Beautiful Arch Basket Decor for a Summer-Ready She Shed

Join me on a tour of my She Shed, transformed for summer with vintage garden finds and a charming basket decor arch welcoming you in.

She Shed decorated for summer with a basket decor arch

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Welcome to My Summer She Shed Tour

The sunshine is here to stay in Southern California, and summer is in full swing! and it’s time to take a peek inside my She Shed!

I am thrilled to share how I transformed my She Shed into a cozy summer haven using some of my favorite vintage garden finds and unique basket decor to create the perfect space for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather.

A shed decorated with baskets sits in a yard with a table, chairs, and beautiful flowers.

So grab a refreshing drink and join me on a short tour. I’ll show you how I styled my She Shed and created this charming arch basket decor. It is the perfect way to welcome you to my little slice of backyard heaven.

She Shed Sanctuary: Seasonal Inspiration from Basket Decor

My She Shed is a creative studio, storage shed, and office all rolled into one. Since I spend a lot of time in my little backyard shed crafting, gardening, and sowing seeds for my cut flower garden, I love decorating it inside and out with seasonal touches throughout the year.

Wendy in the she shed

For summer, I wanted to create a natural, vintage feel that reflects the shed’s charm. Before I began to decorate, I gave her a good spring cleaning and packed away the winter decorations.

I always think it is easier to decorate when I start with a clean slate, don’t you?

As I was cleaning, the hanging baskets and wreaths I keep on my ceiling ladder sparked an idea for decorating the She Shed.

I’ve always loved using baskets to decorate. They’re so versatile and add a cozy touch to any room. I’ve even used them to make several DIY projects over the years, like unique wreaths for our front door.

Plus, they’re fantastic for storage!

So when it came time to refresh my garden decor and decorate the She Shed for summer, using baskets to create a one-of-a-kind arch just felt natural.

Why Baskets Make the Perfect Summer Decor

Baskets are everywhere these days which makes them perfect for decorating your home with for the summer! They’re affordable and easy to find and come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Side view of She Shed decorated with a basket arch to create unique garden decor for summer

You can browse Pinterest for all sorts of inspiring basket decor ideas.

The beauty of baskets is they fit right in with any style. Whether your home leans traditional, farmhouse chic, or something entirely different, there are basket decorating ideas to add a touch of summer charm.

Up close view of baskets around the shed doors.
Tip from wendy:

When looking for baskets for your decor and DIY projects, thrift stores are a great place to start. You can find all sorts of sizes, shapes, and styles of baskets.. Garage sales and estate sales are good places to shop, too. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of baskets to create a beautiful and unique look.

Unique Garden Decor: DIY Basket Arch Tutorial

The first stop on our summer She Shed tour is the front entrance and my DIY basket decor arch!

Since I wanted to keep this project budget-friendly, I purchased most of my baskets from local thrift stores, although I found a few hidden gems at the Dollar Store too.

Collection of baskets in a pile

It took some time to collect them all, but the hunt was worth it.

I found all sorts of baskets in different sizes and shapes – classic wicker ones, pretty wooden ones, and even a few woven with jute rope.

Chicken wire added to the exterior of the She Shed to make basket arch decor

To create my basket arch, I started by attaching 6″ wide chicken wire to the outside walls of the shed around the frame of our reclaimed vintage doors. I measured out the length of chicken wire I needed and then used small tacks to secure it to the walls.

I placed a large wooden laundry basket on the right side of the doors to create the foundation of the arch. Later, I will fill this bin with baskets and other garden decor items.

Arch decor surrounding the She Shed entrance made from thrifted baskets attached to chicken wire

Attaching the Baskets to the Shed

After securing the chicken wire, I started at the bottom corner of the She Shed right above the wooden laundry baskets. I attached each basket one by one with plastic zip ties. You may need two zip ties for larger baskets.

Close-up view of thrifted arch basket surrounding the exterior of the She Shed doors for summer

You can see how I mixed different types and sizes of baskets to create a rustic look to complement the rest of my garden decor. I hung the baskets at different angles for interest and even hung a few upside down.

Decorating the Baskets

Once I was done hanging the basket arch, I started to decorate the baskets by adding an assortment of faux greenery, rambling curly willow branches, and green Amaranthus.

In addition, I added some green moss and a few bird nests and hung a few small clay pots from a few of the baskets.

A wooden basket with green moss and a small birds nest.
An image of a flower pot hanging from a basket on the basket arch around the vintage shed doors.

Lastly, I filled the wooden laundry bin with a few baskets, fresh hydrangeas, a galvanized vase filled with fresh curly willow branches, and a few faux ferns in a small basket. A vintage garden tool and a few floral frogs were the perfect final touches for my basket arch.

Baskets in an old wooden laundry bin full of flowers and faux greenery.

I am in love with how my DIY basket wall looks…it turned out even better than I imagined!

It’s not too bad for a project on a very small budget.

Step Inside: More Basket Decor & Summer Styling Ideas

From the inviting entrance to the cozy interior, let’s step inside my She Shed!

Summer She Shed with doors open and view inside

With no electricity, summers in the She Shed can warm up. So, to let in the cool breeze, I like to keep the windows and doors open as much as possible.

Inside the summer She Shed with a view of the work desk a stool, vintage garden decor, and my dog Mollie sleeping on the floor

Just inside the doors is a large work bench, where I do most of my crafting.

Directly above my work bench, is a large mirror. It not only looks like vintage windows (whichI love!), but it helps make the interior of the She Shed feel more bright and airy.

Look closer, and you might spot a few more baskets hanging around! They just add a touch of summer charm, don’t they

They also double as storage and the perfect place to dry cut flowers from my garden like hydrangeas.

Sweet Mollie is my constant companion and can often be found sleeping at my feet while I am working in the shed during the summer.

A chair that is sitting in the shed where I can relax.

Next to the worktable I added a comfy vintage chair. This is the perfect place for me get a little bit of personal space, or sneak away to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and a good book.

Vintage Garden Touches: Summer Vignettes in My She Shed

In the summer, the She Shed doubles as a space to display my collection of vintage garden tools!

Vintage scale hanging in a shed with plants planted in the scale.

I hung a vintage scale on an old decorative hook and filled it with beautiful purple and white summer flowers.

inside of shed with yellow pillow
pots in shed

Other rustic details include an antique pie safe sitting upon an old chicken cage with wire baskets that hold my vases. On the opposite side, I have a vintage shelf to store extra seasonal decor and my growing collection of aged terra cotta flower pots.

The work desk inside the She Shed styled for summer with vintage garden decor and a lamp

The shelves above my worktable are filled with old gardening tools, galvanized buckets, and birdhouses that my husband has made.

And thanks to an extension cord, a sweet vintage lamp helps give the She Shed some much needed light on cloudy or rainy days.

A close-up of the work desk inside the She Shed styled for summer with garden books, antique picture frames, and vintage garden decor

I always have a stack of gardening books and magazines in the She Shed for inspiration, and if you look closely, you might even spot the DIY garden marker name tags I made recently!

They were a hit at my summer garden party along with my DIY peat pot napkin rings.

Summer She Shed by Twilight

There’s something so magical about the She Shed lit up at night! I couldn’t help but share a few evening views to wrap up my summer tour.

The She Shed lit up at night in the summer with string lights and flowers in planters around the outside

As the sun sets, hanging market lights add a bit of magical ambience to our garden.

Nestled beside the shed, you can also see one of my many unique rustic planters that are scattered throughout the garden. Near the front of the shed you’ll see some vintage garden tools I upcycled into planters a few years back.

Garden Sphere of lights

And this lighted garden sphere is one of my favorite DIY projects. The twinkling lights create an extra warm and inviting atmosphere.


Other Garden Inspiration from WM Design House

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Thank you for joining me on my summer She Shed tour!

Full side view of summer She Shed with basket arch decor and planters with flowers

I hope this tour inspires you to get creative and use baskets to create your own garden decor or decorate your home for summer.

What was your favorite part of the tour? I would love to chat, so let me know in the comments below. Or feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Until next time!

blue pin it to remember it graphic
She Shed Summer Tour Graphic

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