How to Style an Easter Place Setting

Do you have unique Easter traditions in your family? We have a few, but the “cracking egg game” is one of my favorite memories.

You hold an egg tightly in your hand to play, barely exposing one end. The person next to you must hold their egg upright, and you hit your eggs end to end. Whoever’s egg is not cracked is the winner and gets to move on to the next victim.

I love games, and the kids especially love this one. Of course, occasionally, a tear or two is shed, but it mainly adds a lot of laughter to the day.

Another one of my favorite things to do for Easter is to set a beautiful table with unique touches.

I love to style an Easter place setting to make it feel very inviting and personal by adding unique, handmade touches and adding interest by layering many dishes together.

This year my Easter place setting includes a few fun DIYs I’d like to share with you to inspire your own Easter table decor. In this post, you’ll find tutorials on how to up-style a basic charger plate, make the cutest bunny ear napkins rings, and make a pink gold foiled pear name card. Then, I’ll put them all together to show you how to style an Easter place setting of your own.

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Up-Style a Basic Charger Plate

This year, I am all about pink. Don’t you love a pretty pink for Easter? It’s so feminine and fresh-looking.

I found these pink chargers at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each (such a bargain!), and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my Easter place setting.

this basic pink charger plate needs an up-style for my Easter Place Setting

These chargers were a bit plain and dull-looking, but they did have some pretty detail. So, I decided to use white wax to bring out the lovely pattern on the edge.

use white wax to up-style a basic charger

This process is very straightforward; just put a little wax on a rag and rub it until you have the desired look.

Let the wax dry for 24 hours, then rub with a cloth to buff it out. So now you have a custom charger that looks much more upscale for your Easter place setting.

up-style a basic charger to use in your Easter place setting

Bunny Ear Napkin Rings

Next, I wanted a fun napkin ring for my Easter place setting. So, I made these adorable bunny ear napkin rings.

Bunny Ear Napkin Rings for your Easter Place Setting

You will need the following supplies:

  • Felt squares in 2 colors – One color of your choice will be used to cover the napkin ring and for the exterior of the ear; I used an oatmeal color for this.  The second color should be a shade of pink for the interior of the ear. You will get about three napkin rings for each square of the exterior color and about 6 for the pink.
  • Wire
  • A toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Glue gun
  • Good scissors
  • Make a paper pattern for your ear shape. I hand drew mine on paper. My large ear is about 4″ tall, and the smaller ear is about ½” smaller on all sides. If you can’t draw, I’m sure you can find a pattern on the internet.

How to make Bunny Ear Napkin Rings for your Easter place setting:

what you need to make Bunny Ear Napkin Rings

First, prepare your pieces. Then, starting with your felt squares, cut out two of your exterior and interior ear patterns using good, sharp scissors.

You will also need one piece of the TP roll that is about 1 ¼” wide.

Cut a piece of felt 2 ½” wide and long enough to go around the TP roll piece you cut.

Next, cut two pieces of wire about 6″ long each.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Glue the wire in the middle of the exterior part of the ear.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Now, glue the pink ear center over the wire and trim any excess wire.

Repeat this step with the second ear.

I like to add the wire as it allows you to bend the ears, giving them a little extra character!
how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Next, fold in the bottom sides of the ear to give the ear some shape.

Add a little dab of hot glue and hold it in place until dry, being careful not to burn yourself. Repeat this process on both ears.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Now, take the long piece of felt that you cut and fold it in half.

Snip a small cut in the center, just large enough to fit the end of the ear through the hole, about ½.”

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Next, place the end of one ear through the hole and glue it onto the TP roll.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Place the second ear where you want it to sit and decide where to cut your second hole.

Put the second ear end through the hole and glue it onto the TP roll.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Glue the entire lengthy piece of felt onto the TP roll in the center.

You should have an edge of felt hanging off both sides of the TP roll.

Using your good scissors, cut slits about every ¾” just up to the TP roll on both sides.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

Start to hot glue these pieces into the inside of the TP roll one at a time until you have gone entirely around both sides. This makes a nice smooth edge around your napkin ring.

how to make bunny ear napkin rings

You now have an adorable Bunny Ear Napkin Ring to add to your Easter place setting!

How to make bunny ear napkin rings for your Easter place setting

Gold Foil Pear Name Card

I always like to make a personalized name card for my guests.

This year, I made a pink gold foiled pear name card for my Easter place setting.

These beautiful pears look lovely on the table and are something they can take home with them as a memory of the day.

Gold Foil Pear Name Card for your Easter Place Setting

To make a gold foil pear you will need:

metal leaf adhesive
pink gold leaf sheets

The process for gold foiling is very easy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Apply the gold foil adhesive onto the item you want to gold foil. This adhesive goes on white. Once applied, you need to wait 20-30 minutes until the adhesive turns clear and sticky.
  2. Apply the gold leaf to your item. Note, gold foil is very fragile, so use the paper it comes on to help you to apply the gold foil.
  3. Once you have covered the entire item. Use a dry paint brush to burnish the item. This process helps to adhere the foil and gets rid of any excess there may be.
  4. If you find you missed a spot, simply add more adhesive and repeat the process until completely covered.

It’s that easy! You can use this gold foiling process to add extra glamour and shine to anything!

Once I finished my gold foil pears, I added a beautiful name card tied to the stem with some twine.

For an extra personal touch, I like to write a personal note on the back of each card thanking them for coming and telling them what I appreciate about them.

gold foil pear place card to style Easter Place Setting

Gold foil pears aren’t just for Easter; you can use them to dress up a table for many different occasions.

They look beautiful against a white wooden tray with some greenery in the background!

gold foil pears as table decor

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Style Your Easter Place Setting

How to Style an Easter Place Setting

Now that we have created these beautiful and unique Easter table decorations, it’s time to style your Easter place setting.

To add interest to a place setting, the key is to use lots of interesting layers that are unique but also complement each other.

I started with a sweet paper nest placemat for this Easter place setting.

Then, I added a galvanized charger, followed by the up-styled pink charger we made together.

Next, I layered on a white dinner plate and a pink vintage glass salad plate.

Pink water glass and white hobnail wine glass perfectly complement the theme.

Finally, finish your Easter place setting with the adorable bunny ear napkin ring and a pink gold foil pear name card.

I hope these tutorials gave you some great inspiration for your own Easter place settings. I’d love to see how you use these DIYs on your Easter table. Please send me your photos if you’d like to share your Easter style with me!

Happy Decorating!


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