you have never made homemade pickles you will have to give this a try. This was my first time and It won’t be my last.

The Best Dill Pickle Recipes

Homemade pickles from scratch - 2 jars filled with yummy sliced garlic pickles

Have you ever heard of a link party? This is where bloggers post their recent posts in one place for you all to enjoy. I host this party along with 6 other bloggers and post every Friday. You can check out the most recent blog post HERE to see what it is all about.

What’s New Next Week

Next week is the Pinterest Challenge for July. This is one of my favorite posts. Our host gives us an image for inspiration and we are to create our own interpretation of the image. This month will be slightly different because we were only instructed to create something with flags. I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

tattered old American flag

And that concludes another eventful week for me.

Now, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the remarkable posts that caught my attention.

The blogging community is filled with incredibly gifted individuals who generously share their inspiring content. Here are a handful of my personal favorites from this week.

Inspiration From Around The Web

Debra @oncommonground has a beautiful collection of transferware she has displayed for the 4th of July.

Patriotic tablescape

Jennifer @cottageonbunkerhill has made the cutest garden girl scarecrow. Isn’t she adorable!

scarecrow in the garden

Wait until you see how Michelle @thistlekeylane gave an old basket a quick update. This is such a great idea, now why didn’t I think of that.

Basket with tassels

If you are looking for a yummy dip, Susan @henandhorsedesign made this delicious low carb goat cheese dip with figs and walnuts.

Goat cheese, figs and nuts low carb dip

I love this darling bedroom refresh from Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse. Wait until you see what she did to her wood floors, they look amazing.

summer bedroom with vintage linens

And this beautiful neutral bedroom from KariAnne @thistlewoodfarms.

neutral bedroom linens


On that happy note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday.


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  1. Hi Wendy I came by for the patriotic post but couldn’t find it. But I wanted you to know that I had visited. I adore your precious grands. How fun to be shooting a commercial. I can’t wait to read all about it. Have a Yankee Doodle dandy of a day!

    1. Oh my goodness, I am unsure why you could not find it. Maybe the time change. I had scheduled it for very early this am. Anyways, I appreciate you stopping by for a visit.

  2. What a cute grandbaby. It looks like you had a great time on your trip! I hope you have safe travels!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I am headed home today. It was great, but I am tired, lol…. not as young as I used to be.

  3. Wendy, your grandkids are so sweet! How nice to be able to give your daughter a little break and you take the kids. Memories to last a lifetime!
    Love all of the links, the bedrooms, the scarecrow and the dip.
    I believe Leslie from My 100 Year old house gave a chat about filming in your and gave tips for those who were interested in doing it. I am sure that it is nerve wracking but as you say lucrative.
    Have a wonderful week and a safe trip home.

  4. Gabi Segletes says:

    I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time and I still have no clue as to how to access your free printables with a password! What is the secret code? Special handshake, knock? Just kidding about that, but still in the dark. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gabi, I am so sorry you have not had access to my printables. If you click on the link
      and the password is WMFREE. I appreciate all of your support, and I love your name! I have a granddaughter named Gabi. Let me know if you have any issues getting into the Library of printables.

  5. Thanks so much for the share my friend! It’s so fun to catch up with what’s going on in your world and hearing about a commercial shoot in your home…that’s pretty nerve racking but super cool at the same time!

    1. Always a pleasure to feature your beautiful projects, Michelle. The filming is always fun but a bit unnerving at the same time.
      I will tell you how I survive when it’s all said and done. LOL

  6. Your grandson is absolutely adorable and looks like he’ll be a heartbreaker! I had to laugh at all the dogs. I think I counted 10, but honestly was counting the mounds of fur. You all are brave and crazy to have all that running around. Thanks so much for sharing my transferware patriotic table. Have a fun week, and hope your house is in one piece when you get home!

    1. Thank you, Debra. All of the dogs are not in our house, lol! I could never do it.
      This is where we board the dogs. This couple is extremely brave. I only have two dogs.
      There are 11 dogs in that picture. Could you imagine! There is one hiding on the couch. :)))))

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