Sharing from The She-Shed Volume 45

Happy rainy Saturday from So. Cal.

I am happy to have a day to stay in and catch up, as I cannot catch my breath after returning from our vacation.

We have already had almost 21″ of rain this season and are expected to have another inch today. The garden is so happy.

Last weekend, my husband, I, and a few friends ran in our first 10K!

What an experience, and then……..😩

group of friends at the Firecracker race 2/25
Four of us crossed the finish line for our first 10K.
David and Wendy at the firecracker race 2/24

Monday morning, I found myself in a state of near immobility. A dull, persistent ache emanated from my back, while my left foot throbbed in pain.

By the time Wednesday rolled around, the simple act of walking had become an ordeal, prompting an urgent visit to the doctor.

My left foot, especially the two leftmost toes, had been a source of constant issues for quite some time. I had devised a makeshift solution involving bandages and strategically placed pads within my shoe, which, until now, had served as a passable band-aid for the problem.

Rewind to two years prior. A seemingly innocuous shopping trip to Home Goods took a painful turn when my foot ended up beneath the wheel of a shopper’s cart.

The diagnosis now teeters towards something known as “Morton’s Neuroma,” a nerve affliction that can cause severe pain in your foot from a previous injury.

An MRI next Wednesday and a visit to a new foot specialist on March 12th will hopefully give me some answers.

All that being said, my newest hobby has sadly been put on hold. We had planned to run in a half marathon at the end of May. It looks like David may have to push me in a wheelchair or I will be cheering from the sidelines.

If You Look You Will See The Blessings

I’ve decided to focus on the bright side and appreciate my blessings from the comfort of the couch.

Blessings in the storms.

I treasure the happiness our grandchildren and the dogs add to my life, illuminating me daily with their company and unconditional love.

This week, McKinley (who is 7) and I shared a date that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Even though I was not moving quickly, canceling was not an option.

McKinley was incredibly sweet, offering her support as we navigated the mall together. Meanwhile, Mr. Murphy amusingly demanded a tooth brushing session while I tried to relax on the couch.

Meghan and McKinley at the mall
Dog with a toothbrush in his mouth!

I Need Your Advice

Dahlia Garden

Do you love dahlias? Would you love to learn how to grow these beautiful flowers easily? and arrange them into Summer arrangements?

Last year was my first year to grow so many varieties at once and I learned so much.

I am considering hosting an online course to share my tips and tricks for gorgeous summer blooms.

Here are a few things I would love to share with you:

How to cultivate the right soil and planting your tubers

How to properly pinch dahlias

What to feed your dahlias

Deadheading dahlias

How to arrange dahlias and more

I would love to hear your thoughts. If you would be interested, drop me a quick YES to [email protected].


The Latest on the Blog

I had a busy week on the blog.

Starting with this adorable Dollar Tree wreath for Easter.

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Easter Wreath (Egg-Bunny) Tutorial 

How to create this adorable wreath out of supplies from the Dollar Tree

A Dollar Tree Easter wreath ( Easter Bunny) is hanging on the shed door. The wrath includes flowers, a bird nest, a bird, a small bunny, and more.
DIY Projects

After six months, we are finally done with painting the house and I have given the porch a makeover.

Front Porch Makeover On A Budget With Creative Ideas 

Learn how to restore old furniture, shop thrift store finds, and use plants to decorate your front porch.

White rocking chair with a blue cushion sitting on the front porch

Looking for a creative wreath to make for your front door? This wreath can take you through winter, spring, and summer.

DIY Winter Wreath with Wood Flowers and Rustic Charm

Add some rustic charm to your front door

Winter wreath made with wood flowers on a vintage wood frame.

What I Found Inspiring This Week

I love reading all of my fellow blogger’s posts each week and seeing how creative they are. I am constantly saying, “Why didn’t I think of that” .

Here are a few of my favorites from this past week.

Rachel @thepondsarmhouse always comes up with the cutest DIY projects.

This week, she made these fabulous large eggs.

large eggs for Easter decor

My sweet friend Lora @lorabloomquist made the most adorable tulip wreath this week.

fabric tulip wreath

Renae @peacockridgefarm made this adorable flower arrangement with carrots.

Carrot flower arrangement

Don’t you just love this table? I adore the blue and yellow together. Kim @perfectingplaces makes it look so easy to make a simple table for spring.

Blue and yellow spring table

As I wrap up today. I hope you’ve enjoyed these glimpses into my crazy life and what inspires me.

I wish you all a great week ahead.


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  1. Congrats on finishing the race, Wendy! But so sorry about your foot; hope you get some answers from the doc. Thanks for including my fabric tulip wreath in your roundup this week; so fun to see all the Spring inspiration:)

    1. It is always a pleasure to share your darling projects, Lora.

  2. So sorry to hear about your foot issues Wendy! That kind of pain and discomfort is the worst. Try your best to rest my friend 🥰

  3. Gosh, I hope you get some answers and your foot heals quickly. Grands are the best! So much joy!

    1. Thank you Kim! It certainly stopped me in my tracks, so my fanny is sore from sitting on the couch!

  4. Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I’m praying that there’s good news and a good treatment plan that will get you back up and moving as before. I live with neuropathy and I know how hard it can be, especially in the feet and back. You have a wonderful outlook, and so many grands and people to help you recover. Praying for you, friend. Deb

    1. Thank you, Deborah. How do you do it? Neuropathy is so horrible. Where do you have it?
      Gosh, and you do so much. I am impressed. I will let you know how I make out.

  5. Wendy
    You are so blessed with you sweet grand loves. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing my projects. You are amazing.

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