Easy DIY Napkin Rings for a Garden Party

Are you passionate about the intricate details of creating a stunning table setting like I am? If so, join me today as I unveil an adorable DIY napkin ring project that’s darling and simple to craft.

DIY Napkin Ring styled on the table

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Making Flowerpot DIY Napkin Rings

I was inspired by my friend Michele @vintagehomedesigns. Michele had set a beautiful table and made the cutest clay pot napkin rings. I wanted to create something similar with peat pots and this is what I came up with. 

As spring blossoms, it’s the perfect time of the year to host a garden dinner party, and these gorgeous napkin rings will be a perfect addition to your table. Picture a table decked out with fresh flowers and vegetables, complemented by DIY napkin rings and place cards, creating a warm, inviting ambiance for your guests.

In crafting this project, we’ve embraced sustainability by selecting eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable peat pots and natural grapevine wreaths. These choices elevate the charm of our garden gathering and ensure that our celebration benefits the environment.

So, let’s get started with this quick and easy DIY project making these beautiful napkin rings. 

Materials You’ll Need to Make Flowerpot Napkin Rings

Additional Tools You’ll Need

Peat pots are sitting on the workbench before being turned into napkin rings.

Step by Step Directions to Make Flowerpot Napkin Rings

Easy step-by-step directions on how to make peat pot napkin rings.

1: Preparing the Peat Pots 

Peat pots are small, biodegradable containers made from compressed peat moss and sometimes mixed with other organic materials. They are primarily used for starting seeds or rooting cuttings before transplanting them into the garden. Today, we are going to use them as our paper napkin rings. They are made out of peat moss, so they can be a bit fragile to work with. I suggest that you handle them carefully while you are working to avoid any tears.  

  •  Poke a small hole in the bottom of the peat pot using a small pair of scissors. 
  •  Next, cut the entire bottom of the peat pot out.
Peat pots with a small hole being cut on the bottom.
Peat pots with the bottom cut out to make DIY Napkin rings for a garden party.

2: Painting the Peat Pots

  • Choose your paint. You can use any paint in your craft stash, including spray paint, acrylic paint, or chalk paint. I chose to use off-white chalk paint, but you can choose other paint colors, too.
  • Use a dry chip or sponge brush and lightly brush on a small amount of paint. I chose not to cover the entire pot as I like this look.  
  • Allow the pots to dry well.   
A peat pot with Dixie Belle paint and a simple foam brush to make DIY napkin rings.

3: Adding the Decals to the Peat Pots

  • Cut out a small decal or sticker to place on your peat pot. 
  • Apply the decal to the peat pot by peeling off the back and placing the decal onto the pot. (Be sure to place the deal with the widest part of the pot at the top)
  • Be careful when applying these decals, as these pots are made of peat moss and can peel easily. 

4: Adding Paint to the Decal

  • Apply a light coat of paint over the decal and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. This has a nice effect and blends the decal well with the pot. 
  •  Once the paint is dry, you can add a coat or two of Mod Podge over the entire pot for an added layer of protection. This is a quick way to seal the pots from any moisture that may get on them. 

5: Final Touches

  • I found these small wreaths at Michaels, which are the perfect size to fit on the top of the flower pot. They are about 3″ around.
  • Simply hot glue the wreath to the top of the flower pot. 
DIY Napkin rings with a paint wash.

Styling your Handmade Napkin Rings

The small details you add to your decorating style will make your table setting unique. Placing these napkin rings at each place setting adds an extra layer of charm and character to your table decor. 

I like to use cloth napkins, particularly linen napkins. I pull the center of the napkin and put it through the hole in the flower pot. Then, I place these at each place setting.   

A garden-inspired tablescape with DIY peat pot napkin rings.
Adding a small wreath around the top edge of a peat pot for a flowerpot napkin ring.

Other Small Details to Add to Your Table

There are many easy ways to add a special touch to your dinner table. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Place cards: There are so many different ways to make place cards. You can print them, make them out of Scrabble tiles like I did, or stamp a piece of clay with your guests’ names. 
  • Menu cards: Add a unique custom printed menu card at each place setting. 
  • Herb Bouquets: Place small bouquets of fresh herbs by each plate for a fragrant and practical decoration.
  • Favors: Leave a small favor by each place setting, such as a tiny pot of honey, a handmade soap, or a personalized pot of flowers or vegetables. I planted a small lettuce plant in a 3.5″ red clay pot, placed the name stake in the soil. Then, I added a second stick with a packet of seeds clipped onto it. Wrap some jute twine around the top of the pot and you have an adorable gift for your guests.
Tip from wendy’s craft room:

Stick with your theme for all of the table details, from creating graphics for a menu card to the type of favor you make for your guests.

Other Types of DIY Napkin Rings

You can adjust these napkin rings for almost any occasion, including a Thanksgiving table or a summer BBQ, by changing the transfers to match your theme. 

Try these turkey decals for Thanksgiving, or make the flower pots look like buckets by adding a small handle out of floral wire and a few faux flowers. 

You can do so many things to create your own napkin rings and make them custom to meet your needs. 

Aha! Moments with Wendy

Have you ever had those ‘aha’ moments mid-project and thought, “I wish I knew that before I started”?

Me too! 

Below are a few tips and tricks that worked for me while making my Diy napkin rings.

Whether you’re a crafting newbie or a seasoned pro, I hope these tips and tricks take some of the guesswork out of creating your own projects.


Expert Crafting Tips and Tricks for DIY Napkin Rings

TIP 1: Be very gentle with the peat pots as they are fragile and can rip easily. Be sure to keep them away from any water.

TIP 2: Add one or two coats of Mod Podge when you have completed the project, it not only protects them from moisture, but it gives them stability.


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Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are numerous ways to beautify your table, including adding your own personal touch with this simple craft that requires minimal time.

These thoughtful details are a fantastic way to distinguish your table setting and make your dinner guests feel truly cherished.

Next up is our host, Carol @blueskyathome. She is sharing a beautiful tablescape with bright pastels that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to see the links below to all of the other gals’ posts.

These DIY napkin rings are made out of peat pots, decals, and a grapevine wreath. They're perfect for a garden party.

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