15 Easy Ways to Style Apothecary Jars in the Kitchen

Welcome to the world of apothecary jars, where functionality meets style in the most enchanting way. These charming glass containers have been around for centuries, originally used by apothecaries to store medicinal herbs and potions. Today, they have become a beloved staple in home decor, adding a touch of vintage elegance to any space. Let’s explore 15 easy and creative ways to style apothecary jars in the kitchen, turning them into eye-catching focal points that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Are glass apothecary jars still in style?

Absolutely! These jars have stood the test of time and remain as stylish as ever. Their timeless design and versatility make them a favorite choice for home decorators seeking to add a touch of classic charm to their spaces. No matter your kitchen style, apothecary jars blend in seamlessly and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Where can you buy apothecary jars? 

I like to find beautiful jars at the thrift store and estate sales. This type of shopping provides fantastic opportunities for treasure hunters like me to seek unique vintage pieces. In addition, these jars will add a touch of old-world charm to your home. Take a look at the interesting shapes and sizes of jars I have found for under $10.00.

empty apothecary jars I have collected sitiing on a table

Retail stores like the Dollar Store, Walmart, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Target offer a diverse selection for those with a more contemporary taste. Whether you’re looking for mason jars or large jars to make a dramatic statement, these retailers have you covered.

15 ways to style jars in the kitchen empty jars in the kitchen

How do you use glass containers as home decor?

Their transparent nature let you showcase the contents inside while adding a touch of interest to any room. In the living room, fill them with sea glass, colorful marbles, pretty stones, or even a string of fairy lights for a whimsical touch. They are also perfect for holding supplies in your craft room or creating a beautiful centerpiece on your dining room table. The possibilities are endless.

15 ways to use apotecary jars in the kitchen- jar full of seaglass

How do you use glass jars as kitchen decor?

In the kitchen, glass jars can serve a dual-purpose, as functional storage or as a decorative element. Fill them with various dry ingredients like flour, sugar, or pasta for a sleek and organized pantry display. You can also utilize them to showcase colorful fruits or vegetables on your kitchen countertop, adding a vibrant pop to your kitchen decor. Additionally, glass jars are perfect for storing homemade jams, pickles, or spices, allowing you to display your culinary creations proudly.

3 Apothecary jars filled with Easter candy

What can I put in my apothecary jars?

Apothecary jars offer a treasure trove of possibilities. Consider displaying a collection of colorful candies or small baking ingredients like sprinkles and chocolate chips for a cohesive look. You can also showcase dried herbs and spices to add visual interest and convenience to your kitchen. Get creative and experiment with different combinations of items and colors that reflect your personal style and culinary preferences.

15 ways to use apotecary jars in the kitchen - small jars filled with ice ream toppings.

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How do you style large apothecary jars?

Large apothecary jars are a statement piece that can become a captivating focal point in your kitchen. Fill with beautiful treats in a large jar or natural looking elements like faux fruit to create a dramatic visual impact. texture, and color, ensuring that the contents complement your kitchen’s overall style and ambiance.

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What do you fill apothecary jars in the kitchen with?

Let’s get creative in filling our jars for the kitchen. From practical storage solutions to delightful displays, here are a few of my favorite ways:

1. Cookies

fall cookies in apothecary jars
15 ways to style apotecary jars in the kitchen - cookies and marshmallows in a jar

Cookies are a decadent treat that taste amazing and look beautiful when displayed in a decorative apothecary jar. Layer your favorite sweet treats to create a unique cookie jar that will make your kitchen look and feel like a fancy bakery. Let’s see if you can resist grabbing a treat when you walk by!

2. Baking Supplies

jars of flour and sugar in glass apotecary jars on the kitchen counter

Apothecary jars are the perfect decorative storage solution for everyday baking supplies. Instead of storing your flour and sugar in their original packaging, transfer them to large glass jars that are nicer to look at and much more convenient. You’ll quickly fall in love with this easy kitchen storage upgrade.

3. Dry Goods

beans and rice in glass jars in the kitchen
pasta in apothecary jars

Dry pasta, rice, and beans are staples in any chef’s kitchen. These versatile foods can be transformed into many different dishes and come in an impressive variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, many of which are too pretty to hide in a cupboard or pantry. Instead, store your dry goods in large glass jars to enhance your decor and keep them within easy reach.

4. Fruit

Have you ever considered using fruit as a decor item in your kitchen? I love the fresh look and pop of color these bright citrus fruits bring when arranged in jars of various shapes and sizes. Try using different fruits throughout the year to coordinate with your seasonal decor. This is an easy way to create stylish statement pieces for your dining table or kitchen island.P.S. You can also use fake fruit! nobody will know.

three apothecary jars on the kitchen counter filled iwth fruit. One has persimmons, one has lemons and the third jar has crab apples.
citrus fruit in jars

5. Spices and herbs

Spices, cinnamon sticks and oils infused with herbs are excellent candidates for storing in apothecary jars in your kitchen. Not only do they bring a burst of aroma and flavor to your culinary creations, but they also add a visually appealing element to your decor.

15 ways to style apothecary jars in the kitchen - jar full of herbs and olive oil sitting on the kitchen counter
15 ways to decorate a kitchen with apothecary jars-spices in apothecary jars

6. Preserving

Put those glass jars to good use to preserve fresh produce. Use them to can garden-fresh tomatoes or to make a homemade lemon cleaning solution. This process not only extends the life of these items, but the colorful jars can also be displayed on a shelf in your kitchen until they are ready to be used.

15 ways to use apothecary jars preserving lemons for household cleaner in apothecary jars
preserving tomatoes in jars and using for a decoration in the kitchen

7. Plants and herbs

Let your creativity bloom by using apothecary jars to make beautiful terrariums or herb gardens. A miniature ecosystems that brings natural beauty into your home. Using layers of vibrant moss and tiny plants or herbs. These enchanting glass worlds become a whimsical focal point and add a touch of greenery and fresh herbs to your kitchen.

Terrarium in the kitchen - glass jar full of plants to decorate teh kitchen
terrariums in apothecary jars

8. Candy Jar

You can’t go wrong with a classic candy jar or two in your kitchen. And I must say, this is my grandchildren’s favorite.

I have the greatest trick to share with you.

Put a tall glass upside down in the center of the jar before filling it. The glass takes up a lot of space and you don’t have to buy as much candy.

Keep it filled year-round with your favorite seasonal candy for a decorative and tasty treat. For Valentine’s Day, choose pretty wrapped taffy in shades of white, pink, and red. During Easter, jelly beans and robin’s eggs are a great filler and at Christmas add candy canes, candy ribbons and red hots. Candy can easily match any color scheme or theme and is the perfect way to celebrate special occasions.

15 ways to decorate with apothecary jars in the kitchen
3 Apothecary jars filled with Easter candy

9. Easter eggs and decor

Are you looking for fresh Easter decor ideas? Create a series of spring apothecary jars to decorate your kitchen island or console table. Start with jars in numerous shapes and sizes. and fill the bottoms with some Easter grass. Then, add spring favorites like Easter eggs, bunnies, and birds’ nests to create a whimsical display.

15 ways to style apothecary jars in the kitchen. Easter jars with bunnies, birds and easter eggs.

10. Fall Decor

Continuing with our seasonal decor ideas, there are also many ways to fill apothecary jars for the fall season. Fill large jars with mini pumpkins or gourds for a beautiful centerpiece. Or create a sweet display on your kitchen counter with candy corn and layers of cookies.

Pumpkin Apothecary- One King Lane

11. Christmas Decor

Dress your kitchen up for Christmas by filling jars with decorative objects such as Christmas ornaments or miniature trees. Or go for a more natural look using pine cones or a whimsical feel with colorful ornaments. There are many great ways to use these versatile pieces to bring new life to your seasonal decor.

Christmas decor in glass jars

add holiday spices

Cinnamon sticks, star anise, and marshmallows make excellent holiday decor in your jars.

Christmas jars filled with spices

12. Fresh Flowers

There is nothing better than the scent of fresh flowers in the kitchen.

Fill a single jar or several jars for a fresh summer look on the kitchen island.

Dahlias in apothecary jars on the kitchen counter

Something unexpected in the kitchen

13. Buttons

If you love vintage, you will enjoy this display. I filled some small jars with a delightful assortment of buttons. Create a vignette by arranging them on a vintage cutting board alongside weathered wooden spice cans. These carefully chosen buttons bring a textured charm that pays homage to the enduring art of sewing and crafting. To achieve a truly unique yet timeless arrangement, complement the jars with other vintage elements.

You can find these types of vintage treasures at estate sales and thrift stores.

15 ways to display apothecary jars in the ktichen -apotecary jars filled with buttons and displayed in the kitchen

14. Odds and ends

Keep your kitchen space tidy by using apothecary jars to store your everyday odds and ends, such as spare change, keys, or eyeglasses. These glass containers not only keep your belongings neatly organized but also transform them into decorative accents that blend functionality with style.

15 ways to style apotecary jars in the kitchen - collect your extra change in jars along with eyelgasses and keys

15. Garden Decor

You know how much I love my garden decor, so I had to find a few ways to display them in the kitchen by filling jars with a variety of items from the garden shed. Using decorative items like flower frogs, moss, mushrooms, and more to create a gorgeous tribute to nature that will look simply gorgeous styled atop your kitchen island for the summer months.

Garden decor in apothecary jars

Other great ideas for apothecary jars

16. Seashells

Transform your apothecary jars into seaside treasures by displaying an enchanting collection of sea shells and sea glass. This arrangement is a fun way to bring the soothing and natural essence of the ocean into your home.

seashells in glass jars

17. Bathroom organization

Use jars in the bathroom to store decorative soap, washcloths, body scrubs, cotton balls, and Q-tips. Place the jars on a tray for display and easy access.

Bathrooom decor with apothecary jars

18. Wine corks

Preserve memories and add a rustic touch to your decor by storing wine corks in glass jars you can display in your kitchen or bar area.

wine corks in apothecary jars

The versatile apothecary jar proves to be a true gem for kitchen styling. From showcasing colorful spices to creating beautiful terrariums, these glass containers effortlessly blend functionality and style. So, unleash your creativity, explore the endless possibilities, and let these easy ways to style apothecary jars in the kitchen inspire you to transform your own space.

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  1. Wendy you thought of it all! I loved seeing your thoughts and ideas and loved the variety you shared. I’m usually just a sea shell girl but now you have inspired me! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Kelly! there are so many things you can use in your jars. Merry Christmas!

  2. Give me an apothecary jar filled with white buttons and I’m one happy girl! Loved all of your ideas. I can hardly wait to start thrifting again. The motto at our house is that you can’t buy anything for yourself during the holiday season so I’m itching to get back out there! Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you, Cindy, I have to agree! I have so many filled with beautiful old buttons.

  3. Wendy, I keep cookies and snacks in large jars in a tray on my kitchen table, because my husband does not know how to seal the bags that come in to, they look nice. My old time favorite is a jar of apricot preserve that my Mom had made and I brought back from France fifty years ago. All this time I used it to save all the buttons from all my old outfits. It looks nice by my sewing machine.

    1. I am so happy to hear about how you use your jars, Ann. And I had to laugh about the fact that your husband does not know how to seal the bag. We seem to have the same issue at our house. Saving
      buttons have to be one of my favorite ways to look at the beauty of old buttons, they certainly don’t make them like they used too.

  4. So many great ideas, I still love a decorative cluster of apothecary jars.

    1. Thank you, Julie. Me too… I love apothecary jars. Thank you for stopping by to visit.

  5. I love apothecary jars! And I love all of your ideas! I never shop for them specifically but always seem to find them and buy them! Love using them throughout the home. Great post, Wendy!

  6. I love apothecary jars and all of their uses in storing items. I cannot say I can pick a favorite though, you have some really wonderful ideas Wendy. We are planning a kitchen remodel and are collecting glass jars for our pantry. We have picked up so many pieces… from auctions to freebies from family. I have a vision and I cannot wait to get it under way! Thank you for sharing, I am a lover of all glass!

    1. OH, how fun. I love kitchen make overs and cannot wait to see what you are doing. I am sure you have found some beautiful jars.

      1. I wish I could say it will be finished next week, but we are slow when it comes to projects around here that are big. I make a decision, and then change my mind 100 times… of course, I drive my husband nuts. 🙂

        1. I think we are all like that. I drive my husband crazy too. I will sit patiently waiting to see the end results.

  7. So many fun ideas for storing things Wendy. I think my favorite was the button jar. Reminds me of my mom. The candy ones are definitely fun as well, only I’d eat way more than I should! ha

    1. Thank you, Susan. I too, love the buttons, they are so charming in a jar. Just think of all the places these buttons have been.

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