23 Ideas to Decorate with Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)

Before you pack away all the twinkly lights and cozy blankets, Let me share how to decorate with winter decorations that are not Christmas. It’s the perfect time of the year to get some cozy vibes going. 

Ditch the Santas and snowmen and embrace winter’s natural beauty with faux greens, pine cones, sparkling lights, and earthy elements.

Get ready to turn your home into a haven of wintery bliss without a single jingle bell. So grab your hot cocoa, pull up a warm blanket, and dive into the magic of Christmas-free winter decorating.

Pinecones in white ironstone bowls, add natural twigs and vintage books for a touch of winter magic.

How Do You Transition From Christmas to Winter Decor?

Ready to cozy up to winter without saying goodbye to holiday twinkles and textures?

It’s easier than you think! You don’t need to pack away everything just yet. 

Instead, let’s transform your existing decor into a haven of wintery bliss with just a few simple ideas.  

Embrace the season’s natural beauty with these 23 easy tips. You’ll be surprised how a sprinkle of frosty whites, twinkling lights, and earthy elements can make your home cozy and inviting during the cold winter months.

​23 Ideas to Decorate with Winter Decorations (Not Christmas) 

Red pomegranates are on the dining room buffet with white ironstone for Christmas.

1. Put Away The Red

It’s time to pack away the red berries and festive Christmas decorations. Transition to a more neutral color scheme, embracing winter whites and natural tones for a warm and cozy home. Store the holiday decor thoughtfully to make room for a fresh and serene atmosphere, ushering in the simplicity of the post-holiday season.

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A wood tray on the coffee table with candles, stacks of old books, antlers, pinecones, and a vintage urn.

2. De-Clutter The House

Streamlining your home decor after Christmas is a rewarding process. Begin by carefully packing away holiday-specific items, such as ornaments and festive decorations. Assess each room, keeping only the decor that aligns with your desired aesthetic and serves a purpose. Consider rotating decor items to maintain a fresh look.

A Display of white ironstone on the dining room buffet with greenery, antlers, vintage books and pinecones.

3. Use A Neutral Color Palette

Using a neutral color palette for winter decorations (not Christmas) involves embracing soft and muted tones like whites, creams, grays, greens, and warm wood tones. This approach exudes a calm, serene atmosphere, transitioning from vibrant holiday colors to more understated elegance. The neutral winter decor not only brings a sense of simplicity but also allows for a timeless and versatile aesthetic that seamlessly blends with the serene ambiance of the post-holiday season

Three white ironstone pitchers are sitting in a wood basket with faux greenery for a table display for winter.

​4. Use Winter White

Unfurl a serene winter wonderland at home! Embrace white walls, layer textures, weave frosted branches, shimmer with silver accents, and whisper a touch of winter white into every corner. Let simplicity reign, creating a cozy haven where you can bask in the snowy magic.

Magnolia leaves, brown berries with lush greens, and rustic pinecones nestled in a rustic wood vase.

​5. Leave The Evergreen Branches Out

Winter decorating with evergreen branches adds natural elegance to your home. Create a cozy ambiance by arranging lush branches with pinecones and twinkling lights on mantles or tabletops. Fresh evergreen wreaths hung on doors or walls infuse your space with a rustic charm and the invigorating scent of the outdoors. Whether in vases, garlands, or wreaths, evergreen branches bring a timeless and festive touch to your winter decor, symbolizing the enduring beauty of nature in the frosty season.

Faux greenery spills from rustic branches, mingling with velvet ribbons and earthy pinecones around a warm, cozy fireplace.

​6. Use Evergreen Trees

Incorporating bare trees into your winter decor infuses timeless elegance and natural charm. These simple yet classic trees serve as versatile accents; whether placed in rustic pots, adorned with twinkle lights, or left in unadorned beauty, they will make your home feel fresh and alive.

Apothecary jars filled with oranges, anise stars, and pinecones for Christmas.

​7. Add Dried Orange Slices And Spices

Adorn your front door with a wreath featuring dried orange slices, or grace your kitchen with the charm of jars filled with anise stars, pinecones, and dried oranges. These are great ways to decorate for winter (not Christmas).

A wood dough bowl filled with greens, pinecones, birch logs and more. Winter decorations (not Christmas).

​8. Fill Dough Bowls With Natural Elements

Elevate your dining table with a charming centerpiece using pine cones, birch branches, and winter greens in a dough bowl. This rustic arrangement blends earthy textures and hues, creating a visually stunning display that captures the beauty of a winter woodland. Embrace the natural artistry for a warm and inviting dining experience.

Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)-A stack of vintage books layered with small white ironstone pitchers and a bowl of pinecones for a warm winter decor idea that adds charm to your home. Winter decorations (not Christmas).

​9.  Use Lots Of Pine Cones

Elevate your winter decor with pinecones by filling bowls and baskets or integrating them into floral arrangements. For added charm, place pinecones on top of a stack of books, bringing a touch of rustic elegance and natural warmth to your home.

Winter decorations (not Christmas).-A vintage basket filled with birch logs sits next to the fireplace for winter decoration.

​10. Add Birch Logs

Infusing a winter touch into your home is effortlessly achieved by arranging birch logs in a basket on the fireplace mantel. Alternatively, incorporate them into a floral arrangement or stack a few logs in a dough bowl for a simple yet effective winter decorating idea.

Moss trees are sitting on a coffee table for winter decor.

​11.  Make Moss Cone Trees

I adore moss cone trees and incorporate them throughout the year, either leaving them plain or adding decorations for versatility. Their simplicity captivates me, seamlessly bringing a natural touch into the house.

Faux greenery spills from rustic branches, mingling with velvet ribbons and earthy pinecones around a warm, cozy fireplace.

​12. Create A Winter Fireplace Mantel

Begin your winter mantel’s transformation with a simple green garland and curly willow branches. Enhance it by incorporating pinecones, twinkling lights, and soft velvet ribbon for a cozy and festive atmosphere during the winter months.

A living green planter basket for indoors. The perfect addition for some winter decor.
23 ideas to decorate your home for winter (not christmas) A living green planter basket for indoors. The perfect addition for some winter decor on the coffee table.

​13. Update Your Indoor Planters

Elevate the winter atmosphere in your living areas by incorporating authentic plants into a stylish planter basket. Create a lush foundation by lining the basket with moss and filling it with nutrient-rich planting soil. Enhance the aesthetic by adding birch logs, lotus pods, and a selection of vibrant living plants.

Knitted textured blanket in grey.

​14. Add Soft Blankets

As winter settles in, introducing soft throw blankets to your home becomes a delightful way to enhance comfort and warmth. Drape these cozy blankets over sofas, chairs, or beds to create inviting, cozy winter decor. Opt for luxurious textures like faux fur or knits, and choose neutral colors that complement your decor, adding style and a touch of snug sophistication to your winter home decor. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or enjoying a movie night, these soft throw blankets are practical for staying warm and serve as stylish accents that elevate the cozy ambiance of your winter retreat.

White blanket and pillows with texture on the couch to add warmth.

​15. Lots of Throw Pillows 

I love throw pillows, and I believe the more, the merrier. Mixing patterns and textures is a simple way to refresh your decor. Alternatively, you can opt for a cohesive look by using pillows of the same color but with different textures. Whether you prefer a lively combination or a more harmonious arrangement, throw pillows offer a versatile and budget-friendly way to update your family room or living room.

Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)-Pair white ironstone pitchers with old books sitting on the dining room table.
Winter decorations (not Christmas).-A vignette in the dining room with vintage books, antlers, white ironstone, and greenery sits on a dining room buffet.

​16. Vintage Books

Enhance the texture and appeal of your home vignettes by incorporating old books. Their beauty and affordability make them a fantastic choice, easily found at your local thrift store. Whether stacked on a coffee table, opened on the dining room table, or standing upright, these books can become a captivating focal point in your winter decor. 

Winter decorations (not Christmas).-A collection of white ironstone is in a built-in cabinet in the dining room. The cabinet is lined with blue and white wallpaper in the background.

​17. Display A Simple Collection of White Decor

Displaying my collection of white ironstone is a cherished post-Christmas ritual. The crisp and clean aesthetic of these pieces satisfies my desire for simplicity after the festive burst of holiday colors. Arranging them in curated spaces around my home, the white ironstone exudes timeless elegance, creating a serene and sophisticated ambiance that perfectly complements my winter decorations (not Christmas).

A collection of white ironstone with an arrangement of dried hydrangeas.
Weathered wood crates overflow with white ironstone pitchers and bowls, holding winter greenery and wood pieces: vintage clocks and more for a winter tablescape.

​18. Decorate with Vintage Clocks and Clock Faces

Embrace the symbolism of a “Happy New Year” and fresh beginnings by decorating with small vintage clocks, clock faces, and keys. Acquiring these unique pieces from estate sales, vintage shops, or yard sales for just a few dollars allows for a budget-friendly and charming addition to your decor. Scatter these timepieces on your table to create a delightful visual story, sparking conversations and infusing a sense of nostalgia into your space.

Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)-A rustic wooden box with drawers sits on a desk decorated for winter with faux greenery, vintage clocks, old books, and bright blue glassware.

​19. Use Small Chests of Drawers on Tabletops

Enhance winter tabletop decor with small chests of drawers. Open the drawers to reveal charming greenery displays, vintage clocks, and bottles. This creative arrangement adds depth and interest, turning the tabletop into a focal point of seasonal charm.

Winter decor that is not Christmas- A floral arrangement of dried hydrangeas, greens, and pinecones in a vintage blue and white vase.

​20. Create Winter Floral Arrangements For The Coffee Table

Elevate the charm of your home effortlessly with a couple of winter floral arrangements. Craft a stunning statement on your coffee table by combining winter greenery, dried hydrangeas, pinecones, and faux green amaranthus.

A table set with old wood crates, baskets that are filled with greenery, candles, and white ironstone. Winter decorations (not Christmas).

​21.  Add Candles 

Create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home with the essential glow of candles, not to mention their delightful scent. Place them on your dining table, coffee table, or a small side table to add warmth to any space.

A collection of white ironstone on a dining room table with a few pieces under glass cloches. Winter decorations (not Christmas).
A small white ironstone pitcher under a cloche sitting on an old clock face.

​22. Use Glass Cloches to Display Your Decor

Gathering my collection of glass cloches on the dining room table creates a stunning display. Beneath the glass, I arranged small white ironstone pieces, clock faces, a postage scale, and keys. The versatility of these cloches offers endless options to craft a captivating winter look.

A vintage wooden cart overflows with a cozy basket housing a faux goose nestled amidst a wintry floral arrangement of dried hydrangeas and flowing greenery. Add a faux topiary and a bundle of books for the finishing touches.
winter decorations not christmas-A side table decor—a vintage faux goose nestled amidst a wintry floral arrangement of frosted pinecones. Add a small white dish with pinecones and a stack of books.

​23. Add White Birds or Ducks

Embrace a classic look in your winter decorations that are not Christmas by adding white geese. Throughout the year, I use these beloved geese, signaling the arrival of spring. Their textures and simplicity make them the easiest way to bring a touch of nature into your home.

Wrapping It Up

I know that was a lot to take in, so take a deep breath.

Show kindness to yourself during the undecorating process after Christmas, I know it is not always fun.

Take your time, savor the moments, and before you realize it, we will be back in the garden growing flowers.


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Winter Decorations (Not Christmas)-A Display of white ironstone on the dining room buffet with greenery, antlers, vintage books and pinecones.

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  1. While I have put a Valentine wreathe on my front door, Christmas is still in full bloom at my house. Yes, I know it’s time, but I got a new slim tree this year and have enjoyed it immensely! I dread the cleaning I will need to do afterwards! My winter white consists of milk glass; I think I may get some out. Winter in Maine is TOO long, and the drab of dead grass, gray skies, and dirty snow is NOT in my color pallette! I have some lovely “frosted” apple blossoms that I might rush the season with!

    1. That is wonderful, Kathy. There is certainly no rush, that is for sure. I, too, always dread
      Take Christmas down and clean up the mess, so enjoy that tree as long as possible.
      Heck, you can always throw a few hearts on the tree. I can’t imagine the long winters you must
      have in Maine. If I had that kind of weather, I would most likely put bright
      colors up after the holidays. I tend to forget I live in CA, without snow.

  2. I love all your suggestions. Last year was the first time I decorated for winter after Christmas. I got so many compliments from friends when they saw my wintry decor! I’d just never thought of it. I usually went from Christmas to valentines keeping some red out. I absolutely love the frosty winter decorating. Most of what I have put into my winder decor can transition right into spring and even summer with a few tweaks… I leave out all the silver and most of the white all year long. I just exchange the pine boughs and pine cones for ferns and orchids! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration! I’m off to put my dough bowl out full of (copying your) wintry baubles! Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Marcella, Happy New Year. I am so glad to hear that you love to decorate for winter, too. It really does create a cozy home. I love your idea of leaving the
      silver and white out and just replacing the greenery; so smart. Happy dough bowl decorating.

  3. So many great tips, Wendy. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas. It will be winter here in the Midwest for several months yet, so these ideas are perfect for helping our home feel cozy!

    1. Yes, I believe you have a few more months of winter white. Embrace it and enjoy its beauty from the inside 🙂

  4. Amazing ideas, Wendy!! I too love to decorate with ironstone as well as milk glass during Winter. It’s not always fun to take down the holiday decor but it always feels so fresh and clean, like a blank slate and your tips here help to achieve that. Pinned! Hope you are well!

    1. Thank you, Rachel. I am so glad you enjoyed the post so much.

  5. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. It will be fun putting some of these together for my home decor. Have a great week.

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