Saturday Sharing from the She- shed Volume 17

What’s Happening at WM Design House

I am back after a very busy week with some blogging friends.

We spent a few days in Kansas City helping each other with our blogs. Who ever knew there was so much to learn about blogging?

I have learned many new skills over the past two years and I am still learning new things everyday.

I remember when I started this journey and thought blogging was as simple as posting a few pretty pictures with a story, and everyone would read it, haha!

SEO, keywords, what does that mean? I am happy to say that I am a better person for learning all of these new terms and what they mean in the world of blogging.

If you happen to be one that has helped me on this journey, THANK YOU!

I am eternally grateful to those that have helped me along the way.

Bradford pear tree in fukl bloom
Plaster rabbit

We stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast with the most beautiful Bradford Pear trees that were all in full bloom. It was a site to see.

I found this sweet bunny in the attic of an antique shop and had to have him. He is hallow and I very carefully wrapped him up for the journey back to California. I am so happy he made it in one piece. Isn’t he adorable?

We stretched ourselves to learn more new skills, laughed, ate and just enjoyed each others company.

Speaking of eating, have you ever had a Yasso bar? This was my first and it won’t be my last.

My Easter Table

As usual, time got away from me and I never found time to write a post about my Easter table, I guess it will have to wait until next year. But I wanted to share a few pictures with you. I will be using the same adorable moss mushrooms that I had on the front porch on my table along with the sweetest moss rabbit who is ready for an egg hunt with his back pack on.

Table setting for easter with spode dishes and copper silverware
Table setting for easter with spode dishes and copper silverware

And….We are off again!

We are headed to Texas this week to see this cutie and her new sister! I cannot wait to meet our newest granddaughter and snuggle with this little one.

litlle girl Gabby playing in the yard

Coming Soon

I have a few posts in the line up for next week since I will be out of town.

If you saw my post about my front porch on Thursday and saw those darling mushrooms, I will be posting how you can make your own this week. They are so whimsical and the added the perfect touch to my porch decor.

Three moss-green mushrooms are sitting on the front steps of the porch.
DIY spring front porch decor-A front porch with a wooden wheel barrel with a birdhuse and lots of fresh greenery. A three tiered topiary next to the front door.

Recent blog posts

Just in case you missed something last week.

I shared a funny story about creating these clay bunnies, lol…… I thought it would be so easy!

And my porch has been all decked out for spring! Stop by and have a glass of tea on the porch with me.

DIY Easter Rabbit Terra Cotta Pots - a flower pot with a rabbit head on top. Clay carrots tied around the neck
DIY spring front porch decor--A side view of the porch. YOu can see two chairs, a bench, a coffee table, solar lanterns, a moss birdhouse, and cement rabbits.

My Favorite Blog Posts from The Web

On that happy note, let me share some of my favorite posts on the web this week. There were so many great posts. Here are just a few of my favorites.

My friend Jen @midwestlifeandstyle created a garden on her table that is so sweet. I adore the cute name cards she made at each place setting.

Michele @vintagehomedesigns made the cutest napkin rings out of mini clay pots from the dollar tree, now why didn’t I think of that?

Susan @henandhorsedesigns made this yummy salad that I am going to make for Easter brunch, I cannot wait to try it. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Rachel @thepondsfarmhouse painted her own area rug for her front porch, she is one talented lady.

DIY rug that is hand stenciled sitting on a front porch

Easter Brunch

If you still are looking for a few last minute Easter brunch ideas, Lynn @livinglargeinasmallhouse has some fabulous recipes. I will be using many of these myself.

Easter brunch

And here’s one more bit of inspiration for the week

This one is from my friend Coco @thecrownedgoat. Chocolate cupcakes in flower pots, aren’t they the sweetest?

Oh… there were so many good posts this week. It was so hard not to share them all ….

That about wraps it up for me this week. I am going to do some cooking today and a bit of gardening before my company arrives.

Wishing you a beautiful Easter celebration with your loved one.


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  1. Wendy
    Your grand daughter is the cutest. You are so blessed. I hope your have a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing my rug. You are the best.

  2. So many great posts and inspiration! I’m so glad you got to see your new grandbaby…your grandchildren are all beautiful and sweet! Have a great week!

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