The 10 Best Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Spring has sprung, and it is the perfect time to refresh your home for the season with new accessories and pops of bright, vibrant color. I have 10 easy spring decorating ideas for you to welcome springtime into your home.

Living room with spring decor, throw pillows, plants, etc.

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Now that Easter is over, I have slowly removed the rest of my spring decor and packed all the bunnies away.

Are you feeling a little lost now that your Easter decorations are packed away? The good news is spring decorating goes far beyond bunnies and pastel Easter eggs!

There are so many ways you can decorate for spring that are simple, easy, and economical. From swapping out your throw pillows for lighter, brighter colors to bringing the outdoors in with fresh greenery, spring decorating ideas are all about creating a space that feels light and inviting.

So get ready to welcome spring into your home with these ten easy spring decorating ideas!

1. Declutter and Deep Clean Your Home

Spring is all about a fresh start, and before I dive into all the fun spring decorating ideas, the first thing I like to do is give my home a little refresh with some decluttering and deep cleaning!

A clean slate makes a world of difference when revamping your home decor for spring. 

Taking one room at a time is a great way to get a fresh start.

A spring cleaning checklist is a great way to stay organized without getting overwhelmed.

I also love to burn candles to make our home feel more welcoming. I love lighter scents for spring and use my Pura diffuser in several rooms with lavender, white linen, and other fresh spring scents.

tip from wendy:

Corral the clutter without getting overwhelmed: Grab some boxes or bins and label them “Keep,” “Donate,” “Sell,” and “Toss.” Donating unused items in good condition gives them a new life, while selling gently-used things can earn you some extra cash for new spring decor. And for things that are truly broken or unusable, well, the “Toss” pile awaits!

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

I enjoy rearranging furniture for a whole new perspective. It’s amazing how simply moving a couch or bookshelf can completely change the feel of a room, and it creates the perfect blank canvas to showcase those decorating ideas for the spring season! This piece of furniture used to have a mirror in the panels on the doors. I removed the mirrors and painted the mirror above it to lighten things up. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Dining room after moving
tip from wendy:

Let in more light: Consider rearranging your furniture to maximize natural light. Move heavier pieces away from windows to open up the space and creates a more airy feel. You can also experiment with different conversation areas by grouping chairs and sofas closer together to make your space feel more inviting.

3. Change Out Your Throw Pillows

Do you want to know one of my favorite simple ways to update my home for spring? I love swapping out the covers on my pillows!

Spring decorating ideas are all about bringing a fresh feeling into your home, and there is no easier way to achieve that than with a new set of decorative throws.

As the seasons change, the heavy knit fabrics get tucked away, and I bring out lighter, airier options in bright colors and playful patterns. This simple switch instantly refreshes my space and brings in a touch of spring cheer!

These blue and yellow floral pillows on the couch in our living room perfectly capture that burst of sunshine I crave after winter, and they can easily transition right into summer.

Blue and white living room

Looking for more decorating ideas to add pops of color for spring? These pretty pillows are a great example from my friend Kim at Perfecting Places. The soft pink, floral patterns, and contrasting blue accents are perfect for the season and seamlessly coordinate with the rest of the decor in her living room.

Sofa and spring pillows

The great thing about pillow covers is that you can find them almost anywhere! But one of my favorite places to browse is Amazon. The selection is incredible, so you can find the perfect spring pillow covers to match your unique style and decor. You can see some of my favorites on my storefront!

These beautiful pillows are sure to bring spring into your home.

I especially love the embroidered pillows as they are so lovely and add such nice texture to your home for spring.

tip from wendy:

Make the most of your storage space and budget :Instead of buying whole new pillows each season, I prefer to just switch out the covers! Pillow covers are much easier to store than bulky pillows, so you can swap them out all year long. Pillow covers are usually cheaper too, so you can try different colors and patterns to match the season, without breaking the bank!

4. Change Out Your Throw Blankets

Next on the list of spring decorating ideas: swapping out your throw blankets!

Spring Ideas

Transitioning your home from winter to spring is the perfect opportunity to swap out those heavy, cozy throw blankets for lighter, airier options. Opt for throws in soft pastels, vibrant florals, or breezy linens that reflect the freshness of the season. This simple change not only updates the look of your living space but also enhances the overall feel, making it ready for the warmer, brighter days ahead.

tip from wendy:

Keep your home cozy and comfortable :While those plush throws were perfect of the chilly winter months, they might feel a tad excessive now! Throw blankets with more light-weight fabrics will still provide a cozy layer when needed, but won’t overheat you.

5. Add Flowers and Greenery

I enjoy having fresh flowers in my home as often as possible. When my garden is blooming, I frequently cut and arrange flowers several times a week. Buying fresh flowers regularly can be costly, so I sometimes blend artificial flowers with fresh ones, or use dried flower arrangements. Modern silk flowers are so well-made that they’re almost indistinguishable from real ones. And have you ever dried flowers? they are very easy to dry and then you could dye them like I have.

blue dried hydrangea flower arrangement

I love picking up silk flowers from Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and Michaels to spruce up my home for spring.

Adding greenery is another fantastic way to infuse your space with a springtime vibe. There’s something truly refreshing about bringing the outdoors inside.

Whether you opt for faux greenery or live indoor plants, they’re both great choices—just make sure to keep them watered! Ironically, even though I’m always on top of watering my garden, I sometimes forget about my indoor plants.

Here are ten of the best living houseplants to consider for your home.

  • Monstera deliciosa or “Swiss cheese plant” 
  • Epipremnum aureum or Devil’s Ivy 
  • Dracaena Massangeana or Mass Cane. 
  • Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily.
  • Bromeliad. 
  • Sansevieria or Mother-in-law’s Tongue. 
  • Zanzibar Gem.
  • Anthurium Andraeanum. 

I’m also a fan of faux fiddle leaf fig trees; they add a tremendous splash of color to any room.

Living room with spring decor, throw pillows, plants, etc.

Adding faux plants to your home in the spring is an easy way to bring in refreshing greenery without the maintenance. Perfect for brightening spaces and enhancing decor, these low-maintenance accents are ideal for those without a green thumb.

You might want to try a few of my favorites, like this pretty boxwood topiary, or a small olive tree. I also like to add a few ferns and pothos here and there to add a fresh touch of greenery.

Green plants on a tray in the kitchen

6. Update your bedding for Spring

This is one of my favorites, I love to change my bedding for spring. Bring in lighter colors and lighten up on the blankets when you sleep.

Switch your bedding to lighter options for the season. Replace your sheets and add a lightweight comforter encased in a white duvet with blue trim. Throw in a mix of fun pillows, and your bed will be ready to enjoy until the cooler weather sets in.

Blue and white bedroom

7. Freshen up your outdoor spaces

For us, the arrival of warmer weather marks a special occasion. It’s the time to clean the outdoor furniture and retrieve the cushions from the attic. We love to dine outdoors, so I love to set a beautiful table. In addition, we spend several days planting new flowers in the pots and applying ample fertilizer to ensure our garden stays vibrant all summer long.

The she shed also receives a refreshing update for spring and summer. When the weather is pleasant, I spend a lot of time in the shed, so I make it cozy with fresh flowers, candles, and soft music, creating the perfect atmosphere for this time of year.

A wooden vintage wheelbarrow filled with terra cotta pots and springtime flowers.
Spring Ideas

8. Change out your dining table linens

Refreshing your table linens for summer can instantly brighten up your dining space.

Opt for light, airy fabrics like cotton or linen in vibrant colors or pastel shades. Patterns such as florals, stripes, or checks add a playful touch, perfect for summer gatherings.

Dinner Party free printables- Custom designed place mat, napkin ring, place card and silverware holder in a red, white and blue Chinoiserie theme.
Tablescape in pink and orange with little cuties and pink glasses.
lemon themed table

Consider my free downloadable paper placemats with coordinating name cards, menu cards, napkin rings, etc, like my pretty blue and white Memorial Day table.

Try using little cuties for a sweet-themed table this spring, or maybe some fresh lemons.

These simple updates can transform your dining area into a more inviting and festive space, ideal for enjoying meals with friends and family throughout the summer months.

9. Restyle your surfaces

Restyling your shelves and coffee tables for spring can breathe new life into your living space without the need for new purchases. Consider rearranging items you already own, such as moving a vase from your bedroom to your living room or swapping out books and decorative objects between shelves. This fresh arrangement of familiar items can create a new perspective and feel, rejuvenating your environment simply by reimagining the placement of your decor. This approach not only saves money but also unleashes your creativity in refreshing your home for the season.

Incorporate a touch of nature into your home with garden-themed decor. It’s the ideal choice for refreshing your space in the spring.

Small details of a wood goose, a topiary tree, and beautiful pots are displayed on the top of a coffee table on the front porch for budget-friendly decor.
Book shelves styled for spring.

10. Add a pop of color

Adding a pop of color can truly invigorate your home for spring. Simple touches like fresh flowers or vibrant new throw pillows can transform a room, making it feel as if spring has truly arrived. These small updates are an easy way to refresh your space and delight your senses.

White ironstone with pink tulips
Fresh Lemon wreath on the front door
Wildflower floral arrangement of red buds in a blueish-green bucket with petals falling to the ground sitting on a white table

As we wrap up our exploration of ten delightful ways to decorate for spring, remember that refreshing your space for the season can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Whether it’s introducing vibrant floral arrangements, adding pastel accents, or bringing a bit of the outdoors in, each approach offers a unique way to celebrate the rejuvenation that spring brings. Embrace these ideas and let your creativity bloom

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    1. Hi Kim, You are so welcome. I love your blue and white decor and all of your pretty pillows. I am glad I am not the only one with a pillow addiction.

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